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Sonic Clothing of the USA- Modern Page 36
This page should have 2019 through 2021 Sonic clothes.
With the 'Boom Ban' gone, the USA can branch out into modern style Sonic stuff again. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

Want to see other modern Sonic clothing items? Use the Sonic Clothing Hub for links to every page of clothing gallery.
Dr Eggman Yolo Yellow Tee A Yolo Yellow Tee!
Now here's an odd bird. How did this shirt even happen? It isn't terrible, and it is excellent for Eggfans, but it seems like a quite-unlikely item. It's all pale yellow, with rainbow pastel for the writing that spells out "Dr. Eggman" in a ring around his face. The bottom has #Yolo (hash-tag yolo = You Only Live Once) also in rainbow pastel. The modern Eggman face has the mustache going in 2 bit of different directions as he is smirking.
Eggman has never been associated with saying 'yolo'? Is rainbow pastel his best color? Is it a meme?
This appears at Target in 2021 / summer. (It's actually a better look at the online item/this is it appearing on Gear for the 2nd time because you can actually see the design this time) It's guarenteed to be a unique item for any Tee collector and another must-get for Egg fans.
Game Face Jumping Beans Tee Here's a cute sort of pun tee from Kohls in summer 2021.
It has a grid of 6 colored squares, each with a different expression for classic Sonic heads. The classic logo is at the bottom in color & the slogan here is "Game Face"...well, technically Sonic's IN the game, so all his faces are the game face, hence the bit of a pun.
The neoclassic ones appear to be aggrivated/straight spikes, surprised, and possibly the upper middle one.
The round sticker says "Collectible Tee" on it (but who knows why...literally everything is technically collectible) It is made by Jumping Beans (see printed collar tag) so you know that is is only in little kids sizes. Other stores than Kohls sells the Jumping Bean brand, so you may be able to find it elsewhere. It is a cute idea/slogan.
Gray Logo Sports Soft Shorts Target
Hmmm...some gray shorts.
This is just a pair of mottled gray casual/sport elastic-waist shorts seen at Target in summer 2021. However, as it is so plain, is it somehow part of a set? There's at least 2 'sweat suit' sets at Target at the same time (Seen on Gear WinterWear) where the pants part is subtle but the top is normal AND they're not sold clipped together. The sender (of this photo) did not find any matching top anywhere near-by. The pants behind it are part of one of the aforementioned sets.
This has a draw string and wide-elastic waist. The Sonic content is the logo printed vertically and fairly small on one of the legs. Both items seem to be by the HIS brand, as seen with the round ring paper tag up there. If a matching top is discovered it will be added to this page.
Lycra Kohls Kids Classic sport shirt
Another item so far seen only at Kohls, it's a little kids tee.
This is reported to be made of 'unusual smooth fabric', and when that happens it usually means it is made of lycra for some reason. (Lycra is like 'biker shorts/cycle shorts' type material) The way the sleeves/topper part and bottom are stitched (it's wider than normal) also suggest this. The body for the shirt is blue, and it has a mottled gray collar & sleeve/shoulder top area. It uses a neoclassic Sonic art in a black ring with green stars & 1 large circle/star. The angle of the photo/tee combined with the art make his head look way too big some how? It ends up a little strange looking. The classic logo is large in black and white at the top. This is a summer 2021 item
Kohls Face Line Art Tee
Interesting and fairly stylish...
Kohls scores again in the kids teens /boys area with a new tee for Fall 2021. This is a light blue tee with a simple forward-facing modern Sonic face on there...but what helps make it nicer/unique is that it has an all-over print. The whole shirt is scattered with middle-blue line art Sonics, in all sorts of poses. The blues are similar, so the design doesn't get too busy.
The face and full color modern logo are bright, solidly colored and nice looking. (That black line there is the size sticker) This has the GOSega promotional branding on the paper ring tag. This is likely a HIS company item. This is reported to run a bit small, so if you are a teen/or up, you'll need the large or XL to get it to fit.
Let's Roll Summer Sonic Tee
Looking like the early 90s...
Here's another Target Tee. This one is "Lets Roll" the summer Sonic tee. It has jumping peace-sign modern Sonic in front of a pink/block-print style palm trees/stripe sunset background. His name and the slogan are spelled out in hot green. Sonic himself is not true color, the tee uses light blue & dark blue respectivly for his lighter (face, belly dot, ears) and darker (shoes, nose, etc) areas.
