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Still more Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
Sonic sweatshirts/hoodies/long sleeved items used to be uncommon in the past, but thanks to the current efforts of the Sega Shop Online. Warm weather clothing may be more expensive, but the designs are still pretty cool. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here, along with listings of where to get them, if known.
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Checker Name Sonic Sweat Shirt Hood Appropriate for winter 2021, Kohls adds an exclusive sweat shirt / hoodie. This is all blue, with a front 'kangaroo' style 2 hand pocket and long sleeves. It has a non-draw-string hood and the slogan "Game Over" is written down one sleeve. The art is a full color (probably ) neo classic forward facing/hands on hips Sonic. The background is his name spelled out in a thick/blocky checkered font that repeats but gets 'squashed' (as if on a scroll) the further down it goes. The ring shaped paper tag has classic Sonic on the front. This is probably about 19.99 at Kohls if it is not on sale. It is in the boys/teens area.
Blue Long Sleeve Color Fade Face Tee Kohls also adds a long sleeve tee for their winter selections in 2021. This all blue shirt uses modern Sonic (face only) but it looks kind of retro with the colors chosen. The background for the face is a square of tiny checkers that fade from pink to blue to green to yellow, which is a bit of an 80s feel. The name, in a big 'letterman type' sport font goes along with the coloration, being yellow for the top and pink at the bottom. That green sticker above the name marks it as a 'long sleeve' item.
Jumping Beans Zip Front Hood Blue Jumping Beans gets in on the winter wear with a hoodie.
This is a zip front hoodie that will only fit little kids. It is likely to be a Kohls' exclusive, and appears in late fall/winter 2021. It's all blue and uses the garment color as Sonic's color so it doesn't need as much ink/is less likely to take wear.
The design here is forward-facing / hands on hips modern Sonic. He's quite large on the front with the head at the neck area and cuts off before the socks start. This means the zipper kind of...cracks him in half unless it's zipped all the way up all the time. Zip front is more convenient, but maybe not with this design choice?
Bio World Classic Name Beanie Cap
Bioworld is back on beanies...with the "Classic Name Beanie Cap Hat".
This cold weather hat has Sonic's name spelled out at an angle all over it in both Japanese and English. It's dark blue with light blue names and a folded rim. On the folded area is an embroidered patch of running classic Sonic, but it is the Japanese one where there's no mouth and the spikes are more connected in back. This gives it a bit of a different look, which is nice because there have been several classic style beanies in the past. But where is it sold?
Kohls Stripe Pompom beanie gloves set
Kohls releases a beanie cap and gloves set in 2021, but it may only be online.
This set appears in winter 2021, probably continuing thru 2022. It has a black/gray striped beanie cap with big pompom on the top. This has a part-of-the-fabric forward-facing classic Sonic face as the large design for the head part. On the folded rim area is an embroidered patch with the full color classic logo. The gloves have a Sonic element too, which is a patch for the back of each hand with forward-facing standing Sonic on there. The gloves are the usual knit fabric in a middle gray.
This set has a couple nice things going for it. First, they did full color embroidery for the logo, which looks very good/crisp here and actually does enhance the design. Then, giving the gloves a Sonic element is nice to see, because some sets just have generic gloves. If you don't mind a pompom hat, this is an all right set.
Jumping Beans Lycra Long Sleeve Shirt Jumping Beans branches out into winter wear with a long sleeve shirt.
Remember, Jumping Beans only has 'little kid' size items, so chances are if you're reading this, none of their stuff will fit you...which is too bad because they make some all right designs. In this case, it's a Lycra long sleeve shirt in mottled dark blue. The Sonic graphic is classic getting ready to run, over a checker background and with his name spelled vertically up one side with "The hedgehog" in a finer print at the bottom. The whole graphic fades from yellowish at the top to white at the bottom so that it will stand out on the darker blue of the shirt. It's debateable how warm lycra is in the winter, though. This is a Kohls item in winter season 2022
Jumping Beans Classic Trio Long Sleeve Jumping Beans adds another long sleeve to the line up.
This is the "Classic Trio Tee", and it lives up to the name with neoclassic art for fists-together Knuckles, nose-touch Sonic, and waving Tails. The lesser-used art for all three of them makes this shirt a bit better than others. The classic logo is really big at the top of the tee, in full color. It has a black body section and mottled gray for the sleeves/collar. The art and logo are all outlined in white to help it stand out.
That sticker up there says 'collectible tee' on it...although little kids clothes like this usually wear out before they can be collected it seems. This is a Kohls item in winter season 2022
Sweat Pants Adult 2 Pack Classic Sonic
Finally, Sonic pants for adults!
This is the "Classic Sonic Sweat Pants 2 Pack". It appears to be an Amazon Only item in 2022/winter. Each pair has an elastic waist and elastic cuffs. The blue pair has white draw string, while the gray has red draw string. The blue pair has an all-over pattern with a scattering of Sonic line art & his name in lighter blue. The mottled gray pair has the classic logo on one knee and from Sonic CD, "figure 8 peel out" Sonic in color on the other knee.
The knee is an interesting place to put the graphic, quite different from other pants and likely always-visible, so it's a nice touch. So is using the lesser-seen Sonic CD art for him there.
This is a decent 2 pack with pockets--especially good because 'for adults' means itl'll fit pretty much everybody. But, which company made it? (Bioworld seems likely because they only have a classic licence for clothes now for some reason.)
