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Still more Sonic the Hedgehog accessories!
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. These are a pretty even mix of old and new for your viewing fun. Accessories are still being made today, and there are still more vintage ones left to find, so keep on the lookout to collect them all.
Gameworks Sega Sonic Lanyard A lanyard from Gameworks. This is likely an item you can exchange tickets from the games to get. It has Sega and Gameworks logos as well as the Sonic X style back/thumbs-up Sonic. The top has a clasp and likely the bottom has a clip for a key or card. This item is available in 2009. Photographed and owned by SonicHOG. Sonic the hedgehog earmuffs faces Sonic the hedgehog earmuffs! These earmuffs may look classic, but they are only classically styled GE Entertainment released these in 2009. The earmuff...uh muffs
are Sonic facing foreward heads, but they're structured pretty well and actually manage to look nice. Nicer, infact, than some stock arts, and they are 3D plush, full of wooly stuff to keep ears warm in the cold. The headband is likely springy, to hold them to your head. May be available at: AnimeCornerStore - info by Kirby Crew Productions
Sonic Face Ball-cap Hat Bio World This is an interesting Sonic themed cap. It's a ball cap...but with only Sonic's face on the front. Not quite a character hat, but also not quite a design, it's an interesting item! This is available in 2009 at
Spencer's Gifts in malls in the USA. (UPC 02087294) It was made by Bio World, and has a die-cut paper tag (inset) of thumbs-up Sonic Adventure style Sonic. This should retail at around 19.99. Photographed & owned by SonicToast.
Embroidered Sonic Gameworks Hat
This hat can be won with tickets at Gameworks arcades in 2009. It's actually quite a quality hat, as you can see here with the entire design done in embroidery! That's unusual for a prize-item and makes it especially good looking and sturdy. (A good use of tickets!)
Sonic has a nice dynamic pose and is positioned on the top as well as the bill of the cap for added interest. The back adjuster-strap just has "Gameworks" written on it. Usually you're forced to win it, but sometimes you can buy it. Photographed & owned by Sonic140
White Chain Wallet Sonic Face This is the first chain-wallet of Sonic.
It's made of leather or likely, leather-like substance. It has been dyed or painted white, and has an SA style line-art of just Sonic's face. Since it's so close, the edges actually crop it off. A blue checkered band and yellow logo add a splash of color to one side. As you can see it has a real metal chain with clip and strap so you can chain it to your belt. The inside is black, with a clear pocket for ID, 3 card pockets and a cash flap. Unfortunately, in the store it does not have the best quality feel, and the interior is lacking a bit in features (no zip pockets, no extra pockets) and it just snaps shut which, if it is 'loaded' with anything will make closing it impossible or difficult.
At $17.00, it's pricey for the size and features. The ones in-store also suffered from denting due to odd packing. This is available at Hot Topic online and in-stores. Photo discovered by GhostAnjo
Checkered Sonic Zip Top Coin Purse A coin purse is sort of an accessory, but sort of not. You carry it around, but it isn't really 'worn' per-se. This is likely the USA's first (and only) Sonic coin purse. It's made of blue checkered cloth with a key-ring zipper at the top. The Sonic art they chose is uncommon as well, with him looking mostly backward. The logo is a flatter version of the SA1 style one. This was made by GE Entertainment in Fall 2009
Classic Style Tails Slippers Here's a cute pair of slippers! These are classically styled Tails house-slippers. They're all plush, with most of the toe covered while the heel is exposed. They resemble an old pair of Japan-only slippers, so if you want Tails slippers at a good price, this is your chance to get them! (As the vintage ones are both rare and expensive) The plush doll heads on the front are cute too, with felt 'bangs' and fur at the sides of the face. The front smile is also cute, and the head seems mostly proportional. (though it seems the ears flop foreward a bit) These were made by GE Entertainment in Fall-2009
Sonic Multi Character Line Art Wallet Here is another cool chain wallet. This one is more active than the other, with a brightly colored wrap-around Sonic design placed over line art in squares. You can spot Knuckles, Amy (twice!) and Sonic in the background. This is likely similar inside (if not identical to) the wallet seen above as they appear to be made by the same source. This is available at The SonicGear Store in 2009, but it could also appear at Hot Topic.
This is a new Sonic character head hat. It is different from the set of 4 head hats seen previously, as it sits lower on the wearer's head, and is 'taller' in that it shows more of his face. Though it has no mouth, it is almost like a plush-head in its construction. It is likely made by GE Entertainment in 2009. Sonic Face Classic Style Beanie Cap This is a classicly styled Sonic hat. It's interesting because it is a beanie cap, likely made of stretch-knit material. Not meant to have a rim, it's just pulled
Taller Character Sonic Head Hat
over the head. The face has no borders, leaving the 'head shape' when worn to help define the face. BioWorld made this hat, available at FYE labeled BTQ-Sonic-HDY-Sonic Zoom (if you need to call to ask for it) TisInc99 may or may not have it in stock. Discovered by Fueledbychaos, availability info by Eternal Phoenix9
Angle Lines Ball Cap Turn Arounds Photo Here is a modern looking ball cap from BioWorld. It is all white with gray lines at various angles to add interest. The front has an embroidered 'patch like' Sonic. Just his torso is seen above the Sonic logo. The art is not common (but what exactly is he doing? Gesturing?) which helps give the cap a fresh look. The art appears Rush style. This appeared as part of a hat/shirt combo pack in Target stores in late 2009/2010. The Swirl Shirt appears on Clothes Recent 9. The hat by itself is also available in the Sonic Gear Store in 2009.
