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This proves Japan really goes all out with Sonic the Hedgehog plush items. They have such a fabulous variety of themes and characters, it's easy to find one that fits with what you like best. Also as you browse the pages, notice that the quality is almost always top notch! No lumpy, wrinkly failed stuffed animals here, these guys are great to collect.
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Soccer/Football Sonic Soccer Sonic starts things off in a sporting way, with his miniature ball. This is a re-release of the other "pointing plush" with the large finger. Notice they put "Cleats" on the bottoms of his shoes for an added touch. This guy was supposed to have a jersey, but it is missing. Thanks to Rhia though, the photo is not missing.
Sonic fold plush What is this curious item? It is a folding ball/reversable plush! This clever item is a Sonic plush when right-side out...but fold him up into his own head (!) and it becomes a play ball. This has Sonic's body drawn on it, so this plush can really do a "Super Sonic Spin Attack"! This clever thing is rare and interesting! Sonic fold ball
Photos by GreatThings4U
Tiny Tails Plush Cute Look at this!
A miniature plush! It can't get much cuter than Tiny Tails here! GreatThings4U is a normal sized human, so you can see how small this plush really is. Despite the size though, it does not lack in quality, and is still very recognizable (not to mention adorable) It looks to be felt with some stuffing (notice the tails are flat) and it is indeed official, if you look at the tag. Needless to say, there aren't many of these around either. Is Tiny Amy related?
Fang Knack Plush Doll Fang Knack Sniper Weasel Plush Remember the Fang Knack the Weasel plush from plushes page 2? Here's a closer-up shot of it, revealing him to be fairly large. Look at his 3D detailed hat, and holster for his cork gun! He even has 'metal' plates on the backs of his gloves. They really went all out making these Sonic the Fighters dolls! His tag is a copy of the STF video game arcade art. (square, pixelated, and all)
Watch out for high prices here! Knack can go for more than $100.00 on Ebay. Close Up Fang? Photo by GreatThings4U
E-102 GAMMA Robot Plush
Here's a real jewel for you to see. E-102 Gamma plush. This thing is FANTASTIC. They spared no detail, from the handle on his gun, to his plastic-dot eyes and 'metal' plate. This plush must be incredibly difficult to make, but it came out super!
The price this guy brings is fantastic as well. If you spend under $300 USD you will get a bargain. I've seen only 1 of this go on ebay, and it brought in over $500 for its seller. E-102's rarity as merchandise in general probably contributes to his exclusive image. The high quality and limited release of this "not quite so popular" character plush is just the icing on the robo-cake. A true crown for anyone's collection.
Bark Polar Bear Plush Front Bark Fighters Back Bark Polar Bear Side
Here is Bark from the Sonic the Fighters collection in 1996. With these photos you can really see the detail, unlike the group shot. He's got the markings on his gloves, and is detailed with his hat and fringe scarf, just like in the game. Note also the fuzzy fur chest patch and felt 'hair' accents. He even has the 'long hair' in back--but it looks more like tentacles or something. Still, this is a good rare plush.
Note the string on top, you could hang this up on a hook. Was this a UFO-catcher item, or could you just buy it around the release of the Arcade Game Sonic the Fighters?
Espio Chameleon Doll Front Espio Sonic Fighters plush side Here's Espio!
For how popular he is, it's sad to see this is his only plush. However, it's a fairly decent rendition to him, with curling tail and interesting head-fin. They even added the buckles to his shoes. His best view is defenetely the side though, as the black space around his eyes is kind of odd. Still, this guy is a must have for any Espio fan! (remember his costume changed for Sonic Adventure)
espio plush back
Bean the Dynamite Duck Plush Bean the Dynamite Duck Plush
Here it is, sitting with a smily big-mouth UFO-Sonic in someone's collection. You can see his red bandana, but where is his bomb? It did come with the plush, because other characters had their accessories (Like Amy's mallet etc) His beak is a bit big, but it still looks ok.
Bean Dynamite Duck Side View Plush With this profile and front shot by Rhia, you can really get a good idea of how the Bean the Dynamite Duck looks. His bomb accessory is shiny, and his bandana has a nice little tie in the back. You can see they've even given him a felt tail feather or two.
As with all of the 'lesser known' characters, this guy is pretty rare.
Bean Sonic The Fighters Plush
STF Knuckles Plush Knuckles plush from STF
Here's a close up of the Sonic the Fighters Knuckles doll. As with all the STF plushes, this one is pretty well done. His nose is a bit big, making him look somewhat 'friendly', but his details are all well done. He has felt knuckle-spikes, and his spikes are curved inward, not just pointing anywhere like on other plushes. However, there are no bolts on the tops of his shoes.

