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American Sonic The Hedgehog Home Decor
Decorating your home and room with Sonic the hedgehog is great! This page will be a mixture of both new and vintage items for you to collect or observe. However, it contains mostly posters.
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Super Sonic Wall Scroll The page is off to a super start with this Super Sonic Wall Scroll. It uses the Sonic Advance style art for Super Sonic himself, and adds a minimal yellow background and reflection effect at the bottom. They wrote his name on there too, for some reason. The logo is the Advance style, and it does have the TM and copyright info at the bottom. This measures a big 31 by 43 inches and is available right now (2009) in the Sonic Gear Store (via Amazon) It is refreshing to see something Super Sonic in the USA, even if it is slightly scarce. Discovered by Beloved Doll
Sonic Plate & Bowl Plastic Zak Designs This is a Sonic plate & bowl set. They're made of plastic and appear to have a more Game Gear theme, with part of the cover art, and also drink sippin' Sonic stock art in the bottom of the bowl. This set (for some reason) is quite uncommon. If you see it, it's a good idea to add it to your collection! This was made by Zak Designs in 1993, which puts it right in line with the early GameGear games. Photographed & owned by Andrew C. Markey
Zoom or Doom Sonic 3 Promo Poster
Here's a promotional poster for Sonic 3. This poster had a promotional fancy bag based off of it too, which you could get for pre-ordering it. The bag had the same design but no "Zoom or Doom" written at the top. The glare covers it, but Knuckles is still hidden in the bush at the bottom. The circle at the bottom is a promo for the Lifesavers candy tie in that ran at about the same time. Photographed and owned by Piotyr
Sonic 1 Old Poster This poster is the regular version of the framed art seen on High End Gear. The iconic image promotes Sonic 1 and caused a contraversy with ST of Japan at the time.
Up 2 It Sonic 2 Game Poster Photo This poster is rather iconic now, and the art from it was not over used. It promotes Sonic 2 on the Genesis/Megadrive with the "Are you up 2 it"? tagline. A smaller version of this poster was added into some gaming magazine at around the same time. The Eggman/Robotnik hybrid type thing (they hadn't settled on any singluar look for him yet) is rather odd with all black eyes in the background. An interesting choice as well to show only the backs of Sonic & Tails. All this combines for a rather interesting art. Photographed and owned by Piotyr
Photographed and owned by Piotyr
Metal Sonic background Classic style poster This poster is made to look classic, but it is actually from 2009. It has running Sonic, the famous checkered pattern...but Metal Sonic is looming in the background with a caution-stripe. Metal Sonic is nearly abstracted as it is shown so large. With the fan photo at right, you can see there IS line art for his body too & bolts background. The classic Sonic logo becomes part of the design (note matching colors) at the bottom. This was made by GE Entertainment. Right photo by Rae Logan
Sonic name striped wall scroll These wallscrolls for Sonic and Shadow have a similar stripe-theme background, with color to match them. Sonic's uses a gringe style font with paint spatter effect in the background. His pose is similar to, but not the same as a SA1 ear pose, though it looks more coordinated. Both scrolls by GE Entertainment in 2009.
Sonic SA1 Design Blue Tones Big Towel This is a large bath or beach towel. The whole thing is done in several different shades of blue, for an interesting look. The background is the 'spin' design that was used in SA1, however the Sonic art is more modern and dynamic than most from that time. The logo is the new-style one, and the design is nice and big making it a cool & fairly creative towel to collect. It measures 29.5 x 59 inches, so it is really large. It was made by GE Entertainment, and appeared in 2009/2010Fall/winter. You can get it online or at FYE stores in the USA, which appear in certain malls. Right side photo by Silverdelivers
Werehog Blend Cover Art Wall Scroll Werehog Spagonia Night Wallscroll
Want the Werehog on your walls? These wall scrolls are for you. The first one features the Sonic/Werehog blend that was used as the cover art for the game, however it has been cropped and somehow set up so it hangs sideways instead. (the bars do indeed seem to be at the top and bottom, on this one) The second is a scroll made from some of the first Unleashed art that appeared, and has Sonic in the foreground with the Werehog lurking in the back, likely in Spagonia somewhere. These are available in 2009/fall but who produced them?
