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Here's a page you probably didn't think you'd see!
Sonic the Hedgehog party supplies. Odd? Maybe. Fun? Sure! If you're going to have a Sonic party, you need to decorate. And it's not just birthday parties either, Valentines are included. What other special occaisions could be found?

When these items were available, they were really inexpensive, so that means many people got them. You should still be able to find much of these today on vintage areas such as Ebay. Where were they found? Stores like Party City, Toys R Us, Target, K-Mart and possibly Wal-Mart.

These items are all vintage. You can't buy them in stores now. Use Modern Party Supplies for currently buy-able things. Your best bet for buying is Ebay Auctions, which may have a link to the left of this paragraph. (clicking it should bring up relevant auctions, if there are any now)
Fold out center piece for a table Plastic flag banner of America
This is a fold-out centerpiece for your Sonic the Hedgehog theme Birthday Party. The crinkly paper makes it stand. This is Uncommon, probably because crinkly paper is easy to squish. You are more likely to find unused ones.
Sonic party invitations by CA Reed A simple centerpiece is not enough to decorate for a party. You might need plastic flag banner things to hang up. Germany also had a set of these with slightly different art.
You need people to come to your Sonic party, so use some invitations! Here's the same stock art running on an abstraction of a game level background. These are by "CA Reed". Likely to have been found at party stores only.
Glittery pink Sonic birthday card Birthday Sonic card poem
If you are the one having the birthday, it would be great to recieve a Sonic the Hedgehog birthday card. This is a large card, about 8 inches high. The background is an odd hot-pink, and although you can't tell in the photo, the cloud has iridescent glitter all over it. Naturally, the inside has one of those wacky rhymes common to B-Day Cards.
This was given to me by FoxMel, who had a message beneath and has added the word 'belated'.
Cone Sonic the Hedgehog Paper Party Hats Photo What party would be complete without some Cone Hats? These paper hats have the traditional old-style Sonic with red/yellow checker ring. There are star-bumpers on the back (behind barcode) You can't read who made the hats, though.
Sonic & Tails Cake Topper
Every birthday calls for a cake! Why not turn a plain old cake into a Sonic & Tails cake with this: here is a cake topper! It is a solid plastic decoration that you add to the top. That rim around their feet is there so you can ice over it, and make them look natural. This is a cool accent for your party cake you can use again and again!
Clear Plastic Sonic Party Favors Gift Bag
Whoever got Sonic party supplies created sure was thorough.
Here is a clear party favors plastic gift bag. It really seems they left nothing out! This clear bag has 'ready to go' Sonic stock art among star bumpers and rings. There are also festive sparkles and stars in the 'background'. The top is checkered in a colorful way to make these bags a fun item for your party guests.
Photo by Rae_Logan and Triple_R
Party Flag Banners of Sonic
Here is another strip of Sonic Party Flag Banners.
Notice that they are very similar to the invitations above. They're even by the same company "CA Reed". These may have also been sold outside the USA back in the 1990s.
Photo by Rae_Logan and Triple_R
Big Birthday Sonic Face Candle What's a birthday cake without candles? Here's a special, and large Sonic candle to go on top of the some point in the 1990s. This too is from CA Reed, (as some other items are too) and it measures about 3 by 3 inches and is made of that fake wax stuff. The wick is likely on the top, and the base is wide on purpose to help it stick on the icing. Photo discovered by Calistine
This pack of paper party / cocktail napkins (cocktail refers to the size/style) clearly belongs to the same style grouping of supplies, including the pennants and invitations. They were likely also made by the same company as well. Again, these are vintage and would likely be found in the same section of the party supply store as most of what you see above. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
Mylar Sonic X Party Balloon
Finally, after all that oldschool, here's something new!
This is a mylar (metallic) Sonic X party balloon. The balloon is shaped so that it makes a puffy outline around the "Thumbs Up" Sonic X stock art. As you can see here, it's quite well done and realistic. The background is likely a metallic lighter blue color. The 'stem' is on his right foot, which can result in the balloon not floating streight up, but at a slight angle. This balloon is BIG too! Likely to be around 38 inches high. It's printed on both sides, so you can place it anywhere to decorate. THIS is the kind of party supply you want! And if you want one for your party, you can have it by going to Ebay and doing a search for "Sonic Balloon" an ebay store has picked them up, if they aren't on auction currently.
Does the arm in the above photo look odd? It is. For some reason a fake arm has been added to the photo. Don't worry though, the balloon DOES have it's own arm. Since it's big, it should stay up for a long time. But what if it goes flat? Since it's mylar, it can be refilled at a party store, or, you can press all the helium out of it carefully once it is nearly flattened and hang it on your wall as a shiny Sonic poster. It's a party decoration that keeps on decorating!
Sonic valentines day classroom school cards box Sonic the hedgehog Valentines! These are for those mandatory valentine exchanges everyone has to endure in school. The cards come in sheets of 4, most likely and can be punched out to use. There is not yet a photo of the individual card varieties. But what can Robotnik possibly have to say about this day?

The second pack had to have been released on another year. Cleo created the pink pack.

