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If you can wear it, and it isn't exactly a clothing item, then it's a Sonic the Hedgehog accessory!
Here you can see Sonic accessories like wrist cuffs, hats, slippers, shoes and more. The items on this page are both vintage AND new, so it will usually say where or when the item was available in the description.
Player Base Ball Cap Sonic Hat Blue New items start things off with this Base Ball cap.
This has a soft blue fabric front, with darker blue mesh back. The front says "Player" with winking foreward-facing Sonic as an outline placed creativly over the font. Naturally, the word is meant to have a double meaning, making the winking art appropriate.
The tag on top simply says "Sonic" and "Base Ball Cap". This hat is currently available in 2008, at GameStation stores which are in the UK.
Photo by: Rhia.
Speed Demon Sonic Black Knit Cap Hat Baseball not your style?
Perhaps this knit cap will do. This is a black knit 'watch cap' style hat made of stretchy fabric. The brim says "Speed Demon" with embroidery, and has the running stock-art on the side. It is only 1 stitch wide, for a more subtle effect.
The tag on this one claims it is a "Beanie Cap", but as you can see this is not like the classic beanie which was more of a stiff 'yamaka' type hat, that usually had a propeller on top!
This hat is currently available in 2008, at GameStation stores which are in the UK.
Photo by: Rhia.
Sonic Speeder Rolling Red Wrist Band
The UK has decided to get in on the Wrist Cuff fad. (apparently they're back in style for 2007) The ones you see here are not sold in the USA--though they ARE made of the same type of materials, with embroidered designs over fuzzy, stretchy cloth.
All Wrist Cuff Photos by: Rhia, Mark, & sonicfan01(Scott Burns) These seem to be made by "TopScore" and are available at Gamestation stores as of 2007-2008.
The top band uses a font that's a bit hard to read. It has the rolling Sonic classic art embroidered on, with a nice amount of detail. It says "Sonic Speeder" though the 'd' doesn't really look like anything.
Wrist Cuff Red Edge Sonic Face
This blue wrist band is interesting, in that the embroidered running Sonic uses a blue that is VERY close to that of the background. This makes the design subtle. Underneath, it says "Top Score"
A good close-up of the red-edge wrist cuff. This has an all-embroidery Sonic design, set off by a red border around his head. Since the head is rather large, you can really see the detail they put in.
In all, it looks like TopFlight is doing a good job with making up some nice new Sonic the Hedgehog wrist cuffs to collect.
Large Sonic 2 Patch Fuzzy Surface Here's a nice big patch to sew onto clothes. This patch is large, and a good quality. You can see that rather than being embroidered all over, it uses slightly fuzzy fabric to do most of the design. It has embroidered borders and letters to give it the classic patch-look. This is large for a patch, being at least 6 inches. The art and application of the "Sonic 2" logo are both well done, making this excellent to add to your collection. Photo by OrangeUnicorn1984
Sega Sonic Iron On Patch Don't want to sew it? With this patch, you can iron it on! This patch is made from a die-cut piece of iron-on type fabric. (glue on the back that heats up with the iron to stick it onto clothes) It has the not-so-common stock art of Sonic holding up a "Stop" hand while pointing at the viewer with the other, while "SEGA" is written vertically on the side. However, sewing things on is usually sturdier than ironing them. Photo by Rhia.
Sonic Rollerskates UK Attitude Now THIS is an unusual item!
This is a seldom seen pair of Sonic rollerskates! For some reason, like the skateboard, these are super rare. They were made somewhere in the UK, and have a "Hedgehog with Attitude" slogan on the side. The tops are the familiar checkering, and the velcro band to keep it on is decorated with Sonic's name and some sihlouettes of running Sonic.
Sonic the Hedgehog Rollerskates
The front laces-cover is actually shaped like that foreward facing Sonic head, and has stitching around the edge to keep it tough. Though, instead of a face, one skate gets a Tails, and the other has Sonic vs. Robotnik. The heel has the HWA and star bumper design common to UK items. Why are the skates so rare? You can probably see the reason in the photos. They're beat up. Skates that are worn any, are likely fallen in as well, and they get scuffed up quickly--not ideal to keep and collect. Still, these have a lot of nice detail and an interesting design. Photo by Rhia.
Sonic tie-up Rollerblades An interesting counterpart to the above rollerskates, here are Sonic Rollerblades! These aren't quite as decorated as the skates, but they're still quite 'Sonic'. The tongues have the foreward facing Sonic art on a checkered background, and the sides have the Sonic logo. The theme is a simple black, blue and red. Rollerblades Sonic Side
They appear a bit old-fashion, still using laces to tie them on (rather than a set of plastic straps) These are likely just as rare as the skates.
Sonic & Knuckles Wellington Boots Here's another great rare item: Sonic & Knuckles Boots!
These are solid rubber rain boots, called Wellington Boots. Usually boots are such a plain thing, but the S&K symbol can make anything stylish! It's nice and big on the side of each one, with the name too, all done in shiny plastic. These are uncommon. Photo by Rhia.
