Sonic The Hedegehog Electronics
Sonic Electronics Sold In the UK Area
Sonic electronics: If you have to add batteries or plug it in, it's likely here. This includes figures, games, and basically anything battery powered that was sold around the UK area. This also includes electronic accessories, like special cases, styluses and ways to decorate or protect your electronic stuff. Most of these items are new, with few vintage, so everything should be marked with when & where it could be found. As usual, if it's old, your best bet is Ebay to try and collect some of these interesting older items.
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Sonic Chronicles DS Skin UK This is an official DS Lite skin with Sonic Chronicles theme. It has Shade & a Sonic closeup, with 'space' design. It has interior panels too (seen in graphic) This can be found at Poundland for an unsurprising 1 pound. A good deal! Especially considering the much higher prices for similar things, and even fake things you see around. Photo & owned by Shadouge
Game Sation 20th Anniversary Display This isn't really an 'electronic' item...but it IS of games which are sort of electronic if you count the systems to play on. This is Game Station's 20th Anniversary Sonic celebration shelf, where they put out all of the currently-sold Sonic games & had a sale on some of them. Notice the logo at the top to draw attention. The 20th Anniversary is a great excuse to put up cool Sonic oriented displays. Photo by Shadouge.
Underground Toys IPhone Cases These are Iphone cases by Underground Toys. (unrelated to 'underground') You can select Sonic with ring of stars, jumping Sonic, pointing Tails or cheering Amy. The designs & cases are all bright colorful & modern. The logo is small at the bottom. They look nice but.....they're all 29.99 each! What a terrible price for just a case!
they don't come with any bonus items, and they're not even made of special material, so they're good to look at but bad to buy. These will no doubt end up being rare because the price isn't justified at all. Want these elsewhere in the world? You can order from , because they will be stocking them too. Discovered by Taaron
Meccano Casino Street Sonic Race Set Meccano Green Hill Buildable Playset These are some type of build-able playset by the Meccano company. These may be the first things Meccano has done with Sonic. They are known for their kid friendly build-able items.
In the box you get many pieces, a screwdriver & screws so you have to put it together before you can use the little car on the track you make. The Casino street set has 100 pieces, while the Green Hill has 35. Each one comes with the Sonic torso bit you see pictured, and his car the Speed Star. With the out of box picture you can see how it's meant to jump through the ring at the end of the track. Casino street has several ways you can build it. Can you hook the 2 together? How much will these cost? More info & review pending someone finding these in stores. Photos discovered by SonicBoy19
Blue Padded Band Sonic Earphones Here is a pair of Sonic themed earphones/headphones for your music listening needs. They have a blue & white padded band, and raised/textured Sonic designs for the backs of the speaker parts. It's probably the cut-in tough rubber that's layered on to capture detail. They feature most of thumbs up modern Sonic, with the same design for both sides. They are similar to the pair from the USA that Jazwares helped release in 2012, but this set is exclusive to the UK area. You may be able to order online at Photo discovered by: SonicBoy19
Sonic themed foldable earphones 2 sets
Here are two pairs of "foldable earphones". These are designed with more comofort in mind than the above simple pair (note the big squishy pads on the inside) They probably fold with a hinge at the top for better storage. The top pair is blue/blue with a dark blue modern Sonic outline that's quite large/cut off at the edges to turn him into a bit of a design. The bottom pair is white, and features full color art for modern Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow. Each one is stylish, and the outer part gives it a sleeker/modern type look. You may be able to order online at
Discovered by SonicBoy19
Sonic & Knuckles Mini Earbuds Here are 2 pairs of little ear buds. They're made with the rubbery cut/relief plastic that holds detail well. It's cool that Knuckles has a pair all to himself. The portraits look good, but how is the sound quality? These are likely made by Bio World and COULD be having a dual release in the USA and UK. (BioWorld operates mostly in the UK) These can be found at website, for 14.95 Euro each. Discovered by Ink the Echidna
Sonic Face White Earphones
This is a classy pair of Sonic earphones! Very simple in clean blue & white, they have the "Sonic Team Style" Sonic face, but with modern Sonic instead. The band looks like the match to the set above, in sewn faux-leather. These are also likely a Bio World thing, and are 19.95 Euro. Discovered by Ink the Echidna
Meccano Sped Star Box Kit Meccano Speed Star Car Remember! USA has exactly the same kit under the name Erector Set!