To further the 90s push, it also uses that annoying 'faux wear' or weathering to the design to make it look partially worn out, especially at the top. This should be about 9.99 or so in the kids/teens area. It is a summer/fall 2021 item.
Here is an Old Navy exlusive tee for 2021/summer season.
It's black with modern art for Sonic and Tails. It uses a newer art of Sonic where he's sort of faced away while walking and pointing and looking to the side. It's kind of SA1 reminiscent, but not overly odd. The Tails art has him holding one of his tails. The tee has "Sonic" spelled out in big blocky blue letters at the top.
Due to the size of the character art and word, the shirt comes across as colorful with the big design.
It's a nice tee, if you didn't have something similar already. It should be between 11 and 13.99 or so, depending on sales in the store
Circle Portraits White 2021 Tee
A fun tee for the end of 2021, this one is all white with a circle portraits theme.
It has modern running Sonic on a checkered background (small background) but he is overlayed with large circles. There's Tails flying in a yellow circle, Shadow looking in a red circle and Knuckles fist/out in a yellow circle. The modern logo is in full color at the bottom.
The other characters plus larger/dynamic pose for Sonic keeps the shirt colorful and gives it a bit of an action feel. There's nothing currently out that looks too much like it, so it's a good pick, especially if you want more Shadow or Knuckles on items. This is likely an Amazon's one of the tees where the logo is in the collar stamp area, but there's no real 'maker' tag on there.
Foil Logo Bar Portraits Tee This one is literally called the "Foil Logo Sonic Tee", so it's easy to see what the logo is really made of/it's not just a graphic effect. This is a pretty classy type of tee, with navy blue color and horizontal bar shapes each with a character in them. The foil logo in the center would be quite shiny in person. (And also require you to hand-wash this one to preserve it...) There's jumping twist Sonic, action Knuckles, pointing Shadow and Flying Tails for each of the horizontal rectangles. The way they're cut suggests comic panel styling/looks action. This is a teens/kids tee on Amazon in late fall 2021
Old Navy 9 Colors Faces Sonic Tee Old Navy adds another tee at the end of 2021.
This one is a slightly mottled dark gray, but features some quite hot colors. In a grid of 9 brightly colored background squares are 9 of the exact same forward-facing Sonic classic face. Each face is done in a different/contrasting hot color for the background.
There doesn't reallys seem to be much of a pattern to it, and the colors are bright but they also kind of clash? The faces have 'screen tone' (comic book type) fill that makes them slightly busy as well. There have been shirts with similar styles/themes in the past. This should be about 15 dollars if it is not on sale in winter 2021.
Journeys Store Greenish Sonic Tee
This tee is exclusive to the Journeys store.
Journeys is a shop found in malls, that usually sells shoes, accessories, backpacks and clothing. Every so often it will get a Sonic item, or carry one of the Sonic backpacks (that are sometimes also on Amazon), but it may also get an exclusive tee or two every now and then. That seems to be the case with this somewhat-mint-green shirt.
Sonic on green things is uncommon (for whatever reason) but they've managed it with this short sleeve adult sizes tee. It has neo classic leaping Sonic in full color, with his name spelled vertically in yellow up one side. It's a simple but fun design, if you didn't have anything similar. It should be about 19.99 because it is an adult size item.
Flippy Sequins Sonic Face Target Tee More flippy sequins!
In late 2021, Target adds a flippy sequin classic style Sonic face tee. Sequins sewn to items that flip from one color to another when rubbed one way or the other somehow became a fad, and now Sonic gets in on the fad for the second time. This black tee features a sequined Sonic face that is either light blue or dark blue, depending on which way the sequins are flipped. It's on a black/white checker background and has his name at the bottom. A fun 'flip me' sticker announces the tee's gimmick. This is in the boys/teens area so a large may fit
more than just kids...which is good, because this is a pretty fun thing---though you ought to only hand-wash it to avoid sequin damage.
Scatter Character logos Blue Tee
This is called the "All-over Logos Sonic Tee".
It pretty much lives up to the name, with light blue fabric that has an all-over scattered print. This makes the shirt somewhat busy. It has running Sonic, standing Sonic, flying Tails, standing/peace sign Tails, and fist up Knuckles as well as 3-point Knuckles. They're scattered among their on SA1 style name logos and a random font that also spells their name.
While it is busy, there's really nothing before it that looks like this so it's rather unique if you are a tee collector. This was found on Amazon, and it has the logo-stamp-only in the collar area instead of the paper tag/company that made it. This is a winter 2021 item.