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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Just Funky Sticker Bomb Fleecy Throw Sonic Keep warm this winter 2021 with Just Funky's latest offering in 'fleecy material throw-type blanket'. This one is the "Sticker Bomb Blanket". Like all things with the 'sticker bomb' title, it's full of busy color and all-over design. The blanket itself is blue, but you can spot many things going on like "Let's Roll" slogan, Sonic written in graffiti arrows, the logo in Japanese, "LOSER" written on an Eggman sticker, rings, shoes, Shadow, a Knuckles face, various Sonic gloves, Tails' name & more.
This is 45 x 60 inches and should be about 35 dollars at Target. If you don't see it in the store you should be able to buy it online at their website. This would be a good blanket for a modern Sonic room if it isn't otherwise too busy.
Just Funky Sonic Tails Green Hill Fleece This is the Just Funky Sonic & Tails Fleecy Throw Blanket.
If a sticker bomb isn't your style, how about a sunny scene with Sonic & Tails? This 'fleecy material' throw has CG Sonic running forward and flying Tails on a Green Hill Zone type background. There's some checkered ground and plenty of blue sky. The modern logo is in full color at the top left. (Background is certainly from a game, is it Colors?) This is 60 x 45 inches and hould be about 35 dollars at Target. If you don't see it in the store you should be able to buy it online at their website.
This is a colorful and cheerful blanket for a bed, sofa or video game room.
STK Blue Just Funky Water Bottle Just Funky Blue Sonic Bottle
Just Funky releases 2 water bottles for 2021.
They're both semi-transparent dark blue, and hold 32 ounces of liquid. The left bottle has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles modern stock arts in action poses over individual but overlapping swirl backgrounds. It has a black lid with attached tab cover for the sipper part. The right side bottle has jumping-twist modern Sonic, but the design for him is so big, it cuts off at the feet. This also has the modern logo in white only wrapping around to the other side. That lid is red & has the same sipper/tab cover.
Both of these should be about 19.99 if you can find them in stores. They might be a Target item, or possibly Amazon. They're pretty large at 32 oz, and JF makes quality items/uses thick plastic etc. so 19.99 is probably about normal for a durable bottle. Both designs are nicely-Sonic themed & colorful. Either is an ok choice if you didn't already have something similar.
Just Funky Warhol Sonic Fleece Blanket This is called the "Warhol Fleece Sonic"
It's Just Funky, making more fleecy-fabric blankets in 2021. It is called "Warhol" because of the famous modern artist Andy Warhol. This artist was known for putting multiple rectangles/squares with objects (or the same object) in them, and then changing the background color, square by square to something different. This method of making paintings gained acclaim on canvas because nobody ever thought to do it before, and it was unique. (Ex. makes you look twice at a soup can or something common by messing with it as art)
So, here comes the blanket with 4 characters, each with a different (somewhat garish on purpose) background color. Sonic on too-bright yellow, Knuckles on ok blue, Shadow on slightly confusing red, and Tails on a green that's really not great. They chose lesser-used art like shrug/smug Sonic, faced-away Knuckles and hands out Tails.
This is large, at 45 x 60 inches, so there will be a lot of space with these very bright colors when you lay it out. It's about 35 dollars and may be at Target online, but should be elsewhere as well.
Rings Around Reversable Comforter Blanket This is either the "Rings Around" set or the "Run Rings Around You" set.
Either way, it's a sold-seperately Sonic blanket/ comforter & twin bed size sheet set with a CG modern theme. The sheet set has fitted sheet, top sheet & pillow case. The blanket is reversable.
Rings Around Twin Sheet Set
The blanket main side has a CG Green Hill type scene with running forward Sonic, flying forward Tails & gliding upward Knuckles. The flip side is gray, with 2 CG arts each for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, plus 10 ring icon, and red-star-ring icon. It has some gray bar/ various short stripes and stars as well. This side is a tad busier.
The sheets set has a fitted gray sheet with stripes of white that have rows of character face/portraits. Each row has either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles, with rings between.
The pillow case has vertical stripes on gray/dark gray with Knuckles fist up, hand on hips Sonic & probably hand up Tails. The top sheet is all blue, with speed arrows, modern logos, the word 'speed', various size Sonic face stamps, and "gotta go fast" as the slogan. You can also spot a star ring shape and an emerald shape. The sheet is somewhat busy.
It is the gray that ties the set together, as well as the use of almost all CG for the characters. This isn't a bad set at all. There's plenty of design work going on, and each character gets enough space.

