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Sonic clothes are both great, and abundant.
However, they have mostly been the domain of retail chains like Sears and JC Penny. Giant retail doesn't really do online ordering of super specific things (read Sonic / character shirts) very well. However, more selections now appear if you can't get to a mall (to avoid shipping costs) or your local store just doesn't have the selection you want, you can now use the SonicGear Store!
When clicking the links, the retailers should all present you with sizes to choose from. All shirts seen here are also available to be viewed on the regular pages of Sonic clothing. See more clothes at Sonic Clothing Store Page 2
The shirt at left is sometimes called 'vintage hog' shirt. It's all Sonic blue with classic stock art 1-finger waving Sonic on it. The design is nice and large, with a bold classic logo at the bottom. There's no faux-wear to the design here, so you get a good, clean classic look. Good for if you don't already have something similar.
The shirt at right is the "Classic Game On!" Sonic tee. It's turquoise blue with neo-classic jumping Sonic stock art. It says "Game On!" in large print with a few rays for the background. This is a boys/teens shirt. But which company makes it?
The shirt at left is generally referred to as "Sly Kanji" shirt though it does not actually use kanji (the letters at the bottom spell out 'Sonic' but they're in hiragana instead) This shirt goes all the way up to XXL (not all of them do) so chances of it fitting anyone are pretty high. Pressing the link should make size options appear on the page that comes out.

The shirt at right may also be found at Kohls, but if you can't find it there, you can always get it here. It's listed as 'mens' so do watch the size as it can get big fast. It is quite grunge-style with Sonic colored all outside the 'lines' and a rough gray roller-paint like background. Be sure to view the close up provided to see the exact texture.

This shirt to the right is another grunge style. It also employs 'fake wear' effects on the design. The art is a Sonic Adventure 1 era stock piece with him on a skateboard, and the red dusty background added in.

The left shirt is the somewhat sought-after fitted tee that is usually from Spencers Gifts. Can't find a Spencers? Grab this one. It's listed as a 'fitted/juniors' tee (meaning it's considered to be for girls, which is unusual for whatever reason) but with the dynamic pose, all light blue scheme and huge art it still makes for a unique piece. By all means if you want this shirt BUY IT NOW it's only like 8.50 via the link (1/3 usual price!) this is ALWAYS selling out so get it while you can! (before it turns into that orange box)

Another somewhat elusive girls tee.
This is again listed in the Juniors, and features more fake wear texture to the designs. "Boys Play Games" is the slogan, with the classic standing Sonic stock art. It is still among some of the first items the USA made specifically for female Sonic fans.

The 2nd tee at right is somewhat 'fitted', however, it is likely that anyone could wear it. The design closely resembles the Target Exclusive classic style Sonic shirt, as well as one sold at Hot Topic. Can't find or fit into either of those? Give this yellow one a try.

"Speed Freak Tee" (right)
Seen around on ebay, usually opening bids at 20, here you can get this adult sized tee for about 16.00. It comes in all adult sizes from small to XL, so it should fit anyone without a problem. It has a black checkered flag background and the old slogan "Welcome to the Next Level" in script at the bottom. It is always dark gray, and decent for anyone who still needs classic-look items.

At left is an interesting tee that uses pen style 'scribble' with hot green & gray/black to draw Sonic line art. There are a few large checkers. This should be found at Sears in 2012, for about it's best to go there first for this unusual looking shirt. This shirt is in the SonicGear collection.

