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This page covers (vaguely) "Line 4 & 5" of the 3.75 inch line Jazwares Sonic figures. They DID NOT clearly define "Lines" of figures either by separating releases by an amount of time, or making up some kind of a list.
Despite the size, these figures are quite well articulated as well as well sculpted. All figures should retail for around $4.99 USD (a good price!)
The Toys R Us exclusive expired in late 2010. (BigBad Toy Store has them now, at a lower mark-up than all other online retail. If your TRU isn't stocking the figures, this, OR Suncoast Video Stores (in malls) may be the best place to get them, possibly also FYE stores (in malls). "Big Lots" (clearinghouse style store in USA MAY have some 3.5 line) ForbiddenPlanet UK has added the figures too! They're 5.99 pound. Alton Towers Resort shop has 3in figures for £5, Sonic / Jet Free Riders figures for £10 & 5 inch jazwares sonic for £10. Argos (online) has blindbox 3in for 4.59 pound. Argos online BB figures not reccomended, due to package damage/figure damage. info by Dio Soth, Kingboo & Fuzzball Raccoon.
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Shadow & Silver 2 Pack Comic Change Here's the Shadow & Silver (special "exclusive" shimmer paint edition) 2 pack again...but now with a different issue of the Archie Sonic comic. The set stayed on shelves/ apparently did well, so it's likely that the original run of issues they bought up for it ran out. If you find this set in fall 2012, it will come with issue 218 instead... which just has Sonic on it. It is good to see JW working to keep the comic book placement in there, and to keep these guys on shelves for people who want them. (Great for MIB collectors, you don't miss out on any fun when you don't de box these guys) Photo by: PacmanSonic138
Blaze the Cat & Sonic Comic Book 2 Pack
Blaze & Sonic Small Line Official Photo Blaze Package Back
Here's Jazwares Blaze the Cat figure! She's 3.5 small line size, & comes in a comic book 2-pack with a normal Sonic. The comic they come with is Sonic Universe #1, which had Blaze on the cover. (A good way to get this issue if you didn't collect it when it was first out!) The box-back is very plain, with just Sonic & no text. The star on the front says "Excluxive Blaze the Cat figure", but why? She's not a store exclusive. The official photo (above) shows them with clear bases (same shape as the back, just clear) which is a nice move. This should be 12.99 in Toys R Us in winter 2012. Box photos by Taaron official photo discovered by SonicHedgehog11
Blaze turn around photos Blaze the Cat Face Close Up
Blaze is a great figure! She had a lot of detail which can go wrong...but fortunately, Jazwares seems to have gotten it all right. The pointy 'fur stuff' on her glove cuffs & socks is accurate, her ponytail seems correctly sized & the high heel shoes look good while not forcing her to tip over. The 'skirt' flap things are flexible. She has all the same articulation as their other 3.5 size figures. Her expression is decent too, with the very long eyelashes, well placed eyes & a look of calm/concentration

Bottom line:
Grab this 2 pack if you want her. It's annoying that The Girls Curse won't let them single pack her / forces you to buy yet another Sonic just to get her, but if you like Blaze, she's worth it, because she's so well done. The #1 issue is also a big helper here. If you don't collect Archie you can always sell it later. She may be single carded later, or re-released in some other way, but this is a good opportunity.
Blaze loose photos by Taaron

*Beware of broken Blazes in the package. At least 1 has been reported where the arm & tail fell off as soon as the package was opened.

In winter 2012 / early 2013, Jazwares decided to release a line of 3.5 inch figures with accessories. These figures are all the same as the previous ones, but they come with an accessory & sometimes an extra stand for their item. Notice that the figures all also have the same 'spin' shaped stand, though now it has been changed to clear. The box states what's in it, and somewhat non-sensically says "As Seen on GAMES"...well...yes...but the statement seems un-necicarily generic.
Dooms Eye Accessory Shadow Shadow comes with Doom's Eye & a little stand because it could levitate in the game. Jazwares' website shows the toy, but they get the name wrong in 2014, calling it the "Chaos Eye". (Them mis-labeling it on the site is even stranger because it is correct on the box.) JW mistake discovered by discovered by CoolLuke1337 Photo discovered by ZeroTheHedgehog
Accessories photos pending area
Chaos Emerald Knuckles Accessory Figure Knuckles comes with a nice-sized green emerald. Notice that it is NOT labeled as the "master emerald", which is good, because it's not the right size to be the master. The emerald fits onto a clear post on its stand.

Additional emerald material detail pending. Photo discovered by TurboTheHedgehog

review & recomendation pending getting the figures
Iron Box Silver Accessory Figure MIB Silver comes with an "Iron Box". Isn't it a "GUN" box, though? And isn't this box type much larger in the game, even to the point where you had to climb up them? And why a box? You can probably sit the figure down on it like a chair but...a small version of a container from the game seems an odd choice. Photo discovered by TurboTheHedgehog
Piko Hammer Accessory Amy Figure
This one is great news for Amy fans! It is a single-card Amy (finally) AND she comes with her Piko Piko hammer, an essential accessory. Photo discovered by ZeroTheHedgehog
PDA Tails Accessory Figure Tails comes with his computer (box lists it as PDA) that looks like it could be from Sonic Colors. Photo discovered by TurboTheHedgehog
Sonic & Rings Accessory Figure
Sonic comes with 2 correctly sized gold rings. They're electroplate goldtone chrome, so they're genuinely shiny, as they should be. Photo discovered by TurboTheHedgehog
Super Hedgehog Joint Close-ups Jazwares developed an improved way of making joints for the figures & then used it on the Super Hedgehogs 3-Pack first. At left, you can see a close up Old vs New Super Hedgehog Joint Style
Late 2012 Improved Joints Super Pack of super Silver, with new on the left & old to the right. Look how much less knobby the joints look & how much smoother they are. They're supposed to be sturdier too...which was a huge issue with this set. For some reason the new Shadow is taller, while new Silver seems shorter. These joints are a good upgrade. If you don't already have this set, be on the look-out and
be sure to pick up THIS version by inspecting the joints in the store. Photos by TiggerCustoms.
Wrong Colors Background Card Shadow Something's amiss with this Shadow figure! He's on the wrong card. The background, you can easily tell is actually Sonic Colors--a game he wasn't even in. It's not a common mistake, but be sure to look over the figure & card before buying so you can avoid it. It doesn't make the figure more valuble, it's just a sort of neutral mistake--ok to collect if you find it interesting. Photo by TurboTheHedgehog Sonic Blaze 2 Pack Issue 218
Here goes yet another Blaze pack, this time with issue 218 of the comic instead of Universe (where she actually appeared) this appears in 2013 & proves they're having to include just any issue at random. Photo & owned by Dustin Lee Autry.
2 comic pack mix ups wrong issue
Here are 2 more comic pack mix ups. The first has Blaze & Sonic with a "Genesis" issue, which was the 'retro' one from Archie and had nothing to do with Blaze. The other is classic Sonic & Amy, but with an issue of Sonic Universe that has a giant Shadow head on it...creating a great big mis-match of classic & modern.
These mix ups are likely caused by Jazwares running out of copies of the proper issue, & just substituting it with anything. They're not more valuble, if anything they'd be less because these packs are best when MIB & that error comic doesn't help it. Both discovered by SonicHedgehog11