Sonic Slipper-Socks Stars Black Here is a pair of Sonic slipper-socks.
These are a thick and warm sock meant to be worn around the house instead of a full house-slipper. They go up past the ankle, and have a stretchy top. The pattern in this case, is on the bottom, because it doubles as the 'traction' since they have no soles. In this case it's getting ready to run stock-Sonic among some stars and the logo. Why is it that odd greenish-yellow color? Becaue they're meant to glow in the dark!
Could this be the first glowing Sonic item discovered? (though the socks themselves are rather older, likely mid 1990s)
Sonic Socks 1994 A nice pair of socks. These have classic sideways running stock Sonic, among some polka-dots in red and blue (oddly enough) They also have a red rim at the top, as well as a red toe and heel, for some reason. The Sonic the Hedgehog logo appears on the top-cuff part. These were only available in small kids sizes, in 1994 when they appeared in Clarks shops. Photo credit Ricky Lee
White Sonic Variety Bike Helmet
Here's a nice white bike helmet. This is quite similar to the black-background one found in the USA, at likely a similar time. The outer plastic shell just has a variety of Sonic stock arts in a variety of sizes pasted all over it. The under-foam and straps were black. However, it was unusually expensive. It was 19.95 pound at Halfords for some reason. Remember, a pound is usually around 2 dollars in the USA, making this thing close to 40 bucks! AND it's only little kid size? A bit pricy, indeed. Likely why it isn't too common to this very day. Photo credit Ricky Lee
3 pair Sonic theme sneakers shoes Here are 3 pairs of Sonic theme sneakers. Where is the middle one? In the fold of the magazine. The first shoe is really rather bright, all in red with blue accents. The laces have the word "Sonic" on them, with little sihlouettes too. The middle shoe is clearly black with a blue trim and red also looks to have running Sonic on the side. The final shoe seems the most plain, all in white, with little bits of red and a Sonic on the side. The tounge of this one appears to say "Sonic the Hedgehog" though it might be hard to tell if the shoes were being worn at the time. Available at Clarks in 1994. Photo credit Ricky Lee
Sonic Shoe Theme Slippers
Rather than plastering pictures of Sonic all over something, they've now done one better and modeled a pair of house-slippers after his shoes! These big, fluffy slippers will let you wear plush-toy-Sonic like shoes all around the house. They've even got his buckle and socks to keep your ankles warm. By far these are the least-mutant and classiest Sonic slippers ever made. They should be available in 2009 from Sega Prizes Europe (also responsible for some plushes) Photo by Sega Europe, discovered by Fueledbychaos
Sonic Face Screen Wellington Boots This is a pair of clark-wellington boots from 1992. It was likely made before the S&K boots seen above, but they're still all-rubber to protect from the rain. The design consists of little 'screens' with pictures of Sonic's face on them. The Sonic face is the foreward facing one that was popular in the 1990s in the UK. It also has the Sonic logo at the top. The design for these is just that it is rather small compared to the boot and it looks like most of the detail went into the frame rather than adding more 'Sonic' to them. Still, these are a rather unusual collectible and are interesting to see. Photo by Scavenger4food.
Sonic Tie Woggle This small item is not a ring, but a Woggle. (though it is shown on a finger) A woggle is a little-known item used to gather up a cloth tie. The tie is usually worn on the neck or shoulders of a human. They're most known in scouting (boyscouts/girlscouts) but other uniforms can use them too. It gathers the tie together. Most often they are woven items, or carvings. They usually have a little stem on one side (in this case, it's a blue arm giving the "3" sign, which is the Scout Sign / Scout Salute) which differentiates them from ordinary rings or loops. It is highly curious that such a specific item would have a Sonic theme. Photographed & owned by
Additional Woggle Info:
The Scouting Movement teamed up with Sega back in 1993 and launched "The Sonic Challenge". It involved selling scratch cards to raise money for The Promise Appeal, to help The scout Movement. Cubs and Scouts could also take part in a Sonic Speed Challenge within their local groups to set new time records on typical Scouting activities like putting up tents, lighting camp fires, tying knots and running relays. Anyone who participated in the event got this woggle as a prize. " Info provided by:
Woggle Sonic Turn Arounds Here is a better look at the uncommon Sonic Woggle. With this you can see the whole turn around, and the fact that the Sonic face design is actually somewhat 3D. (That is a bit surprising) You can also notice that "Sonic" is in raised letters across the bottom.
This was also available to Cub Scouts in really, it is quite an early Sonic item. Turn Around photos by
Sonic face embroidered slippers
This is a pair of Sonic house slippers. They're made to look retro, with the classic facing foreward/wink Sonic face, but they are actually modern, released in 2010. The face is all embroidery, which is actually really neat/quality, since it's such a large space to have to stitch. (makes it sturdy, more like a patch) The Sonic classic logo in the heel is also likely embroidered on. These can be bought from EbayUK for about 7.99 pound, but they have to be being sold elsewhere as well...
Photographed and owned by OrangeUnicorn