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Vintage Clothing of the USA
America has been producing Sonic the Hedgehog clothing almost as long as Sonic's games have been available. The shirts appear to be plentiful, and there are a wide array of items. However, they were not easy to find, and they tended to sell out. You should be able to find these on Ebay, but not very frequently.
360 Colorful old Sonic T shirt 360 Degree and Sonic Shirt
What is 360 Degrees? Yes, it describes the motion of the special stage he's in...but why write it on the Shirt?
Babbages exclusive artsy Sonic speed Shirt graphic
This rather artistically designed shirt was only available at Babbages. Not sure why, or what it was for, but the design is quite nice and unique. Placed on the front of the shirt, the rest is a pale textured gray. Likely to be a T-Shirt.
Big Face Sonic Long Sleeve with cuffs
A long sleeve with a nice large Sonic-Head design. It even has a cool double-layer look. This is definately one of the classier and well done classic Sonic shirts.
Button Down Laughing Sonic Shirt
A Button-Down shirt with Laughing Sonic. Not sure what the original color was supposed to be due to the photo quality. Available in a small size.
Many Stock-Arts Sonic Black Shirt
Black long-sleeve with the 'great' foreward facing Sonic. Why do they insist upon focusing on one of his least-attractive angles of the age? Has an ok range of stock-art, and was avialable in normal sizes. This may have also been available as a sweatshirt.
Fire It Up Flames Classic Sonic Shirt
Busy Complicated Boxer Shorts No less than 2 pairs of very busy boxer shorts! The pattern is so complex it's hard to tell what is going on. It is a variety of classic poses with a checker & black background, along with a stripe.
Sonic Keebler Elf Winning Shirt Keebler must have had a Sonic or Sega related promotion. What was it? If you know, write in. Obviously...this shirt was some kind of "Instant Win" prize. The quality goes along the lines of that "Moo Town Snacks" shirt in the "My Clothing" section.
Very nice quality "Fire it Up" shirt with well-done and bright art. This looks like it could be a promotional item for something...
Sonic Ring Logo Quality Tee
Primary Colors Knitted Button Tacky Sweater for Kids Ahh. A sweater. It's these previous-century quaint items that make this section such a gem, no matter how utterly un-wearable they may be. Rare (with good reason) the primary colors scream out "nerd" far more loudly then Sonic can broadcast his yarn-created coolness. This looks tiny.
Sonic in a ring logo. This one is fairly old, but the design quality is very good.
Colorful Matching Shirt & Shorts Sleep Wear
Dual Color Thick Sweat Shirt Sonic Sweat Shirt. Sweats are much more rare than T shirts. They were always more expensive. This one appears to be a good quality item. Throw caution to the wind! Wear this amazing shirt and shorts. Hopefully, these are sleep-wear. Loud design and mixed up fonts are not that relaxing though...
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Promotional Item Shirt Another Sweatshirt, although you can't tell from the photo. This one has the famous Sonic the Hedgehog 3 game art on it. This was a promotional item for the game, of course. It was supposed to be available as some sort of bonus for pre-ordering the game. It's also said that it could be won as a prize at a later date. Sonic Sega Sports Chain Link Sleep Wear Boys
Sonic & Sega Sports pajamas. This has a chain-link-fence pattern background, and features Sonic stock art re-done to make it look like he is doing various sporting activities like track, baseball, skateboarding and basket ball.
Sonic Medical Scrubs for Nurses Sonic the Hedgehog Scrubs. These are shirts for Doctors and Nurses to wear on the job. Pediatrics often encourage cute cartoon character designs to help kids. The designs show Sonic & tails with health related items such as tooth brushes and thermometers. This is very rare, because it is a trade item (used only for medical professions) for grownups, who generally do not recognize the collectibility of character items.
Boxes Design T-Shirt Sonic Detail
Gray Detail Long Shorts with Sonic
The top is a nice shirt detail from a gray short sleeve. The shorts have a pavement-like texture with 'watermarked' "Sonic" word. Credit on the photos goes to "Tede-Bear", although the photos are only fragments. (originals lost)
Hedgehog With Attitude Long Sleeve A detail of the shirt. Still can't read what it says over Robotnic and Knuckles. "Clothing that Kicks". Look at the unusual Sonic art. Looks like it was made JUST for this shirt, too. HWA Shirt Detail Clothing that Kicks
Hedgehog With Attitude shirt. An unusual long sleeve that is NOT a sweat shirt. Unconfirmed as American-only produced item. As you remember, the whole "With Attitude" thing is very very UK-area slogan.
Street Hog Skateboard Shirt Graffiti Street Hog short sleeve with more skate boarding Sonic. Note: they have dressed the stock art in...something. Is that a vest? A life jacket? The slogan is attempting to be graffiti style.
This is not all of the classic clothing. There's more on Sonic Classic Clothing Page 2!