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Page 13 is for MODERN accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Slipper Socks Kids Sonic Rings Gray Here are Sonic "Slipper Socks" but only for little kids. Look at the proportion, they're not likely to fit many people. They're classic style, with Sonic faces & rings scattered over a gray background. The paper tag has 'collectors edition' (but why? it's a bit nonsense) Where are these sold?
The material is 'fleecy' for the bottom interior, there are rubberized bumper-dots for the less-slip sole & the upper part is made out of what feels like pajamas cloth type material. These are likely to be inexpensive, but they're also likely to not last that long or be super quality item either.
Sonic Underwear Walmart 3 Pack Boys A 3-Pack of Sonic underwear appears in 2018!
These are a stretchy fabric type boxer-briefs, and they are in Wal Mart in winter 2018-2019. They are classic style with nicely printed fabric (it's not t-shirt material with paint on) Each has a stretchy wide elastic waistband with Sonic logos. The first pair has
color/shaded art of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. The middle pair is just plain red (why?) & the back pair is black with sihlouttes of STK in each of their colors, plus rings. These should be about 10.00...but they only fit little kids, which is too bad. Photos by Taaron
Amy Rose Theme Hair Tie & Headband Are these the FIRST Sonic hair accessories?
They could be...and they star Amy Rose! Here, classic style Amy has a portrait in a rhinestone-ringed heart shape charm. The charm is metal, and attached (probably like a bead) to a thick black elastic hair band.
The second item is a springy / soft elastic fabric double head band. This is black, and has repeating pink Amy sihloutte heads all along it. These are Sega Shop winter 2018 / 2019 items, and should be about 13 dollars each....which is steep for these fairly simple items. Charm-band headbands like this as you may have seen online are also favored by fakers.
There are machines in China that can set any design in the center of the generic charm, and that's what's been done here...only by SegaShop which makes it official. 13 dollars for a headband or a single hair tie though---the SegaShop always seems costly even if these are the first Sonic hair accessories to get made.
Japanese Design Black White Wallet This is called the "Japanese Design Sonic Wallet".
It is a Sega Shop item, new for 2019, and costs 18 dollars. It's made of that sturdy nylon tight-woven cloth, and is a simple bi-fold wallet. It's all black, printed with white ink. It has a small checker background, and 3 point pose classic Sonic. Look at the little circle there in the corner: cute Tails is walking along!
There are words printed across the front edge & all up one side...but what do they say? See those complex ones? Those are Kanji & you can't really look them up because they are not letters. The SegaShop won't tell you what the words are they even know?
*It seems stupid to not provide a translation on the site where you're selling something. People would want to know before they shelled out 18 bucks on anything.
The little Tails circle makes this really cute! The unusual (in America) stock art is a good touch, as is the size of the art. This is a well-thought-out piece, and a nice wallet to collect. The price isn't too terrible either. With this one, the Sega Shop does a really nice job.
Body Rage Canvas Classic Style Wallet Spencers Gifts brings another Sonic item for 2019.
This time it's a simple bifold canvas wallet. It's classic style, with Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose & Knuckles on the front. If you turn it over, there's fun little Eggman in his Egg o Matic in the top corner on the back, along with the classic logo. It helps that all the stock art used here is neoclassic, for some new poses.
It looks like "Body Rage" is the brand that produced this...and it seems like an 'ok' wallet. It's held shut by an elastic band (these can wear out, especially in hot/damp climates) and the 'canvas' type fabric feels very rough & stiff. This is an item where you should feel the quality for yourself first, before you buy...which is why it's nice to know that it is in Spencers stores in malls in winter 2019.