At left is the checkered grunge background shirt which was reportedly at some Kohls stores. If you can't find it here, this button should have the lowest price. The background is all gray checkering, with the 'fake wear' that seems popular now, but uses SA1 style Sonic stock art.
At right is the "Built For Speed" Sonic shirt seen on USA Recent Clothing. It has Sonic done partially in hot green grid-lines with a technical looking background. This is one of the more creativly styled modern shirts. It may list as 'youth' but is more likely 'teen', so be sure to look at the sizes.
At left is the 9 Sonic Faces shirt. This has 9 squares each with a different classic Sonic face inside. The shirt is yellowish and the material should be thin/vintage styled cloth. This may be seen at Hot Topic stores, but if you can't find it there, this button should work.
Wacky internet humor rules this shirt which says 'This is how I roll', with classic spinning Sonic stock art. This shirt is made by FifthSun, a relative newcomer to the shirt scene in 2010
At left is the 9 character portrait shirt. Usually this is only found in FYE stores (in malls) so if there isn't one near you, this is a great way to pick it up. It's even got Jet the Hawk, which is interesting to see. At FYE it is usually 19.99, so the price here may beat them by a dollar or two.
At right is the "Red Jump Modernist Line" Sonic tee. Sometimes it comes up labeled as 'skate' , but it's really just a nice stock of him jumping. The red 'beams' or lines/bars in the background as an all-over design help this one stand out. They're modernist but have a dusty/grunge type texture to them.
Don't have an actual classic Sonic shirt but want one? The shirt to the left should do the job. It has classic style stock 'foreward facing' Sonic as its only large graphic. He has that 'fake wear' to the design, as it's meant to try and look like an older tee. Decent enough if you didn't already have something similar. Wide range of different adult sizes though.
EITHER SHIRT in this row likes to break its photo, if it's just showing a logo, pressing either one should show the actual page with the shirt. At right is a "Juniors Fuschia" classic (he's just standing there) Sonic tee. The unique thing about it being that its pretty much all bright pinkish-red.
The shirt at left is sometimes called "Classic Kanji" though, like 'sly kanji' above, it doesn't actually use any kanji character. It just has "Sonic" written on it in Japanese, with similar 'rays' design, though this time with classic running Sonic, and a pale blue shirt.
The shirt at right can be called "Sonic Posse", however, all it has on it are Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow on a gray background. It's nice to see the 3 of them starring together on a shirt. The tee keeps it simple, with no background, just a large modern logo.
The blue "Sonic Big Face" tee. This thing can be found in loads of places (TRU, HotTopic, JC Penny, Sears) so you won't have a hard time. It's being shown here in mens' sizes (usually found in 'teen' size in the aforementioned stores. It's just classic Sonic foreward-facing stock head on a blue background.
The right shirt here is another that uses Japanese writing, but this time with a cleaner look for the classic art. It's rather unique with Sonic's face as a blue line, over checkered border. The bottom text reads "Sonic" and also "Sonic the Hedgehog". The idea for the design may not be new, but the shirt still looks fresh.
To go along with the 'big face' shirt above, here's a lighter blue shirt with a similar big, classic Sonic face. This time its the less common 'laughin' Sonic'. It can be cute if you don't already have something similar. This is also available (sometimes) in Hot Topic stores, and it IS adult size-available. Button at left may or may not beat the HT price, depending on the day, it seems...
This tee at right is called "Sonic Splash-Out" and it has modern Sonic with paint spatter/splash effect stenciled all around to make him stand out on the black tee. This gives it a bit of a unique graffiti feel, while the yellow logo ties it together.
This is the "9 Sonic Faces" shirt. It's all blue, and has 9 different 'poses' for Sonic...he's not really having that many really different expressions. All are modern and somewhat Sonic X styled. It's similar to the 9 characters shirt above. This was a Wal Mart item, so it remains inexpensive here!
Super bright tee! This is a rather loud shirt. It's all bright orange, with modern Sonic, and then you have strange blue & white stripes for the background. There is a similar shirt, which is green. Wear this if you want to get noticed...available in teen sizes. May have been at Sears.
At right is a selection of "3 Hedgehogs" tees. You can choose from orange or white! Each has Sonic, Silver & Shadow in great modern poses. The white version of this shirt is in the SonicGear Personal collection.
