Japan Sonic the Hedgehog Plushes
Japan has had such a great selection of plushes or Sonic the Hedgehog dolls. Like with nearly everything Sonic they made, there was always plenty to choose from with almost every character making an appearance on a line. The toys all appear to be high quality, and there is an extremely low occurance of 'mutants' the same of which cannot be said of American, or other country plushes.
Because simply making many lines with identical plushes, only in different sizes didn't seem like a good idea, there are all kinds of interesting "Theme Plushes" available. The methods of obtaining them (when they first came out) varied. There are "UFO Catchers" where you control a claw that picks a plush from a pile, catalogs and probably stores that sold them.
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Basic Sonic 3 Plush Set (Large) A basic plush set, released soon after Sonic 3. These are fairly large too, that's a Genisis / Megadrive in the corner of the photo! All appear good quality, with accurate colors and features.
Festival Dolls Variants
Theme dolls with a...traditional motif. They are meant to be Taiko Drummers. A mini-traditional drum is in the background, maybe they are celebration related? The differences seem to be in the dolls head bands. A curious set- it says "Sonic" probably "and Tails"
at the top, but maybe the first word explains it. Info provided by: Sonikkou-No-Uta
Clothed Sonic the Hedgehog Plushes Group
Small Plushes with Sonic the Hedgehog & Amy These plushes are quite small, much like this photo. This time there's an Amy Rose.
Segasonic Plush Tag Closeup
Clothed plushes? Here is another curious theme set. A Sonic and a Tails with boquet and bow-tie, and two in just a sweater. Amy has fuzzy bangs in the background, but isn't wearing anything out of the ordinary.
This tag is the one used for nearly all of these Early Plushes. Is Eggman skipping? Why is his mustache colored gray instead of brownish?
Basket-Holding Plush series with Seal & Penguin
Basket-holding plushes. These can hold little desk supplies and just sit there looking cute, or they can be hung on a smooth surface. If you look closely, you can see a suction-cup on a loop atop each plushes' head. I actually own the Sonic one, he holds Sonic Pencils which can be seen in another section. Nice to see that the Seal and Penguin made it in.
Old Simple Sonic the Hedgehog plushes, with flicky and bunny These are some of the oldest plushes made. They are likely to be from the time of Sonic 1 on the Genisis Mega Drive. A flicky bird? And an un-evolved penguin. There's also the rabbit this time instead of the seal. Look at classic sonic with his little arms and legs! He even has a tail and 5 fingers. It's too bad the picture quality is so low you can't tell how his spikes are. The Sonics take the 'cute' prize for this set.
Minor variant old photo
This set is extremely similar, but contains different Sonics. Look at Eggmans' funny teeth and red pom-pom like nose!
Penguin White Top Plush
Here's the penguin from the above UFO plush set. Notice how on the tag, the penguin is shown with a yellow top of fuzz, but that it was only ever made with white fuzz. Also, you can clearly see Eggman's mustache is shown in gray here too. What's going on with that? Usually Japanese tags especially are quite accurate, so that's unusual. Photo & owned by:
Summer Fun Plush set with Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails
Summer Time plushes: These look like they all come with a fun accessory or two sewn on. Swimming Sonic & Tails with either swim-masks or sun-glasses or Sailor Sonic and Sailor Tails.
Odd Sailor Sonic the Hedgehog
They even have little Sailor bows on their necks.
Sailor Sonic is so wierd! How about a Close-up.
Christmas theme Plushes with Eggman & wreath Continuing the seasonal theme, we have Christmas! It looks like the Sonic and Tails are a pair of Red & Green house-slippers. A Tails pops out of a stocking to the right, and Sonic is dressed like Santa Clause, complete with bag. Was the wreath in the background part of the set? What is Eggman doing over there? Probably dressed as fake-santa!
He has one large pointing finger for some reason.
Funny Smily Santa Sonic This is such a funny Christmas doll! Look at the big, silly, smily mouth they gave it. It just looks so cute and happy! Notice also that it is not the same as the one in the above picture. The hat is on streight instead of at an angle, and this has a sparkly edge bow around the neck instead of a furry Santa Clause collar. They have switched Sonic's normal socks for fuzzy winter ones. The second picture is a fan-photo, and is somewhat sharper for the details.
Here is the wreath from the above photo. With this, you can see it is made of plush and sattiny ribbon. The bow has a yellow 'tail'...but something about the eyes seems a bit off. Still, this is a very fun, and uncommon ornament for your tree, or Christmas collection! Plush Sonic Face Wreath
Plush Sonic the Hedgehog collection with Super Sonic
Someone has quite the plush collection! It's a good thing they took a photo. At the bottom, you can see that funny classic Sonic 1 doll with the string legs.

The real star of the show here is Super Sonic! Wow, you never see a Super Sonic anything, let alone a plush of him. What an amazing addition to any collection!

The giant one on the right looks downright furry. But it gives a bit of a sense of scale to the whole collection.

A selection of Sports related plushes. Basketball Eggman, Soccer Sonic, Tennis Tails, Hockey Sonic and...what is that last Tails doing? What requires a hat like that? Is he fishing? Golf? It is difficult to tell.
Sonic the Hedgehog Sports Plushes
Tails the Fox Sport Plush Varient
Fuzzy Knuckles Plush This Knuckles is rather fuzzy. It is likely to also be a UFO game prize. It is supposed to have suction-cup hands so you can stick him to glass or other smooth surfaces. The suction cups are missing off this one, though. This is not a very large plush but it is unusually 'furry'. Photo credit: Rhia
Apparently, there were variants on even these plushes. Notice that this close up of Tennis Tails has a red racket instead of a blue one like in the first photo.
Collecting Sonic is so much fun for Amy!
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There are so many plushes and dolls from Japan, can Amy collect them all?