Sonic Underwear Title Card
It goes under your clothes and comes in several different styles. Everyone wears it, but no one much thinks of it. It's usually pretty boring. It's clothing no one usually sees. But that doesn't mean that you can't have fun collecting Sonic themed underwear! Boxers & briefs are here, plus styles in between. Most underwear here is modern, & most comes in a decent range of sizes that are likely to fit you. Any prices & locations/times to buy are noted with the entry where available.
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Green checkered classic Sonic boxer shorts Here's a nice pair of underwear. They appear to be either boxers or some kind of combination underwear. The checkered background fades from one color to another, without getting too loud or busy. Classic 'getting ready to run' Sonic looks good as a large design in the middle, and the classic logo is nice and large off to one side. The band is also covered in logos, while being elastic and hot green. These are made in adult sizes, and can be found in River Island stores for 9.99 pound. Photographed & owned by
Top Shop Cheeky Girls Panty Sonic Underwear Finally, after all of the male underwear, here is a pair that's meant for girls. It has classic Sonic, but changes the logo font somewhat, and adds a pink border to it. The style is called 'cheeky'. This is available from , AND it looks like they'll ship anywhere! Great news because they're only 8.00 each. Discovered by:
Mint on card 2 pair Sonic Trunks
Here are 2 pair of Sonic X themed trunks from NEXT. One has various Sonic X stock art scattered over it as a pattern, the other has a larger graphic with abstract blue/white background. What do these look like out of the package? The dot on the paper says "New Improved Fit" Photographed & owned by Kari
Topman Busy JP Word Sonic Boxers This is the 2nd pair of busy boxers from Topman. This pair has an embroidered logo on the thick elastic waist band, what looks like 2 more bands for the legs and a classic styled design. Various Sonic stock arts are scattered around, usually seen above his name written in Japanese. The background has red blue and gray stars, plus repeated gray Sonic faces thrown in for good measure. Certainly, no one can wear white pants with these. Owned & photographed by BuzzTheBatgirl
STK Race Classic Style Underwear This underwear has a fun theme of 'racing'. They've arranged the classic stock arts for Tails, Knuckles & Sonic to make it look like they're in a race. Cartoony letters say "Ready Set Go!" on the other side. It has a very basic green ground/blue sky 'background' for the scene. It's a fun & different design to collect.
These can be found at Primark in 2012, and are only about 5 pounds. (Less than other pairs) These are found in mens' sizes so everyone should be able to fit into them. Photo by Shadouge
Orange 3 poses underwear This underwear has the esame cut/style as the pair above. It may also be a Primark item. It's mostly orange, with some yellow 'rays' designs. It has classic style Sonic in spin, running with doodle-legs & regular running poses. The borders & stitching are plain blue. Photo discovered by the tumblex