Britain Sonic the Hedgehog Household Title Card
Time to redecorate? Take a look at these Sonic the Hedgehog theme household goods. You wouldn't think that "Sonic + Housewares" is a logical combination, but here are the items the UK has contributed to this catagory. These are all fairly old, and not available in stores any more. Your best bet is Ebay.
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Special Stage Coffee Mug UK An old coffee mug with Sonic in the "Special Stage". This is for that 'special stage' of the morning when you need lots of coffee?

The mug's simple design makes a colorful geometric pattern from elements in the game. You can see part of a logo on one side. This was likely included in some type of Easter Basket / Egg gift set.

You Need Sonic 3 Poster Here is a nice big poster to decorate your wall!
It is likely this was a retail store display of some kind, commanding you to buy Sonic 3. Of course, the Sonic is styled in the same way as the famous "Uncle Sam" poster with pointing finger of long ago, and similar slogan. You can see a Robotnik-ified Eggman in the background, along with some Badniks, an explosion and Knuckles with Tails. The "Sonic" word is really quite flashy though, with shiny highlighted detail. This poster is BIG about the width of your door, and a bit under half as high.
Photo courtesy of Rhia
Lamp Shade Pose A medium-sized lamp shade. These are pretty rare, and are mostly sold solo. Seen below, the base is rather plain, just a blue ceramic ball. Lamp Shade Name
Top view of Sonic lamp shade design
Seen from the top, it is revealed Sonic has 2 different hand and foot poses on the lamp, with the logo toward the 'back' Top photo discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta There is a ceiling light that is identical in design to this one, but much larger so that it can go on your ceiling instead. Fact by
Sonic the Hedgehog Lamp Shade
The Sonic trash can matches this design, and is found on this page. They were likely a simultaneous release.
Sonic Checker Print Curtains Drapes Curtains or drapes for your room. It is hard to tell if this is actually a 'curtain' or if it is just fabric that happens to have a Sonic print. Sonic lamp with ceramic blue base This is the lamp's original base, just a blue ceramic sphere with flat bottom. There's nothing 'Sonic' about it, but it is interesting to see the whole thing! Photographed & owned by Rachel
Duvet Set Pillow Case Photo A Pillow case from a Sheets-set. In the UK, these can be called "Duvet Sets". With the black and red accents, this is a somewhat understated set for your room.
Sonic Twin Bed Set Together on Bed
Here's the matching bed-spread to the above pillow case. Each has a checkered border, with the spread having it up only 1 side, for an interesting look. It features a classic looking Sonic jumping through either 'outer space' or the sky at night, complete with a large star at the top. If you look carefully, you'll see that the sky is also a gradient from blue to black for added interest.
This great Sonic the hedgehog blanket won't overwhealm your room with detail or 'busyness' of design. Photo by -KRM-.
Sonic Space UK Bed Spread Blanket At right is a photo of what the 1993 twin bed set looks like when its all together. It had 1 fitted sheet, 1 sheet, 1 pillowcase & bedspread / duvet blanket. The blanket has the "Hedgehog with attitude" slogan. The sheets/pillowcase all have the same pattern of every stock art they could find at the time, scattered around at different angles. There's even 'football catchin' Sonic' & 3/4 back Sonic who you almost never see. Right side photo & owned by:
Sega Ages Games Promo Poster Here's a poster that advertised Sega Genisis/Megadrive games of the time, along with Sonic himself. This may or may not be a store promotional item. Sonic is posed somewhat wierdly, pointing at the viewer and raising one hand. The slogan that is used usually only in the UK "To be this good takes AGES to be this good takes SEGA" which is a play on spelling it backward, is at the bottom.
Sonic Adventure Mini Posters
Super Sonic Fleetway Poster STC Tails Dream Monster Poster STC Poster Mag Badniks
Sonic The Comic (Fleetway) often gave away posters or included them with the comic.
The first one is SuperSonic, but keep in mind that in their continuity, he was evil because Chaos Emeralds were originally scripted as evil. So naturally collecting them all would turn you evil too. Who knows what they did when ST finally hashed out the real story.
The next is a "Star Pin-up" featuring Tails. He is having a dream, but you can tell what the artist REALLY wanted to draw: the monster lizard. It is far more detailed and shaded than anything in the Sonic world, and so seems out of place.
The last is "Poster Mag #3" which features Sonic kicking through some familiar badniks like Caterkiller, Batbrain and Aquis. The last is a set of 3 mini posters based on Sonic Adventure 1 stock arts. Poster photos all by Rhia.
Decorate your walls with even more great posters!
The top three here came out with their respective games. Each one is fairly large. The first Sonic 1 image is shared by a calander. It's a real classic look, with stock art Sonic on checkered ground.
Riders uses the familiar "Try to Keep Up!" slogan along with the catchphrase "Who needs wheels when you've got air?" and then shows screens from the game at the bottom.
The Rivals poster is really nice, not like a 'promo style' like the Riders one. It's just a nice big art of Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles. The little bit at the bottom says "Sonic Team"
The last photo is a collection of yet more posters that came with STC. (they really gave away a lot of stuff!) It ranges from the usual STC style Triangle-head Sonic to interestingly shaded Knuckles and semi-rendered Tails. The swimming Sonic one says "Underwater Sonic". All photos in this grouping are by Rhia.
Sonic the Comic England Free Poster Collection
Sonic the hedgehog trash can bin Here is a Sonic the Hedgehog trash can.
This seems similar to the lamp above. It is made of metal. It has the same jumping 1-finger Sonic as the lamp, and the logo on the back with the checkered bottom. Due to such similarity in design, one must wonder if other items were produced with these two in some sort of a set. Right side photo discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta
Sonic trash can back photo
Nintendo Power Sonic Rush Blaze Tall Poster Nintendo Power would also sometimes release a Sonic poster with the magazine. This tall, fold-out poster is here to help announce Sonic Rush for the DS. It has Sonic and Blaze the Cat in some good dynamic poses, with art that's obviously official. The background is just a cut spiral with their 2 colors as the theme.
This unusually shaped poster could be a colorful addition to your room if you're a Blaze fan. Photo by Rhia.
Sonic Adventure 2 Mini Poster
A mini-poster to help celebrate Sonic Adventure 2. In this one, Sonic wears the famous 'soap shoes' and seems to be grinding...on nothing. It's just Sonic and a somewhat abstract background, but he is in a 'grind' type pose.
Photo credit: Rhia
Sonic 3 & Knuckles Poster
Here's a Sonic 3 theme poster, with not-quite-on-model Knuckles.
As you can see he has sort of jelly-bean feet, short quills, a wiggly mouth and an enormous nose. Also, his chest stripe is mis-colored as yellow. The "3" from the title of the 'you need Sonic 3' Uncle Sam style poster above appears here as a giant background over a rather barren terrain.
Remember, at this point Knuckles was still pretty much an antagonist for Sonic, so it's interesting they have him flailing around in the background. Photo by Rhia.