This is a Target 2021 item, but it may be online only. Also keep in mind the size of the bed too. The blanket should be about 35 dollars while the sheet set may be 22 or so.

Stickerbomb Just Funky Water Bottle The StickerBomb theme returns, this time on a water bottle.
Another plastic squeze sport bottle from Just Funky, appears in 2021. This one is yellow with a black lid /squeeze spout. Like their others, it holds 32 ounces and should be about 19 dollars as it is pretty big, and the plastic quality is reported to be quite good.
The Sticker Bomb theme looks good here on the bright yellow, it's a good contrast for this busy design. Like all other things 'stickerbomb', it has various overlapping modern Sonic characters, items, names, and slogans. It also has graffiti-style arrows, splats/drips, and random gaps to make it look like the design was gradually piled on. It's sporty, colorful, and a fun bottle to carry.
Race Off Throw Fleecy Blanket This is called the "Race Off Throw"
It is another of the 'fleecy blankets', and appears in winter 2021. It is 46 x 60 inches, so, fairly large. The design here is interesting uses a CG background of something Green Hill type, but filters it into black/white and also...not blurry but? Faded? Slightly out of focus looking? Over the background is applied a blue/perspective type line base and then colored stock art for running /fist forward Sonic, fists back running Knuckles and fist up running Tails. A large fully shaded gold ring in the background provides sort of a transition between it & the characters. (But seems slightly out of place with all the shiny detail while the characters are flat art that is totally unshaded & not-cg.) The whole blanket has a thin red border to add contrast.
The design is actually pretty interesting. It's not too busy, and there sure hasn't been anything like it on a blanket/throw before. It would likely be quite decent in a game room. An interesting item, but where is it sold?
Single Square Coaster Classic Style Sonic
A single coaster...
And no indication of who made it, where to buy it, or when it was released. It's the usual rounded-corners-square shape. It has forward-facing classic Sonic in a ring with stars in it and his name. The background is light blue, but the 'dots' are actually silouette Sonic faces that get progressivly smaller as they go downward on the shape. This gives them a 'screen-tone-dots' type of feel. You can see the Sega copyright there at the bottom.
This type of coaster isn't particularly effective. It is usually a glazed wooden item that simply gets wet from a drink and absorbs nothing. The design is ok, it is trying (and succeeding) to look like something likely from the 90s. It's a bit unusual to have an item and nothing more about it.
Sonic Trio Body Pillow Cover Case It's a jumbo pillow case!
And in's for a Body Pillow. This is a larger than usual, long style pillow that is used to keep the arms and legs apart for people who sleep on their side. You can also lay against such a pillow and not roll out of the bed. This is the first (known) example of a Sonic theme for one of these specialty pillows. It is 20 x 54 inches.
This is a Wal Mart item in Fall 2021. The dot says 'super soft'. It is nice, bright and colorful with fun CG action poses for Knuckles, Sonic & Tails. Their background is also CG, a Green Hill sort of look. A band of blue checkers goes across the bottom, with the modern logo in the corner.
The back side of it is black. It is longer than a typical "king bed pillow" (these are already pretty long) so you would need a specialty pillow to go in this case. Lacking that, you can just put the king pillow in it anyway and fold the end over. This is made by "Franco" company and should be about 6.88, which is pretty reasonable. It is 100% polyester, which means it'll probably last basically forever under normal wash / use.
You could probably also pin this up on a wall some where as a long type of wall-scroll or tapistry type decor if you didn't have such a large pillow. This item is in the SonicGear collection.
Sonic Theme Window Panels Curtains The USA finally gets Sonic curtains??
It seems so! Though it took until fall 2021 to do it. These are "Window Panels" but they probably also count as a curtain or a drape. You get 2 panels in the packaging for about 17 dollars, which is an ok rate for something that's pretty big. This is made by "Franco" company, (so, same as the pillow cover above) and has the same quality, bright CG.
The design has 2 poses for Sonic, one each for Tails & Knuckles along with rings & 10ring icons from the games. The background is pale blue & the top/bottom is 2 wavy shades of darker blue.
This is the kind of thing that's perfect for a Sonic room. Having an actual Sonic window treatment is such a cool touch to be able to add. Lacking a window, they can likely also be pinned up to a wall as a large tapestry/wall-scroll type deal. Interestingly, their package name is "Sega Sonic Blue Blur", which....someone at Fraco must have been a fan to put that in there because it's an older slogan/nickname from the past and the panels have no words/slogans at all. Photo by Taaron