This isn't exactly an electronics item, but in the interest of keeping all Meccano items on the same page, here goes the Sonic & Speed Star car kit. With simple tool (the triangle shaped screw driver) you can put together the pull back n' go car & Sonic figure, with 15 pieces. The car has decals to apply (seen above), & comes with a dark blue chaos emerald as a bonus item. The box back has labels for all the parts in several languages (that's why there appears to be a big list beside everything) The Sonic is a tad large for the car, but he works out ok. The emerald can sort of sit in the hole for the screw, though its not meant to go there exactly. You can even see an Assembly Video! When you use that link. Photo, video & owned by: JoeMD
Mini Backpack DS Game Carrier This is a mini backpack, but its actually for your DS. It's designed to look just like a regular size one, but it's really small. You can see it has only one shoulder strap (padded) It has 3 compartments (front angle zipper, front pocket, main area) all with zippers. The 2nd image has it in the packaging with Sonic's face in the corner. This is by "Impact", and sold in various game stores throughout the UK area in 2012. Info added by Fizzycat
No Smoking Knuckles Sticker This sticker isn't an electronic item, but you could FIND it on electronics...specifically MegaDrive games. This sticker is a public service announcement that was stuck onto various games (ddin't have to be Sonic). It has a slightly modified Knuckles stock art (they've moved his eye & slightly re positioned the back fist, but kept him otherwise pretty unchanged) He's shown punching a pack of cigarettes (pack says Nicotine on the front) the slogan "Smoking - who needs it?" is at the top. (not the best slogan, as "who needs it" is the unfortunate people who got addicted to this drug!) Look at the hotline number prefix, it's from the UK. This was made for a "summer tour" at some point in 1995. Discovered by ZeroTheHedgehog, info added by Fizzycat
Sonic theme cassete tape portable player MIB Here's a rare sight! That old, purple-ish cassete tape in the package! It reveals something new about it too...which is that it apprently came with a free cap hat. This is a fact that no one has yet mentioned. The player looks nice in the package, displayed with the earphones in front of the folded cap. The hat just looks like it has the regular Sonic 1 logo on the front. The packaging is a big card with that clamshell style tough plastic (snaps together at those 4 buttons in the corners) that is notoriously difficult to open. It's seen here in a Christmas photo (held by owner after unwrapping) It's cool to see an original old photo of an item like this when it was new! Photo & owned by
This is a DS case with nice, simple, modern Sonic theme. It seems to be made of faux leather, with small modern logo & standing modern Sonic. He seems to be made of a thin sheet of that rubber/die cut plastic that the 'figure shapes flat keychains' in the USA are made of. This stuff is sturdy, detailed & likely a good choice for a protective case. This was found at a GAME store in Northern Ireland. However, GAME stores likely all had distributed the same merchandise, so it's likely to have been found at any of them, not just ones located in Ireland. Photo by SonicTeam, info by:
SatAm UK DVD & Stickers
Here are 3 separate DVDs for SatAm Sonic show. Each DVD also came with a sheet of stickers (seen at the bottom right) This does not have all of the episodes of the show. With DVDs, even though they could hold many episodes each, companies like to put only a few, so they can charge more money by splitting everything onto as many disks as possible. Sometimes though, they quit part-way through & never end up releasing every episode, making things harder to collect. Photo & owned by:
These are VHS tapes of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog show. Each tape has about 1 hour of entertainment. (So, about 3 episodes only)
They are also titled. The first is "One Hour: The Video with Attitude", the second is "The Hottest Hedgehog in the Galaxy" the third is "High Speed Heroics" the fourth is "Close Encounters of the Sonic Kind". The 5th tape was released at the same time, but it is different. It's longer than the others because it has the "Chaos Emerald Caper" episode set that was always shown at the end of this series' run, all collected together.
That one is called "The Quest for the Chaos Emerald" & you can see the back has little mini ads for the other tapes if you didn't already have them. All photos & owned by: Metal Mandible