TV Shaped Plug In Night Light Sonic 2 Likely from the Sonic 2 for Game Gear era, this night light is uncommon. It is also in a fairly unique style for such a light, being more like a lamp. Most night-lights sit atop the outlet they're plugged into, but this one has a long cord so you can place it anywhere. It is shaped like an old style TV, complete with little feet and 'rabbit ears' antenna. On the screen (which glows when back-lit) is the cover art from Sonic 2 GG, with Sonic hang-gliding and Tails running along the ground. This is a very interesting and uncommon piece for your collection! Photo by Scavenger4food
Shadow name striped wall scroll
The Shadow poster uses more light-glare and less spatter, but also throws in a mixed-case font. He's also pointing where usually that pose uses a fist, so it's changed up a little too.
Sonic purple round Night Light Plastic This was the first Sonic Night Light made. It's pretty simple, with a round layered-look purple background, and slightly raised Sonic design. It is clearly based off of a slightly flawed stock-art (notice tiny ears and side slanting pupils). The Sonic part is painted and not as transparent as the purple, so when lit, he appears darker. This has a small bulb behind the purple sheild, and sits on top of the outlet that you plug it into. It was fairly common when it was made, and not that expensive. Photo discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta
Sonic Rush Adventure Poster Here's a promo poster for Sonic Rush Adventure on the DS. It has an island, some sunken ships and the phrase "Where will the adventure take you?" At the top you can see Sonic, Tails, Captain Whisker and Johnny. A compass-rose is in the center. This was likely a magazine pull out bonus...but which one? This measures 79 x 59 cm. Photo by HoggerTheHedgehog
This is a mini poster that came with SA2 Battle, featuring Shadow. It measures 35x35 cm and has the music credits on the back.
These posters came with the official sound track for Sonic Adventure. They're both blank on the back, and measure 35 x 35 cm each. The one with DJ Sonic on it says "I never look back, I've got no regrets 'Cause time doesn't wait for me I shoose to go my own way" next to the logo. These are nice bonus items to include with the official CDs! All poster photos in this area by HoggerTheHedgehog.
SA2 Battle Poster Double Sided Here's a poster you can display in 2 ways!
This reversable poster was included with an issue of Dreamcast Magazine. The front has Sonic & Shadow with the logo and some of the vehicles (Eggman & Tails) along with a contest announcement and the 10th Anniv. ring logo. The back features breif character profiles and a "history of Sonic" paragraph set at the bottom which should be similar to that found in the 10th Anniv. bonus box item that was given away at about the same time. Photographed & owned by RaeLogan
SA2 Battle Poster Back Facts
Orange Fist Mess Stockart Pillow Here's a rather odd pillow, but the real question is: is it for real?
The answer is "Yes AND No!" Found at a garage sale, it was made by an ebay seller out of real official fabric. (an actual pattern is used, multiple stock arts) and it's characteristic of an early era with scattered design. The mistake-art "Orange Fists Sonic" appears as well as what looks like a mistake-outlined eyes Sonic. (OF Sonic has appeared on other items) The fabric was bought in bulk at a close-out so the fabric itself is real, it's just that someone made it into
pillow and sold it. So it's sort of official, sort of not. Odd gray area pillow. It is still interesting to see this old fabric. Info provided by BlueSonikku. Photographed & owned by Miles Prower 22
Shadow look back poster
Here's a cool poster for any Shadow fan. This one features a rather unusual pose for him, where he's jumping or gliding and looking back. It's seldom used, so it looks fresh. The background is mostly warm colors (that are shared by his shoes/stripes) so it doesn't clash. His name appears at the top, and the logo at the bottom. This is available in 2010, retail locations pending.
Retail packaging SA style checker magnet selection
Magnets Sonic Adventure Collection This is a selection of magnets. You can use them for the fridge or on note-boards to add a Sonic touch to the kitchen! They're all quite Sonic Adventure 1 style, with the colored checkering in the background, and the use of the Sega stock art from this time. You get all the magnets as a set, and they are produced by GE Entertainment. These should be available at online retail and FYE stores in 2010. Photo discovered by: Kirchu, MIP photo by Sonictoast.
Classic style Sonic & ring wall scroll Here are two wall scrolls to add a bit of the classic look to your room. There's classic 1-finger raised stock Sonic, with a large gold ring for decoration, and a repeated pattern of line-arts of this same stock art in the background. The classic style logo fits right in at the corner, and the whole thing has a bit of drop-shadowed effect. The Knuckles one is quite nice, as he's starring in it alone. It's the foreward facing classic stock of him, but with a more modern/grunge style name in a wipe of paint at the bottom. His background is checkered in red, but it still uses white outlined line-art to give it a bit more interest. Both of these scrolls are pretty large, measuring 31 x 43 inches. They're by GE Entertainment, and stores have them online in 2010 Classic style Knuckles only Wall Scroll