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Still more Sonic clothes to keep you warm.
Sonic sweatshirts/hoodies/long sleeved items used to be uncommon in the past, but thanks to the current efforts of the Sega Shop Online. Warm weather clothing may be more expensive, but the designs are still pretty cool. So if you've got to go out in the cold, it might as well be with some cool Sonic stuff! Check out the many different designs you can collect here, along with listings of where to get them, if known.
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Graffiti Hog Long Sleeve White Shirt The Sega Shop online's Graffiti theme continues with this white long sleeve shirt. This one is called "Graffiti Hog". It appears to use a new stock art for Sonic where he is...doing what exactly? Walking but strangely? Look at the top of the legs area. The foot/leg that you can see the bottom of the shoe is actually the BACK leg which means it's crossed all the way over and tilting up? Then the front leg is faces almost backward/crossed while his bod is pointing mostly away? (No belly dot/back spike is paralell) then his arms are just kind of out. The pose is confusing on its own, but the body (wherever he would be blue) is full of the concentrated/busy/tiny art collage of slogans, stickers and faces.
Sonic himself is all black/white except for the red of his shoes. The splashes of color here come from the 'sticker-look' art pasted around/over him. There are rings, 'graffiti style' name tags, Japanese patch style sticker in yellow, "Let's Roll" slogan, Knuckles, Sonic & Eggman faces and the "Deck Sticker" also seen on the Graffiti Theme Mug. The blue triangle says "Emerald Hill Zone" Random drippy black paint arrows are also pointing in random directions.
It's a bit busy of a design, but it is very unique and interesting. The colorful faux 'stickers' are a really fun idea that spice up the design. This is $30 in the Sega Shop.
Kohls Kids Neoclassic art Long Sleeve Tee This long sleeve black shirt appears in Kohls stores only, and it is a fall/winter 2020 release.
The art here is neoclassic for flying Tails, and probably touched-up classic for running profile Sonic & standard pose Knuckles. Sonic is the only one in full color, as the others are blue line art only. Between strips of blue checkers at the top of the shirt is "Sonic" spelled out in red with a tall font.
It's a decent design, not extremely innovative, but nicely done. It is in the kids/teens boy area but if you can get an XL it may still fit. This should be about 12 dollars in stores.
Adult Size Gray Sonic Tails Sweat Pants
Finally, some good winter wear pants for adults.
These are adult size gray winter time sweat-pants-like material (it seems a bit thinner) maybe like lounge wear to be cozy in. They have a draw string/elastic waist & the color is all-over mottled gray. There's the fun neo-classic flying Tails carries Sonic for the design on the upper thigh area of one leg. They have the full color classic logo above them. That seems to be the only Sonic element of the pants.
The design is cute and colorful, so with sizes that will fit everyone this is a nice change of pace for adults. This is a Bio World item for winter 2021. It should be around 24 dollars and has been confirmed at Amazon.
Confetti Background Long Sleeve Adult Tee
This is called the "Confetti Long Sleeve Tee". It has a rather retro-style background rectangle full of wiggle lines & dots. It uses the seldom-seen 'thumbs backward' Japanese Sonic classic stock art. His name is spelled out in large Japanese letters at the bottom, but then under it it has "Sonic the Hedgehog". The tee is otherwise all white. Having the Sonic element as white & the background a bright blue is a nice touch that makes it different. All the elements here are really combining nicely to give the shirt a classy & uniqe look. This is a winter 2021 item, but where?
Hidden Hedgehog Mens Bio World Hoodie This is called the "Hidden Hedgehog Hoodie".
It is by Bio World, released for 2021. What's nice about it, is that it's in mens' sizes only so that it will fit anyone. It has the usual 'kangaroo' mono pocket in the front, long sleeves, and draw string hood. It's all a dark blue. The 'hidden' part comes in with the graphic for the front which is fully shaded finger waving classic Sonic, but they don't give him any outlines so he just appears as a triangle, the face & hand. He's meant to be camoflaging into the shirt itself. It spells out his name in Japanese letters below in blue as well, but these do get an orange background so you can actually read it. It's an ok idea, if you didn't already have something similar.
Peekaboo Beanie Cap Hat Sonic This is called the "Peekaboo Beanie Cap"
Another winter time selection from BioWorld in 2021, this is a smooth-texture fabric beanie-style hat. It has a wide cuff/base, and an embroidered design. The whole hat is a darker blue/nearly navy-blue. The embroidered neoclassic Sonic is placed so that he is covered by the cuff of the hat up to about the waist. Having a character design that's 'popping up from' something like a cuff, a pocket/etc. is a fun idea. Here, he's sort of pointing with a hand on one hip. This is a fun hat with a design that stands out.
White Checker Snowboard Sonic Sweat Shirt Here's something nice to see: A sweat shirt without a hood.
Every single item doesn't need a hood, and this gray long sleeve sweatshirt does not have a hood, so it's something good and different. This is a Target only 2021 item, appearing in the winter. It has a new (first time in merch?) neoclassic Sonic art for the graphic. This time, classic Sonic is riding on his snow board and doing a jump trick. The background is a pattern of large white checkers. All the ink for the design is white, except for Sonic's name on the bottom of the board, which is done in black. The white ink on the light gray shirt adds interest for the design, and makes it a little more subtle. The cloth tag there in the collar has the classic logo in color. The paper tag (in armpit) has "HSI" as the maker. This is in the kids/teens section, but a larger size may fit an adult, so if you like the look, investigate your local target.
Target Sonic Bath Robe Fleecy
Get cozy after the shower in a...Sonic Bath Robe?