Second pack Sonic Valentines cards box
Actual valentines scans courtesy of:
Sonic large size valentines cards
Sonic & Tails valentine small student cards
Here are the valentines from inside the checkered pack. (clearly, as they are mostly checkered too) As you might expect, they're a bunch of stock arts with hearts and various pink themes thrown around. Sonic is not a particularly flowery character (and neither is Batman...but yet he's made it onto valentines as well I'm sure) Still, these are a rather quaint collectible, if you can find them.
Clearly, with only badly drawn stock Tails and AoStH Robotnik, these are early cards. What do they say?
Large Cards (right): Like your Sonic Style, Don't waste a single Sonic Second 'HVD', and Teacher hope your day's spinsational. (which has confused Robotnik for some reason)
Small Cards (left-from top left to bottom right): I like you, you're radical, Get set for fast & furious fun, Have a WAY COOL day, You're a superpal, You're so nice it's disgusting, Hello fun so long boredom, HVD.
It's interesting to note that all but 2 of the cards DONT wish anyone a happy valentines day. They just say generic phrases or vaguely nonsensical things. "Fast and furious fun" on valentines? Really? No one gets a vacation on this day so I don't really know how that works.
Jointed Sonic Party Banner
This is a jointed Sonic party banner. CA Reed Co. did this as well. Usually this type of banner is made from cardboard letters that spell out 'happy birthday'. The banner SHOULD say: "Way cool Party" and has Sally and Tails in between "Way" and "Party"
Either way, this item is uncommon and curious! It's also one of the few purple Sonic items. CA Reed chose purple frequently, which no other merchandise really leans toward, for whatever reason. Photo discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta, added info by Crystal Sonic Fan

NEEDED: a photo of the whole banner, spread out so everyone can read the phrase & see the art they used, send it in for credit, if you have a photo

Sonic Vintage Party Pack Paper Set Various items from this set can be seen separately on this page. However, this photo is unique in that it has gathered most of the items together and added in the highly uncommon plastic table cloth and rare paper cups. You can see each item has pretty much the same theme, this was likely sold as some kind of set in party stores, as well as separately. Photo discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta
15th Anniversary Booth Invitation Card This curious item almost isn't a party supply. It's more like a promotional item. It was made by Sega and given out to invite people to their vendor booth to meet a mascot suit Sonic. It's made to look like a regular invitation card you might get in the mail for a party...however it's likely it was only given to the press or official people who were already invited to the convention/game show/E3 or whatever this party was already a part of. (since it takes place in a booth) The details are the where (booth #) and what time of day to go there. Still, this is quite an unusual and interesting item to see. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
Classic Characters Mylar Round Balloon This is a classic Mylar Balloon. It was likely found at party shops in the mid 1990s. It has 'getting ready to run' Sonic as a large graphic, and then stock arts for Robotnick, Knuckles Tails & even Sally around the edge, with colored checkers. There's a 'speed streak' running with dust puffs behind all the characters. It is the only known classic mylar balloon, and it is likely to be rare. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
CA Reed Birthday Blowouts Sonic This is a pack of Birthday Blowouts or party noise makers. They are classic, and have a paper disk with the top half of running Sonic on it, along with the logo. Notice the familiar purple packaging, these are also by the company CA Reed , who made a lot of other Sonic party supplies you see here. These are copyright 1993, likely the same general time they released everything else. These are uncommon as well, being a 'disposable' item. Photo & owned by Melody
Gibson Greeting Card Nephew Birthday Sonic This oddly specific card is from Gibson Greeting Cards. It has a nicely shaded hands-on-hips Sonic on the front, with checkered background. They've added reflective sunglasses to the art...which looks slightly odd because Sonic only really has 1 eye. It says "Happy Birthday Nephew"...which likely didn't help it sell all that well because that's rather specific on who you can't give it to. The inside says "He's a hedgehog with an attitude, A sneakers
burnin' cool dude--Let Sonic put you in the mood for a zoomin' movin' birthday! Have a Supersonic Day!" In typical greeting card fashion, it sort of rhymes. The edge of the card being die-cut to shape gives it added interest. This was found at a game store in Pennsylvania in the 1990s. It is uncommon. Photo & Owned by Kenny Ryan.
Way Cool Party Letter Banner CA Reed
Another C.A. Reed item appears!
CA Reed made all of / almost all of the early / classic USA Sonic the hedgehog themed party supplies. They're recognizable by their purple label & fairly large logo. This is a 7 foot long "letter banner" where thick card letters spell out a word. The usual "happy birthday" text has been replaced with "Way Cool Party", for this banner. It has other panels with full color character art on them. First Sonic, then Sally, then Knuckles & last Tails at the end of the word 'party'. This banner is VERY uncommon, but valuble because not much merchandise in the USA had Sally on it from the Archie comic. What does the banner look like spread out? Send in a photo for credit, if you have this rare banner.
Sonic Party Thank You Cards Pack
Is this the final piece from the old 1990s USA Sonic Birthday supplies?
It could be. This is a set of Thank You cards to send out to all of the guests after the party. However many invitations were in a pack (likely 8) there will be the same amount of 'thank yous' in this one. It's quite highly likely to be from the same set because of the purple background that everything shared. Well, it's here too, with an 'outer space' looking rectangle behind getting ready to run stock Sonic. The cards say "Thank U ...And Then Some!", with the logo in color at the bottom.
What's curious is that the "you" is abbriviated to "U" for no apparent reason? Nothing else does this, there was room for the why start here?
Notice how the edge has colored random/tile squares along it. This seems to match the round 'mylar balloon' on this page, as well as maybe the pennant banner at the top? While CA Reed used mostly purple on its packaging and products. Hmmmm.
This could be the rarest/least common party item. (Being from the early 90s only getting seen in 2020)