Half Zip Hoodie Sweat Shirts Classic These are "half-zip hoodies".
So called because they do have a zipper but it only goes to about midway the upper chest area. I guess it's to make it easier to take off/put on but...having a zip-front would probably be easier still. The left is all blue, with the slogan "Gotta Go Fast" in thick white lettering. It has neoclassic getting ready to run Sonic as a white/red line art. The logo is on the upper right chest area, also in red/white.
The right-side hoodie is charcoal gray and black, with the classic logo in full color at the same upper-chest spot. This one has neoclassic arms-cross Eggman, fists together Knuckles, hands on hips Sonic and...
probably neoclassic arms crossed Tails? It looks like it might be a classic Japanese tails art but it's hard to tell. With full color art for 4 characters that takes up the whole front of the sweat shirt, this one's a colorful choice. Both are nicely done, if you didn't already have something similar. These are kids/teens sizes and appear in 2022, probably at Amazon
Sonic Tails Blue Sweat Pants It's good to see some solo sweat pants! Usually everything's just a top or a set. This is a pair of blue kids or teens sweat pants with draw-string and elastic waist. They have elastic ankle cuffs and nice big art on both legs. One leg gets hand out Tails, and the other gets determination standing/forward Sonic. Both legs have the modern logo above the character, but set sideways. (an unusual choice) you can see the little copyright near it too. This is a nice pair: good big art, lots of Sonic content. Where is this sold, and how much is it? It's a 2022 item.
Born to Run Since 91 Hoodie
This is called the "Born To Run Fleece Hoodie" doesn't look fleecey anywhere? Fleece type materials are generally textured and even though they show you the hood interior in the photo the whole thing looks smooth. Either way, the slogan is right with "Born to Run Since 91" written in 'lettermans style' font. The 91 is the biggest element of the whole shirt. Sonic himself is classic style (of course), and relativly small. It uses a new stock art as well, this one where he's running/profile but the face is 2/3 toward the viewer and only one arm is visible. They've given him 'speed lines' in red white and blue (for his leg, shoe strap and shoe color) behind him.
The hoodie itself is a dark navy blue, and the hood has a red interior. It's a pullover, without pockets or zippers. It is a teen item so it may fit some adults who choose larger sizes. This is an Amazon item in winter 2022
Amazon Adult 2 Pack Sweat Pants Sonic Good news for everyone who wants sweat pants...
This Amazon Sweat Pants Classic Sonic 2 Pack is for adults! That means they'll fit anyone, which is a good change from those restricted to kids sizes ones you usually find. This pair has elastic ankle cuffs, elastic waist with draw string and both pairs have pockets. The first pair is all dark blue with various 'simple Sonic' line arts in white and light blue scattered in an all-over pattern. The second pair is mottled gray with dark blue waistband. It uses the classic logo in dark blue for one knee and figure-8-peel-out Sonic (form Sonic CD) on the other knee, in full color. This is probably a neoclassic art.
Placing the art on the knee of the pants area is an interesting choice that helps this pair stand out. Which company made them, and how much does the set cost? You can write in for credit if you know. This is a winter 2022 item.
Face only Character Hoodies STK Clearly inspired by the 'face only' classic-style Sonic tees, here comes 3 face only classic style hoodies. You can choose Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. The body part of the top is all the character's color, with a borderless face in the middle of the chest area. The sleeves and hood exterior are dark navy for Sonic, mottled gray for Tails and charcoal gray for Knuckles. The hood interior matches the body color.
The 'borderless face' thing seems to be a bit of a trend, but it doesn't always work that well. They had to have lines anyway for the Knuckles one to get him to be recognizable/normal enough looking. This makes it not really fit in with the other designs. If the item isn't shaped like the character's head (which...square-ish shirts...are never..) the whole 'borderless' doesn't always work. These are kids sizes only, and are an Amazon winter 2022 item
Eggman Classic Trio Hoodie Here's a cute classic hoodie sweatshirt.
Notice the proportions though, it is for little kids only. It's a mottled gray with black-interior hood. It has neither pockets nor zippers or drawstring. The design has the classic logo in full color, a 'now presenting' type pose for Eggman, neoclassic fists-together Knuckls, arms-cross Sonic & neoclassic but seldom used sitting-down Tails. Adding Eggman keeps this one interesting, and the neoclassic art looks very good and fitting here. It keeps the design fresh, while the composition can still feel very classic/nostalgic. A good sweat shirt but where is it sold? This is a 2022 item.
Gotta Go Fast 3 Piece Winter Set This is called the "Gotta Go Fast Winter Sonic 3 Piece Set".
It lives up to the name, with the slogan written on the short sleeve tee and vertically up the leg of the sweat pants. The tee is white with large art of running modern Sonic in the middle, along with the slogan and boost-lines. The pants are mottled gray with black stripes for the leg edges, an art of jumping modern Sonic on one hip and the slogan taking up most of the other leg. This has an elastic and drawstring waist. The sweat shirt is black with gray cuffs and hood. It has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles on the front, all in color. One sleeve has the modern logo in full color pretty large. This does have a 'kangaroo' pocket in the front but no zipper. This is a good set.
Each item has plenty of good Sonic elements on it, everything goes well together and would also be easy to wear separately. It is reasonably priced as well, at 40 dollars for all 3 things at Amazon. This is to fit older kids and teens, which is also nice. This is a 2022 item.