In what's possibly the first of its kind, here is a fleecy-fabric Sonic the hedgehog Bath Robe. It's traditionally robe-like with the thick waist tie belt thing, and laying-down flappy fuzzy collar. It has long sleeves, and an all-over pattern. The collar and belt are blue, while the rest of it is black. It's somewhat busy, with scattered spinning classic Sonic, running Sonic and stars all over.
The tag is modern though...notice modern CG Sonic in the ring for the tag. The long tag you see there is the 'fire retardant' notice. (Means it was chemically treated) This is reported to be an HSI company item. It appears in winter 2021 at Target.
*It may also be clearancing out in Winter 2021 as well, at about 11 dollars (was 21 originally) as it seems it wasn't a popular thing?
Name Only Gray Checker Sweat Pants
Here are some interesting Sonic sweatpants.
Interesting in that...their only Sonic content is his name written between two stars on one leg. The rest of the pants just have black checkers in a stripe all the way up the leg. The pants themselves are a mottled medium gray, with elastic & draw-string waist. The name is written in white.
So, this sort-of-counts for a 'subtle Sonic', item. There are no pictures or art of him anywhere. But, it is this same fact that also makes them kind of boring? Like maybe they can be paired with a shirt **Is it the above hoodless sweat shirt??**.
The pants are also 21 dollars, which seems rather steep for kids/teens size pants. It is rumored they had a pair of shorts with them (like a 2-pack) that was also a 'name only' item--but it sure wasn't attached here. (That would make the price make sense though) This is a Target 2021 item in the boys/teens section.
Pullover Classic Style Star Ring Sonic Hoodie Here's a pullover hoodie for winter 2021.
It has blue hood & sleeves, with gray body. The cuffs and waist are elastic. The design here is really big, taking up almost the entire body of the hoodie. It has classic finger-waving Sonic in the classic ring of stars, with a yellow background. The classic logo is in full color at the bottom.
The pull-over hoodie color combo, large design, and choice of full color for everything gives this quite a classic vibe. Like the style genuinely belongs to 'the classic era', as something you'd of gotten in the 90s. It is adult sizes, so it's for everyone to wear, which is nice. It should be about 21 dollars at Amazon, but could appear elsewhere. It's a nice choice, if you didn't already have something similar.
Winter Happy Holidays Sonic HT Tee
If this is a regular tee...why is it on Winter Wear?
Well, because it's for Christmas/specifically the winter holidays, so here it goes from Hot Topic. They unveil this in summer 2021, so plenty of time to get it. It's called the "Sonic Claus Tee". (Really should have had the slogan in the name but..) It's nice, because it's finally something that is NOT 'ugly sweater themed', which had been way too common. It's a fun design with line-less modern Sonic in a Santa hat doing a thumbs-up in a ring. The slogan here is "Happy Holidays" with the 'o' being the pom-pom on the hat. It has snow flakes, ribbons, Christmas trees decorated with rings (of course), presents, bows and blue-razz-berry candy canes for good measure. It is an all right tee if you needed something Christmas specific. It's adult sizes only, in black, and costs about 20 dollars.
Faster Than You Sweat Shirt Pants Set
Target gets ready for fall 2021 with a sweat shirt set.
BUT it is NOT sold together! The shirt and the pants MAY appear in different places / on different racks even though they clearly match. Be sure to dig through the racks!
The mottled gray pair has hands-clasped sitting classic Sonic (a very unusual choice) and 4 different-angle rings over bands of blue & red. The pants carry over only the blue/red bands (now vertical) and 3 of the gold rings. Sonic himself doesn't appear on the pants. The shirt slogan is "Sonic Faster Than You", which seems to be a first-use for this slogan. The sitting art seems to be adapted from the one that appeared secretly in Sonic CD but he's been given hands instead of the mitten/balls that the CD art had.
It is a cute look where he is rather innocent looking. The 'turning' rings are an interesting thing as well, and it keeps the pants Sonic-enough. The long sleeve sweat shirt should be about 12 dollars. It's in the boys/teens area but the XL or XXL may fit older teens or adults.
Odd Hoodie Small Face Here's a bit of an odd hoodie from Target in summer 2021
It's in the kids/teens area's kinda-strange. It's sort of a dress-up costume type hoodie with the belly dot for you, and the white glove cuffs. Of course the hood is Sonic decorated with the usual wacky flappy spikes and ears...but what's going on when it comes to the face? It's embroidered on there fairly nicely but it's somehow super small? Like the face design doesn't sync up at all with the details of the ears or spikes and it would look even sillier if someone had their head in the hood. Would you get made fun of for wearing this strange item?
This seems to be another case of 'we want Sonic to be the thing', where they didn't think it all the way through. While not as bad as "Sonic the tombstone" (a backpack) it still doesn't quite work.
Gotta Go Fast Tie Dye Walmart Hoodie
Here's another lighter-weight hoodie for fall or not-that-cold winter days.
This has a dark blue & navy splotchy all-over 'tie dye like' fabric for the whole thing. It's long sleeve, a pullover, and has a hood. The hood (as seems to be the trend lately) has a Sonic spike on it as well as little flat flap ears.
The design is done in hot greenish with forward facing modern Sonic in only line art, along with some rings off to the sides. What you can't really see in the photo is that there is a slogan going on here, but because they wrote it in a sort of middling gray on the dark/mottled shirt it's really hard to read. The top says "Sonic the Hedgehog" and the bottom has "Gotta Go Fast", but you 'gotta go close' to the item to be able to read it at all. This is a Walmart exclusive and appears in fall season 2021