At left is the "Jumping Rays" gray tee. It has a nice big graphic of modern Sonic, jumping over some screen tone style lines or rays. The shirt is mottled gray, & likely teens sizes. Likely to be a BioWorld item. It's not overly busy, if you don't have something similar already.
To the left is the Bio World royal blue Sonic tee. (They had an aqua version, as well) If you missed this at JC Penny stores in the USA, this is a good chance at it. It is in teens boys sizes, so it's likely to fit most people.
To the right is a white ladies fitted tee. It says "Hedgehogs Need Love Too" with 'faux wear' classic Sonic stock art as the shirt attempts to look vintage.
To the left is the bright red classic style "Sonic in a gold ring" tee. This was originally a JC Penny item. It's available in boys teens sizes. It's a tad plain, but the art is nicely shaded. A good one to pick up if you don't already have something like this.
To the right is the "Catch Me If You Can" bright yellow modern Sonic tee. This was originally a Wal-Mart item, but if your WM has sold out, this is a second chance to pick it up. The store had it for 7.99, but the markup to 11 isn't super terrible...though watch the link-box for different prices.
To the left is the "All About Speed" white tee. It has SA1 style circular Sonic among the words "All About Speed Blue Blur 1991". It has faux wear, and some paint spatter effects.
To the right is a BioWorld men's tee. (fits everyone!) Pale blue, and using the modern rectangle portrait (also seen in pins & keychains, its a popular art) it is called 'distressed design' which means it has the fake 'wear' effect to the design, making it pale and crackled.
At left is the "Hover Ray" Sonic tee. It's a mid-gray color, with white sprayed 'rays' for the background. It uses the modern 2011 jumping Sonic stock art. The red letters spell out "Sonic" in hiragana.
To the right is a rather plain tee, but it's unusual because it's fitted. Fitted things are usually considered girls-wear. It's just a plain gray tee, with SA1 style arms-crossed Sonic & the modern logo. But why did they use 'distressed look' for printing this tee? 'Modern' doesn't make sense with the 'old' look.
To the left is another Japan theme tee in grayish white. It has all blue-tone art, with classic running Sonic. The background is just a blue fade with blue arch. The Japanese text at the bottom says "Sonic Sonic The Hedgehog. There are several similar tees to choose from.
At right is the 4 panels gray tee. It has small panels with Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow & Silver faces in them, cropped to be like a thumbnail. This gives it a modern look, especially with the large logo used at the top. It's Sonic, but with more subtilty than just some giant picture of him.
This all white somewhat-fitted tee says "I heart boys that move fast" which is yet another double meaning slogan type thing. It uses classic stock Sonic, and attempts to make the shirt look old through distressing/fading of the design.
Popular tee! The tshirt at right is the "Sonic & Chao Sketch" shirt. It's all white, with a pencil-sketch styled design. It was breifly available at Sears, but sold out quickly. If you love Chaos, this is a great shirt to collect.
At left is the "Vintage Head" Sonic classic style men's tee shirt. It's a mottled navy/blue shirt with a 'grunge style' (worn) classic winking Sonic face in a ring. It's off center a little bit, to give it a cute angle. It's a good shirt if you need a large size only, or don't already have something similar.
Cute shirt! This orange-ish peach-ish tee has classic style Sonic & Tails and says "Every Sonic Needs a Wing Man" which has a double meaning (side kick AND pilot!) which is quite appropriate for Tails here. The classic logo sits at the bottom. Tails art is neo-classic (a re-do on a Japanese original, so it's on-model and cute)
Still more checkers...this time in black. This is believed to be a JC Penny offering, with the price here being equal to that at Penny's. If you can't find it there, and still need a modern checkered shirt, this one's decently priced.
A great tee for Sonic & Knuckles fans! This has just S & K (modern) with curved lines background & modern logo. Shirt was a Hot Topic item at some point in 2010, so if you missed it, here's another chance.
This is a rather plain shirt. All black, with classic Sonic in a ring, with red background and the logo. This is 1 finger holding up Sonic. Loads of shirts look like this, with little variation. Fine, if you don't already own several like it. It is a men's size so it should fit anyone.
