Retail Displays Sonic Title
Selling Sonic games at retail is often helped out by lots of cool display items!
Everything from standees (cardboard cut outs) to posters to shelf-related attention grabbing items will be featured on this page. If it was meant for stores to advertise Sonic, it should be here. However, after stores are finished with the promotion, sometimes it's possible for fans to collect these items. Because stores aren't as numerous as consumers however, promo items are natrually less abundant than regular collectibles. Items here can be from any time classic or modern.
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Sonic vs Black Knight Poster Here's a poster for the Sonic vs The Black Knight game for the Wii. It's pretty dramatic, with Sonic wearing the gauntlet & wielding the Excalibur sword from the game as the titular Black Knight is rising out of the other half of the poster with his lance. Above Sonic, you can see Knuckles & Shadow dressed in their armor to add mystery (What will their parts be?) To the right, you can see everybody else like Blacksmith Tails & dress Amy. There's a picture of the box, the logo, 4 screen shots with descriptions & the release date. It likely talks about how the wiimote is a cool way to control the sword. Photo & owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic Colors Retail Display Poster An appropriately colorful poster!
For Sonic Colors! It has a fun all-rainbow text headline across the top, the game's colorful logo in the middle & plenty of bright wisps along with 'jumping punch' Sonic, who is outlined in wisp-energy blue glow. There are 4 screen shots at the bottom to let you know how it will look, pictures of both game box covers (for Wii & DS), the release date, and some descriptive text that's pretty tiny. This is a fun, playful poster with little wisp graphics scattered around the screen caps. Thanks to the games at its upper edges, you can see how big it is. Photo and owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic Generations Display Poster Sonic Generations, of course, gets an announcement poster too. This one uses the classic/modern split & turns it into a console split as well for the theme. The white half of the poster has classic Sonic & the info for the PS3/Xbox 360 console, while the blue half of the poster has the info for the DS. Each half has it's respective game-box cover art & small description. The headline in blue at the top & release date info go across both sides of the poster. The background is CG for some of the level while classic & modern Sonic ar running toward the viewer. Interestingly, this one does not feature any screen shots, but it does have the anniversary logo in the corner. Photo and owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Flat Sega Sonic Wall or Table Light Lamp Wow, a light!
This is a Sonic themed wall or possibly counter top light for a store. Very uncommon! A light fixture with Sonic sure is interesting to see. It has a shiny silver border, generally square shape, and curved white panel. There's a full color/shaded finger waving Sonic art for the light panel, along with the Sega logo. The base is a simple blue rectangle to match. It looks like it could also be wall mounted (flat on the back), as well as sit on a counter. The white cord with switch behind it gives you an idea of how big it is, which is 'fairly'. Though it's meant for store use, it would be an excellent fixture in a home or Sonic room! It's clean line, and has lots of classic Sonic style. Because it was for retail use, it's likely there aren't a lot of these around now (not a lot made). Photo and owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Simple Sonic Field Poster What is this 'relaxing theme' poster?
The poster is paper, and features Sonic relaxing while laying down in a grassy field. It isn't really a stock art, it's more of just 'an art' of him laying down. It looks like he may be propping his head on one arm, and sort of...'presenting' the scene with his other. If you look closely, you can spot classic Amy in her 'shy pose' in the background there under the tree. A plane is flying by leaving a trail & there's a rainbow on the horizon. A vertical headline goes all down one side. But look at the bottom: It's all white with 1 more headline and...2 blank lines. You're clearly supposed to write something in there, but what? Dates? This is meant for in-store use, but to what end, exactly? Photo and owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Ask Not Sonic Tails Stock Arts Scatter Poster Here's an unusual's got Stock arts of Sonic & Tails scattered all over it, with 2 colored corners & 1 big fully shaded Sonic & Tails right in the middle. There are even seldom-seen sitting Sonic poking a tennis racket & top-left corner Sonic holding sunglasses. And can you spot Sonic Drift Amy with her umbrella? I
f you look in the bottom left corner, there's a rather unusual quote. It says "Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others" & then directly attributes it to Sonic. It sounds a lot like the JFK "Ask not/country" quote...and is likely based on it.
This seems like the only place this quote is printed/attributed to Sonic, while the others (Don't waste time / Take first step) got all over the place in their era. The bottom black text is in Japanese. Photo and owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sega Superstars Poster PS2 Ad Here's the poster for "Sega Superstars" for the PS2
It was an "Eye Toy" enabled game which mixed in bunches of Sega owned characters like AiAi the monkeyball monkey, Puyos, Space Channel 5 & Amigo monkey from Samba de Amigo, plus more. But, being Sega, of course Sonic is headlining the poster with the largest portrait of all, just behind the logo. The poster's headline is a question (wonder what it asks) & it has several screen shots in a row near the bottom. It also appears to have the endorsement of what's likely an all girl band "Sugar" which has something to say about it there in the corner. The PS2 & EyeToy logos are at the top & a small description is at the bottom. This one is fairly 'advertising-ish', especially with the random band photo down there. Photo and owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram