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Page 12 is for MODERN accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Knee High Sonic Face Spike Socks comes another variation on Sonic socks.
This is yet another pair of 'forward facing Sonic classic face' all blue socks. This time they're knee-highs, which have been seen on before on a previous page, but now they combine the knee-high length with the wacky fetl spike add-ons that are sewn to the backs to make the socks "3D" and add an extra character element. As before, the design is actually part of the sock, made with the woven threads so it has no fear of wearing off, but it can be stretched/distorted as it's worn.
These are a Spencers' Gifts item that should be about 9.99 for a pair in the summer 2017 season. These are a fun, adult size (so, should fit any feet) pair of wacky socks if you didn't already have something super similar.
Goal Sign Post Sonic 1 Watch Here's a fun watch with a Sonic 1 theme. The watch face has no numbers, instead it has a large pixel-style image of the Sonic face on the end of level twirling goal sign. It's on a blue water / green palm GHZ pattern background. The band is also all Green Hill themed, with various elements from the level. They also include a pixel running Sonic near the edge of the band. It comes in a Sonic face themed blue box with decorative logo clear plastic front.
The watch itself is pretty big, with thick metal edge and buttons/wheel for setting it since its analog. It's a nice classic themed item, if you didn't already have something similar. This is a Hot Topic item in 2017. It is likely a Hot Topic store exclusive though. (If you cant find it in the store, you can probably get it online there at their site.)
Sonic LED Press Light Wrist Watch Following a fad?
Apparently so for Sonic! This is a classic Sonic themed "Press Light" LED watch. The entire watch is covered by it's soft plastic band, that's printed with various poses for classic Stock art Sonic. Because the face is covered too, you can't just see the time. You have to actually press on the watch face (near the bottom) to activate a brightly glowing red LED in the shape of the numbers for the time. It's bright enough that it glows/shines through the rubbery designed surface so you see the time. This makes it a little less convenient than normal watches, but it is a trade-off for the literally all-over design. Watches like this are a fad in 2017. Photo by Rae Logan
Sonic Ring Side Black Cap Hat Here's a fresh new cap for 2017.
The hat is all black, with a plain blue brim. The running Sonic silouhette is blue with white border & yellow with orange 'shadowing' behind it. But this hat's got something extra! There's a pixel-style embroidered gold ring large on one side, complete with little square pixel 'sparkles'. The two graphics give the hat some extra flare, and help it stand out. This is a Spencers' Gifts only item, appearing in summer 2017
LED Flash Racing Lights Sonic Watch
Another Sonic watch for 2017.
This may appear like a normal digital watch. It has a Sonic themed band with various classic stock arts & a Green Hill scene on the face, with the logo. The time part is just the simplest little window with the digital numbers in it. But, notice how thick the edge of the face is: there's a gimmick here.
There are 'racing lights' which flash and appear to 'twirl' around the edge in blue, yellow and red when you push one of the buttons. They can also flash in the same 3 colors. So, while the time part of the watch appears simple, it's still a fun thing with the lights. (however, that's not really something that would show up too well in a photo) The band, face, and packaging all being Sonic themed is a good indicator of authenticity. (fake watches are all too common, so inspecting real ones like this is a good lesson) But, where is the watch sold?
5 Pack Boys Anklet Sonic Socks
This is a small socks 5-pack!
The pack of socks contains 5 different styles for boys anklet socks. They are all small though so these would only fit little kids. The first pair has running Sonic with rings, the second is gray with a gray Sonic and a phrase, but you can't tell what it says, the 3rd has thumbs-up Sonic in checkers, the 4th is a white pair with just the 'speed boost lines' shapes all over and the final pair has thumbs up Sonic with more rings. The designs are all a part of the fabric, so they can't peel off/go bad/etc. This is a Segashop item in 2018 and they're 14.95 for the whole set.
Canvas Eggman Wallet Wow! Eggman fans can get Eggcited for this one!
It's an Eggman SOLO item! Sonic's no-where to be found, so the bad genius is having a good time here in the Green Hill Zone scene. Solo Eggman items are very uncommonly made, so this is a great collectible, egg-fan or not. This is described as "A canvas wallet", but it's likely not actual canvas but the nylon tough-woven fabric. (Write in if you own this to clear it up) The wallet has an all-over 8-bit look Green Hill scene, complete with the 'goal sign' at the end, which is faced to the Eggman side (naturally) It has a big, flashy arms-crossed/point neoclassic Eggman art on the front and his slogan "Think you can beat me?"
The interior has slots for credit cards and area for dollar bills. This is a 2018 item, probably a Sega Shop exclusive. It could be around 18.00.
2 Black Pixel Bifold Sonic Wallets Here are 2 black wallets for 2017 / 2018.
They both have the 16 bit pixel art style. The top wallet has a Green Hill type 'ground' but it's pretty featureless. The back has some gold rings, and they're trailing some pixel sparkles. The front has Sonic running, but he's really big (compared to the ground) and not running on it, rather floating out in front. They've also added some grayish pixel....dust? behind him.