This shirt has some cool graphic design! It's the "Sonic Masters of Spin" shirt. With different portraits in colums of color, it's unusual and will stand out in your collection. It claims "Mens Sizes" (that's why its 17.00) so it should fit almost anyone. NOTE: colors are brighter than what's shown here. This is def. a cool tee to have.
This shirt is sometimes called "Sonic Sprint" it has newer art of running modern Sonic, with a silvertone ink 'ring like' background. The shirt itself is brown. It was available at Sears stores, but if you missed it there, you can grab it here. It will be in boys/teens sizes.
Not had enough of checkers yet? Well here comes another, this time with jumping modern Sonic on a black shirt. The checkers here are royal blue, possibly with some 'paint grunge' effect going on. It's a good price shirt at only about 11.00, if you didn't already own something similar.
Here's a 'thumbs up' modern Sonic tee with black 'paint like' stripes in the background. The stripes are wide and the shirt is dark blue. This is either a variant of or quite similar to another shirt which is red. Beware the high price of this one, 50 discounted to 19? Something's fishy. The button here will update when/if they lower the price. The red one was found at Sears so....
This is called a "ringer tee" because of the colored collar. It has a front & back print for classic Sonic (slightly unusual for such a big design on the back...but that's cool) It's 20.00 because it is an adult size item/doesn't come small at all.
This shirt has a bit of a mix up going on. It's got Sonic & Tails on a blue tee, which looks nice and modern. However it also has 1992 with some stars in an older font at the bottom.
Here is the Sonic Tails Shadow Group Action Men's shirt. Watch out for this button, it could guide you to an XXL one which is too big. Other sizes should be selectable once you press it. A great trio of characters on a good black shirt. Since it's an unusual combination, it's good to add to a shirt collection.
This classic style shirt says "Game On!" with Sonic and a large ring. Everything's got 'the faded look' without being too grunge. This tee is inexpensive, and was available at Target stores.
This shirt has LOTS of really bad 'faux wear' or weathering for the design. It has neo-classic Sonic large, over several of his name in a block font. It's charcoal/mottled gray, and in men's sizes. If you don't mind the xtreme worn look...the neoclassic art freshens it up just a bit.
Out of Control! This blue tee has modern Sonic jumping infront of a twist/starburst type design with the slogan "Out Of Control!" and the modern logo. It's in kids' sizes, but the slogan on there keeps it fresh.
"This is What Awesome Looks Like" says the very accurate shirt! Classic Sonic is a good large design, with this very appropriate slogan for him. A shirt that compliments Sonic is always something nice to have.
Prefer modern Sonic but still want something "awesome"? Try this tee! It's got just about the same theme as the classic styled one above, but uses SA1 type modern Sonic instead. Interesting to see that they did both versions of him with this slogan.
This is the "Ring Leader" Sonic tee by Fifth Sun products. It has a quite nicely rendered big gold ring, with modern Sonic in the middle of it. Fifth Sun has made some Sonic products before, with decent success, so this nice design isn't a surprise for them. Likely to be youth sizes.
Here is "Original Player" Sonic shirt. If you're tired of messing with prices on ebay for this somewhat unusual shirt, just use this button. It's got classic Sonic, the slogan and the background is likely supposed to look like old style playing card backs. (bicycle brand?) It has faux-wear to the ink.
At right is the cool modern "Sonic Prism Glow" shirt. With jumping Sonic leaving a rainbow hued trail behind him, & vertical name on the other side, this shirt is colorful & unusual among the various designs. Def. not your run of the mill tee.
This is the "Sonic Team Players" shirt, with Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow & Tails all on a white tee. Having everyone together with nice new poses makes the shirt colorful & fresh. Is this a Top Heavy Tee? (it doesn't say)
A great shirt for Blaze the Cat fans! She & Sonic have full body poses here, while Knuckles & Shadow portraits appear. The colors are little dots for the background. This is a great tee, and it is in the SonicGear personal collection. Can also be found at Sears, so time to shop if you like Blaze!
Like stripes but have too much blue? Here's the red shirt that's a companion/alt of the blue paint stripe one seen above on this page. This is also available at Sears for a similar price if you can get it on sale there.
At right is another "This is How I Roll" tee, but this time for boys/teens, and it has a Green Hill background, complete with palm trees & classic Sonic. It's another cute 'spin' on the meme/phrase.