Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies
Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies
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The thing about school have to go there! But with these great Sonic the hedgehog supplies by your side, it can be somewhat more fun? If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, back packs and trapper-keeper folders? (I keep my Sonic the Hedgehog trading card collection in my Sonic binder)
Sonic X back pack with pencil case A black back pack with triple image Sonic. It looks shiny too! This one comes with a bonus soft-cloth zip pencil case. The size seems standard, but it is unknown where it was available. This was likely sold in the fall of 2005. Notice the tag is the same as on some of the shirts. This is likely to be a Sonic Project item.
Sonic X Face back pack by SONICProject
A black and gray face backpack. This one is also "Sonic X" related and on the same line as the others. No pencil case here, though. You MAY be able to get this one at, in fall 2007 for about $50 USD. It should be in their Sonic section. Their bag selection tends to vary among the things on this page. Why is it so expensive?
Blue plaid Sonic X backpack
A plaid pack. This one has a different tag than the others, what could it mean? Is it on the same line as the SonicProject ones? Who is that water mark? Someone made it too small so you can't read it.
Sonic X Blue SONIC Project lunch box soft cooler Keep your lunch cool in a cool way, inside this zipper lunch box. This has soft sides so it can be folded up when not in use. This is another SONICProject item. Looks like logos on the sides, and the same tag near the bottom. This one does not say that it has any special features. It matches nicely with the theme of the other items, though.
Sonic & Knuckles Symbol Trapper binder Trapper Keeper Binders did several school supplies with a Sonic theme. There are at least 3 binders, some of which have matching interior cardboard folders. The one to the right is in SonicGear's collection. Sonic Trapper Keeper Binder
That's all there is to the image on the binder, although it looks cut off. There is a winking stock art on the spine, and another logo.
The S+K symbol is just so great, this is by far the coolest binder ever. (so far) The background fade and symbol are just so classy. The binder is an awesome collector's piece with a sophisticated look.
Genisis Cardstock paper binder folder Trapper did 2 (or more?) "Portfolios" but they really are just folders with the same image on both sides and 2 pockets inside. These have holes, and fit in your Trapper Keeper. They really spared no expense on the stock art, the quality is really top-notch on the coloring.

The first folder has Sonic playing his own game, with a very odd bogus controler. The second one...was made by a Tails hater! Oh no, poor Tails is shown dieing in the background. If you're gonna get a shot immortalized on a couple hunderd thousand folders, can't you pick one where a main character ISNT getting fried?

Doom of Tails Sonic 2 Folder
Death of Tails Trapper Keeper Binder
Trapper Keeper Sonic Binder
Here is the binder version of the above folder. You can see more of the level in the background, as it is wider. Even though the controller is messed up, it still has a nice classic feel to it. None of the binders are very common.
Donor Plaque
The death of Tails binder! Just like to the left, this folder also has a binder version. You can see more of the level, and the stock art is more centrally positioned. Tails is still getting killed by a fire though. To the left of the image you can see the top flap of the Trapper, with it's Sonic logo and plastic texture. It is a continuation of the image so it isn't interrupted by the flap. Scan by TheGreatSetoK.
Sonic X Game Case School Bag
Another school bag, this one with bonus Game Case, although what sort of a game might fit inside? It's too small for a DS or GBA, which you shouldn't take to school anyway for fear of theft.

These were available at TJ MAX stores in 2006 in the USA.

Be careful of these schoolbags. If you ever see one in a store, buy it right away! (and then tell Sonic Gear where you found it!) For some reason, prices on the bags are really climbing at auction. Some can even go for around $40.00.

Sonic Adventure Gel Pen Character Topper Set A set of Gel Pens with 3D Sonic the Hedgehog & friends character toppers. With this set, you get: Chao, Eggman, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Big. They all write in various unrelated colors (such as Chao is pink ink) These were available at BigLots (a bargain & closeout store) and probably somewhere else, but that was the only sighting. This is by ToyIsland. The set I obtained did not ever write very well, and so was display only. Still, it was a nice idea. These will be expensive, if you find them at Ebay Auction.
Boring Sonic Carded Pen Oh a nice boring pen. How is this pen Sonic? The only place you can see him is on the card. This says "Hedgehog with Attitude" again, (usually a UK phrase) is your nice, black, carded pen. It is vintage.
Sonic the hedgehog ruler
Sonic face ruler detail
Rulers are a normal school supply, so get your measuring done with Sonic! This black ruler has inches and centimeters...and some red words you can't really read! The white line is a Sega copyright and number. Look at the Sonic face though, he only has 2 spikes. This is strange because all other official art shows him with 3. This ruler is uncommon. It is from 1992. Was it part of a set?
Sonic pencil sharpener This little round thing is a pencil sharpener. Appropriately, it has the curled up spinning Sonic stock art on it. It was part of a set with a pencil, ruler, and 2 spiral notebooks. The notebooks had Sonic Game Gear 1 & 2 art on them. The set is from 1994. Who has photos of the rest of this set? Send 'em in!

Photo & info contributed by MAtt.

Mini Metal Lunch Box Sonic Adventure 1 This was supposedly sold online to the USA when Sonic Adventure 1 came out. It is also believed to have been for sale in Japan at this same time. The handle is blue plastic.
Bring your lunch to school with this Mini Lunch Box!
Well, if you don't eat a whole lot. This is a small size metal collectible lunch box with Sonic Adventure theme. Edge photos by Sonikku.
This is a soft plastic cylender pencil or pen case. It is laminated on the outside with shiny plastic, and zips shut. It also has a carry strap. These 4 photos show the different sides of the case, with the partial cast of Sonic X on one side and the logo on the other. Look at the zipper pull! It's a great, flat Sonic cut-out of plastic. What a nice detail to add to the case.
Photos by Zenkai Kenny.
Sally Pencil Topper Eraser Figure
Here's an interesting and quite-rare item!
A Sally thing from the USA. Usually Australia is the hotspot for "SatAm" type items, but this one is American. This is a pencil-topper/eraser. It's rather unusual for an eraser, being so detailed and fully 3D/figural. It is actually quite well sculpted too, as she has all her fingers, an out-reached arm, and details of her hair. The pencil fits into the block at her feet. You can see she fits onto this classic Sonic pencil.
Where could something like this have come from? The Luxor Hotel of all places, in Las Vegas. For kids, they had a prize machine in the 1990s, where you could win a variety of Sonic goods. This pencil & topper was among the selection. Photo discovered by calistine.
Okee Dokee Sonic Only Stickers Sonic Adventure Character Variety Stickers Stickers are a great way to decorate things with Sonic. Good on binders, notebooks and more...and also inexpensive to collect. Here are 2 sticker sheets from around the time of Sonic Adventure 1. The left set is Okee Dokee (known for stickers and tattoos) and features just about all the Sonic stock art they could get including 2 Skii Sonics (which are uncommon because he didnt ever actually skii in that game) Skateboard Sonic and DJ Sonic. The disk you can recognize from what ReSaurus used in their packaging.
The other set only has the fine-print but gives you one for all the main characters, including 2 neutral chaos. Notice that it says "Dr Robotnik" and not "Eggman" because the issue was still being messed around with at this point.
Sonic & Tails School Bag Here's a cool school bag with Sonic & Tails! It's more of a bag and not a back pack, but it'll still fit all of your things. The main bag has Sonic & Tails with the Sonic X logo, and they've even decorated the shoulder strap with a smaller copy of the same design (minus Tails) The black bag and white lines make a stylish background. You can get this bag at in spring /summer 2009 !