The second wallet is a bit busier, it has angled rows of different sprites for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. Each is shown rolling, standing, and running. The background is plain black.
Both of these are simple faux-leather bi-fold wallets with slots for cards and fold area for cash. These are Sega Shop items. They should be around 18.00 and only seen in the shop.
Hinge Wallet 16 Bit Style Sonic Here is a hinged flat wallet with 16 bit theme.
Sometimes these are called a 'ladies wallet' because it only fits in a purse or a bag, and not a pocket. It's a little odd in the design department with 3 instances of Sonic all in one scene where it's not a 'pattern'. Do notice Eggman up there in the background. He's shown in Green Hill & with a chop chop fish badnick. But then, that's the "Sonic Died" sprite, but he's shown losing his rings to the badnick. It doesn't really make sense. It seems like some of the product designers they use don't actually understand
anything about what they're designing for. There IS a 'ring lose' sprite they COULD have used, but they didn't, so they put 'death'. Why would any fan want a collectible where Sonic is messing up & dieing? Like the infamous 'Tails dies' folder, where they just shoved a random screen shot to make the 'art' for it, & it had him dieing. Nobody was really happy with it, and it's not attractive design. This is a 2018 item, probably a Sega Shop exclusive. It could be around 18.00.
3 Pack Set Classic Style STK Socks Vandor Here's a cool classic 3 pack of Sonic socks from Vandor!
In 2018, Vandor seems to be 'stepping up' production of Sonic merchandise. This fun 3 pack set of socks is a good place to start because they are adults sizes and will fit anyone. Each pair is different: one with Sonic faces on black that has blue toe & heel accent, one that is gray with Tails faces & black toe/heel accent & another black pair with Knuckles faces & red toe/heel accents. The faces are part of the stitcing of the sock, so they won't wear off or look bad over time. Why is the Tails pair different? Why doesn't it have orange toe & heel accents? The difference doesn't really detract from it, but it just seems a bit odd. Where can you buy these socks & how much do they cost?
Accu Time Sonic Light Up Watch 1 AccuTime Walmart Sonic Watch Detail
Walmart's got a Sonic watch! In 2018 you can get this AccuTime wrist watch at Walmart in the Spring/Summer season.
AccuTime is the latest brand to get into Sonic & they're on the scene with a gimmick watch.
This wrist watch has various dark blue modern Sonic line art all over the band. It has a simple and small digital area in a rectangle for the numbers. (This is cheap, but it is very typical of kids watches) The face has 'thumbs up' Sonic. However, the gimmick is that the watch has a flip-top fancy lid. This shows running Sonic in a swirl. But press the button and...the lid has bright lights that can glow & also spin!
This is VERY reasonably priced at $6.99 so it's easy to add it to your collection, and the gimmick is fun too. Photo & owned by Pichu97/Charlie
Hedgehog in Training Military Camo Cap This hat is called "Hedgehog in Training".
It is a camo patterened military / army stale cap hat. It has army-green printing on the front in a 'stencil' type font with the slogan. Because the hat is similarly colored, the slogan is blending in. The cap has wear/weathering on the brim. This is a Sega Shop online item in 2018, and is $25 dollars.
Clearly, another Sonic Forces item, because everything for that game is set up to be grunge/military. Certainly, it's unique among Sonic stuff for...not really having much to do with Sonic? Maybe it's trying to be subtle but it comes across as a tad plain with a not so sensible slogan for something as costly as 25 dollars.
5 Pack Boys Ankle Socks STK SS Here's another 5 pack of boy's-sizes ankle socks.
Why it keeps doing 5 packs is a mystery, same with the answer to why they only do these in super little kiddie sizes only. (It's too bad) because the sock designs are pretty fun. You get 1 pair dedicated to Sonic, Tails & Knuckles with their name on each. The other 2 pairs are either white or black, with a group of rings only. Notice that the designs are woven into the socks themselves, so they can't ever wear off/go bad. This is 20 dollars in the Sega Shop setting them a little under 5 dollars per pair. This is a 2018 item.
Sonic Shades Mask Glasses Here are some wacky shades.
This is called the "Sonic Shades" and it is a combination 'mask' and sunglasses. A forward facing classic Sonic 'face' is made of plastic, but the eye whites area is chrome & made of sunglasses material. It has the pupils painted in, but you can see through the whole area anyway. Your nose goes about where Sonic's would be. It has a tiny portion of his lower face at the bottom, and small representations for his spikes on the sides. The arms have the classic logo on one side.
These are (probably) only sold at Party City stores (regardless of season) & are 9.99 in 2018. It's not very practical,
but it is fun to see. The company "Super Shades" makes these, and lots of other 'half masks' of licensed characters (like Freddy Fazbear) or character themes (like WonderWoman) These appeared on shelves during the 'no modern allowed' period of late 2017, but remain through 2018.