Remember, the group shot of all these guys is on Japan Plush Page 2. And the Sonic the Fighters plushes are SOMETIMES available at Animemate.com as they do deal in vintage items. Right photo by animemate, discovered by Techno1252

Here's a nice shot from the side of Fighters Amy Rose
You can see even at this early date of 1996, they had her spikes done very well, especially at this size. Some plushes today don't even measure up. She has her old skirt, shirt and headband too. It looks like she may be sewn with the mallet always behind her. Notice they went with a "Fuzzy Patch" for her bangs/hair instead of felt. You can even see her embroidered eyelash details!
Amy Rose Rosie Rascal Plush
Triangle Head Metal Sonic Fighters Plush This Metal Sonic plush is proof that Japan (and especially this revered line of STF plushes) did not do everything right. With giant doughy body, poorly added triangluar head spikes, ears in the wrong place, wrongly colored hands, and awkward arms, this plush is nearly a mutant. They did use shiny fabric to simulate the metal surface, but it is sadly the design that's off. Don't mistake that for thinking it'll cost less, this is still a very rare and expensive plush despite it's odd looks. Photo by animemate, discovered by Techno1252
Front-Amy photo discovered by Streakthefox.
Here's Sonic the Fighters series Tails with a nice close up. Again, it's a pretty solid plush for something not-that-large, though the eyes are rather big. His bangs and fur at the edges of his cheeks are felt additions, and Sonic Fighters Tails Doll Close Up
they used an appropriate nose as well. Though not as difficult as some, any fighters plush will be rather hard to come by. photo by animemate, discovered by Techno1252
Want more Fighters Action? There is a Fighters Plush forum & rarity index / currently keeping up with prices & info at

Fighters Plush , the website!

Bokkun Plush Front Photo This is rather cute, for a badguy.
You can't see it, but Bokkun here is actually smiling. It is a large smile-mouth, but it's embroidered on with black thread! You probably have to own this to see it, as it won't really photograph. He has his rocket belt and the head-fin things are actually 3D as well. The eyes are quality embroidery, and it's a good accurate representation to collect. Thanks to Link for the photos!
Bokkun Robot Plush
The ever mysterious and terribly expensive "Pale Dolls". These guys show up on Ebay Auctions every so often, but you can expect to pay only top dollar to grab one!

The two in the background are simply made using only lighter-than-normal colored fabric. They appear slightly 'washed out' but the quality shows they're not simply bleached. The two in the front are some bizzarre albino version of their normal selves. These are MUCH rare-er. They even have these vaguely-colored white plastic eyes. They're actually somewhat creepy if you get close. This is a photo of their actual hang-tag, by Sonikku.

Now you can see the pale Sonic from all angles. Every detail is there (even his shoe buckles) just all in white. This is quite an interesting doll to see, and seems to be based on an earlier big finger style plush. Photographed and owned by: Sonikku.
First, a close up look at the "Pastel" versions. Close up, Pastel Tails is very cute! No one knows why they decided to do these strange color varient dolls... but they sure are interesting to try and collect. These 'pastels' aren't quite as pricy as the strange cream-tone ones.

Photo credits go to GreatThings4U and Rhia.

Pastel Sonic & Tails Plushes Pastel Tails Cute Plush
Pale Sonic
Here's a good cloes shot of the pale Sonic. You can see his fuzzy pastel fabric. Up close, he's rather cute, like the pale Tails above. Even his nose, shoes and eyes are a lighter color. This is a very interesting plush. Photo by Rathe.
And here are the super pale ones.
Again, the photo isn't close enough to get the 'creepy factor' going with these guys. These have pale brown thread to indicate the mouth, but it's hard to see.

Every once and a while one will turn up on Ebay, but don't expect to pay any less than $100 dollars to get it! It is possible they were some kind of limited run in Japan, done in 1998.

Again the photo is from GreatThings4U

Many Angles White Tails Photo Pale & Albino Tails Comparison Shot Here you can compare Pale Tails to the Cream White Tails. As you can see, being all white does not help the contrast in the photo any, but at least you can see the detail of his construction from several angles. Photo credit to Ota.
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