Sonic Face Blue Chain Wallet Hot Topic Hot Topic produces yet another cool Sonic wallet for you to choose from! This one has an all blue exterior with Sonic face close up. It appears to be leather with Sonic name/logo in blue on the inside and even a blue checkered pattern on the interior for a mix of new and classic styles. It comes with a chain and snaps shut. It's available in offline stores, but in winter 2010, for some reason, the online Hot Topic store does not list it for sale. Photographed & owned by Static-The-Hedgehog
Hinged Classic Style Wallet Yet another wallet! This wallet is called 'hinge style' but what exactly does that mean? It looks like a simple fold. Unlike the others, it's a mix of classic and modern styles. The Sonic stock is quite a nice classic one, but the modern blue checker background and speed lines/rays give it a more modern look. His name uses a new version of a familiar font. This is due for release in summer 2010, and should be available at several online stores when it appears.
Super Sonic Head Hat GE apparently decided to go wild producing hats in 2010. Here's a great selection of them, including Super Sonic! This hat makes the 2nd actual SS item to appear in the USA where it can truly be called that. (The other being a wall-scroll with official art on it) It's good to see the hat is pretty accurate as well. These hats can be found at Suncoast stores in the USA. May also appear in SonicGear Store & FYE. Info by Fuzzball Raccoon
Spikes only cosplay Sonic hat Shadow head top character plush hat Amy head hat
The Shadow hat appears to be different from previous one, but the spikes need more clarification. The Amy hat is cute and looks well put together, with her bangs standing up, and spikes that appear to lay properly. Discovered by Kirchu Sonic spikes plush pre order bonus hat
Fleece spikes Sonic hat tag photos
The 2nd hat is most interesting, as it's JUST Sonic's spikes, for your head. This makes it IDEAL for Halloween or cosplay. It also looks more 'plush like' or more accurate than many of the other hats. Really, this one seems like a good idea.
NOTE: This hat is confirmed in the USA as a PRE-ORDER ITEM for either version of Sonic Colors. (info by KirbySoul11)This is a better look
at the spike-only hat above. As you can see, it has a fleecy exterior, velcro on the chin strap, and a regular cloth liner. The spikes are all appropriately positioned when viewed from the back, so it seems good quality over all. Tag & turn around photos by SonicDude558
Knuckles Red Checker Wallet GE has even made a completely Knuckles theme wallet! This all-red wallet has a large Knuckles art, with his name in gray, Sonic Adventure font-style. The art is SA/Modern, but the checkered
background gives a bit of classic design. With the interior photo to the right, you can see it's a velcro-closure, with several card pockets, a zip top for folded bills & a yellow cardboard hang-tag. The yellow card has thumbs up jumping Sonic and the branding. A great item for Knuckles fans! Dsc. by Kirchu
*Wallet is now in the SonicGear collection
Metal & Enamel Sonic X Theme Belt Buckle With this'll have to accessorize it with your own belt! And at about $18.00 just by itself, that's rather far to go. The buckle is all metal, with a black paint coating. The front has indented areas for each of the colors, which are all solid enamel fills. This makes the Buckle & Paper Hangtag
buckle both glossy and durable. The back has a little peg for the belt-hole. This is being sold at retail Hot Topic stores (and in their online store) in summer 2010, it may also be available elsewhere at online retail...for about the same price. The right photo shows how you'll likely find it, with the paper tag attached. Right photo by Taaron
3D Sonic Heads Spikes Slippers These slippers are thought to be by GE Entertainment. (unconfirmed) They're Sonic X based (see the Sonic X logo on the side of the heel) and are next in a long line of Sonic themed slippers. While not the worst slipper, they still leave some to be desired. The 3D Sonic heads on the fronts are quite plush-like, with the spikes to cover the wearer's foot top. The backs are elastic, and the bottom has a plastic tread. These should appear summer 2010
Classic Tails Embroidered Patch Here are two wonderful classic styled embroidered patches by GE Entertainment. They chose an unusual stance for both Tails and Metal Sonic, facing directly foreward. However, the art turned out great! Tails is quite cute, and on-model. Metal Sonic looks good as well, with nice detailing for his fingers, engine and elbows. Patches are no easy feat to sew properly, but a real good job has been done with both of these. You can use patches to accessorize favorite cloth items, or display them under plastic like big stickers in a book. Both patches should be available in 2010 Summer Metal Sonic Classic Embroidered Patch
Knuckles Classic foreward embroidered patch The Classic Style Knuckles patch is equally well done. He's facing exactly front as well, and the art translates really well into an embroidered patch. Having a row of these on something would add cool style! Notice something about the Metal Sonic one above? He's the only one with a white border all the way around.
And, here's their first Sonic embroidered patch. He's like the MS one above, with a border around the whole thing. But why isn't he faced foreward like everyone else? They have the art to do it. It's still a great classic patch. Discovered by SonicHOG
Side Run Classic Stock Embroidered Patch