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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page has ONLY MODERN items, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible.
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Sonic Mania SDCC 2017 Poster Cool poster!
The 2017 San Diego Comic Con SDCC had their own exclusive poster to promote Sonic Mania. It was likely a booth prize of some kind. The event was the only place you could get this neat poster, so it is sure to be uncommon. It has the game's logo, bright colored lines & shapes and a portrait of each character. Knuckles in a desert area, Sonic in a Green Hill & Tails in a night time zone. The Tails art appears to be new, with him either saluting or 'looking out' over something. It also has the game's release date 8.15.17 near the bottom. Colorful, fun & exclusive, it's a great item for the wall of your Sonic room.
Tails & Sonic 3 Fleece Blankets Here are 3 different fleece blankets, each of which has 2 different patterns. Interestingly, there are 2 for Tails exclusively, and 1 for Sonic. (Generally it's the other way around)
The Sonic one is dark blue, & features thumbs up modern Sonic faced partially away in a giant gold ring with the modern logo at the bottom. It's back side has a close-knit pattern of only green simple chaos emeralds. The first Tails blanket has a borderless classic Tails happy face on an all-orange background. (Impossible to tell where his face ends/begins as an art-choice) The back has different 16 bit type sprite art of spinning, jumping & flying Tails repeated all over as a pattern. The last blanket is also dark blue & has the 25th anniversary wing-ring logo but this time with title-screen-classic Tails in the logo instead. The modern Sonic logo also looks modified to have Tails' name in there instead. The back is another busy pattern of just his face (all the same face) in a 16 bit type pixel style.
These are Segashop items, and they're all oddly quite expensive at 54.95 PER blanket. Are they huge? Are they double-thick? Why so costly? When people can walk into a Target or Walmart and pick up a fleece for 15 or 20 dollars in a similar size, fleeces like this start to raise questions in 2018.
Just Funky Black Blue Sonic Fleece Blanket Just Funky enters the fleece market with this blanket for 2020.
It is that normal 'fleecy material', and it's fairly simple. It's all a dark blue, with a classic Sonic silouhette in all black, except the eyes (to make it kind of 'Sonic team logo ish a little') It spells out his name vertically in Japanese letters near the left edge. The Sonic graphic is so large that it deliberately goes off the bottom and right edge a little bit.
This is a decent fleece if you needed a blanket somewhere that is not too busy with fussy designs or going wild with colors. The size, price and date are unknown. This appeared at a toy fair and is slated for Fall 2020. You can write in for credit if you find where this is for sale.
Valentines Day Sonic & Tails 2 Side Blankets Now here are 2 oddities...
These That's right: these are Valentines Day 'fleecy fabric' big blankets. But why? Valentines Day isn't that big of a deal, it's not really a holiday everyone goes out to decorate the halls for, so blankets specifically for it don't make a lot of sense.
But, here they are anyway, complete with their own unique Sonic & Tails art. Sonic is dressed as a Cupid, with white Roman Cupid sash & white feather wings. He's holding a 'love letter' (envelope with heart sticker) & a Cupid bow. Tails is 'Flying Cupid' with a little sash, wings & his Cupid bow is drawn with a heart tip arrow as he flies. Sonic has a blue background with face pattern & Tails has orange with a face pattern for himself. These blankets are 2 sided, the other side just has the pattern & no large character art.
These are sold at the Sega Shop, but are 54 dollars each!
After finding similar cloth blankets of similar size / materials in stores for around 20 or less, 54 seems rather steep. However, each one is certain to be unique thanks to its special art. These are a spring 2018 item.
Sega Shop 6 Wall Posters In 2018, the Sega Shop online store added 6 different posters to their selection. 4 are really simple & drab, while 2 are a fun little character study.
The bottom two "Born To Run Since 91" are army drab-green with 'stencil' large printing & not much in the way of a background. Both end the sentance with a white classic Sonic face. The right-side poster has Sonic faces among the 'camo' pattern. The "flag style" posters are also pretty simple, with Sonic's name, 2 stripes, a portrait circle and "1991" between 2 stars. They're that 'weathered/stamped' look that's usually used on clothing...this time on a poster.
The colorful ones are for Sonic Mania, specifically the little fun Youtube short cartoons. Whoever is doing the art for those has their character portrait / expression test sheets printed for these two posters. The first has Knuckles heads in black/white & color, while the 2nd has Tails heads & one shot of just his spinning tails. Both types of posters are really something new for the genre of merchandise. Super plain (I guess if your room is really busy?) & then sketch-book-style mulit-shots. Whatever you feel about these, they're not 'more of the same'. Each one is about 15 dollars in the SegaShop in Summer 2018.
Sonic the Hedgehog Toaster Toast Wow! It's a Sonic Toaster!
Did you ever think you'd see a toaster with a Sonic theme? (Probably not) and look, it even toasts a Sonic face into the bread when you put it in there. The picture of the black sihloutte classic Sonic face appears on the toast, thanks to a heated metal brand inside that gets closer than the normal heating elements to ensure it darkens the bread just so. This seems to be the first actual electric kitchen appliance
of Sonic...but will it be the only one? (Hopefully not) The toaster itself is pretty plain. It's just stainless steel, with 2 slots & the printed on black face design. It seems to be going for more a utility type look rather than something with a big theme. This is 35 dollars in the Sega Shop online. It was created thanks to a pre-sale that had to have 1000 pledges of 35 dollars each to produce the toaster. Over 1,500 fans wanted it & pledged though, so now anyone can buy it in 2018.
Knuckles Line Art White Water Bottle In 2018, the Sega Shop has created this white Knuckles theme water bottle.
It's ceramic-coated stainless steel with a plastic screw cap top & karabener so you can hang it on a belt loop or bag. It's also 21 dollars which is a little pricey for a simple bottle like this.
It's also boring. There's not any actual design going on here much. They just took a Knuckles stock line art & put him on there with red ink. It's also just the face & his chest marking. It's neoclassic, and not an over-used piece of art but....the whole thing just comes across as really plain. Everything doesn't need to be highly busy or plastered in logos but there's a difference between a subtle item and something that's low-effort, too. It's good that it's a Knuckles solo item, excellent for Knuckles fans...and the art is good, but for the price it is, one might expect a little more.
Glow in Dark Mania Poster Segashop Wow, a poster that really glows!
This cool colorful Sonic Mania poster has hidden glow in the dark ink...that's only revealed when the lights go out! The regular poster has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in front of the "Pink Bot" night club, with Mighty & Ray portraits on monitor screens in the walls. There's an Eggman shaped constellation in the sunset sky & wanted posters on the walls. "Club Spin" is on a billboard in the background & the Mania Plus logo is at the bottom.
But, turn off the lights & it glows to highlight details & 'lights' from the scene. The headlights of flying badnik robots are revealed, & all of the character outlines & eyes glow, along with the logo, stars & signs.
This poster is 25 dollars in 2018 at the Sega Shop online...but it is a LARGE poster & glowing ink is costly to use--and it uses quite a lot for its great detail. This is an example of a higher end item being worth while because it has such a fun design, plus a cool gimmick effect that really enhances the item and adds fun along with value.
Missing Mighty Poster
This is the "Missing Mighty" poster.'s a little bit overly simple? The idea behind it is fairly cute, a 'wanted' type or 'missing children' type post-up poster, but for Mighty the Armadillo who had not been seen since Knuckles Chaotix. A careful eye would spot several of these (for Mighty & Ray) in other Sonic games as little background nods.
This poster attempts to bring the 'easter-egg' background into real life, with printed on 'stains' and 'tattered' edges like a post up poster. However, the poster itself is a large gray rectangle with the faux edges printed on. It says "Mighty the Armadillo: Have You Seen Him?" But that's it, there's no 'call 555-SONIC' or anything to complete the look of a real poster. Then, it uses the simplified cute-style art from the Mania Youtube Cartoon for Mighty himself. This poster is big too, so it has plenty of space for the design to seem a tad plain. It is 16 dollars in the SegaShop online in 2018
Colorless Motion Black 2 Sided Blanket This is called the "Colorless Motion Blanket".
It is one of those faux-fleece blankets that aren't stuffed/filled. Unlike most though, it is 2 sided with a different design on each side. The "Colorless Motion" part refers to the white-on-black line art that makes up each of the characters & their background. In the Sega Shop, this style (and its title) is used on several items. The background for the character is another art of itself, but much larger so it becomes abstract.
The back of the blanket uses a somewhat confusing font to unevenly spell out each name of the 6 characters that appear on the front.
The blanket is 50 by 60 inches, and costs 55 dollars in the Sega Shop online in 2018. This means its a bit larger than other blankets (usually 20 or 30 in stores at retail) and it is 2 sided (unlike others)
Wlamart Throw Blanket STK In probably 2022...
Walmart gets an exclusive Throw Blanket with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. So, this is probably like a fleecy / microfiber type blanket rather than a comforter style one that's stuffed. It probably goes with their sheet/comforter set or was released at the same time. As you can see here, it's nicely packaged in plastic with a full color card of what the design looks like when it's spread out. The background is black with white checkers and speed boost chevrons. The character at is all CG, with everyone in good action poses. The art is nice/big too so it comes across as a colorful, active design. A nice throw, but how much does it cost?