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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Fan Made Blaze the Cat Plush Here's a great fan-made Blaze the Cat doll. She's got lots of great details such as real fuzzy cuffs, gold colored rope necklace, head-jewel & properly placed eyes. This fan plush is very on-model, & to scale with the official Silver plush (too bad the same can't be said for him!) Made & photo by Ben232
Sonic Shoe Covers Fan Item
These are Sonic shoe covers, which were hand made. Shoe covers are a great idea to make Sonic-like shoes. You don't have to make the shoe itself, so it's much easier. When paired with some nice white socks, they become even more Sonic-like. A shoe cover such as this seems like something that should be made officially because it seems like all the Sonic fans would love to have a pair of Sonic's shoes. Made & Photographed by Silvaze1997
Clay Caterkiller Badnik Fan Here's a Caterkiller badnik sculpted out of colored modeling clay. It uses toothpics and rattle-eyes to complete the look. Made & Photographed by A Cat
PaperCraft Cosmic Darkspine & Robo With many creative modifications, the original Sonic & Shadow papercrafts can be made into many fun characters, as seen here. All made and photographed by Glaysson. PaperCraft Chuck, Super Sahdow, Sonik
From left to right you can see Cosmic the Hedgehog (with cape, Metamorphia) as seen in Fleetway Sonic The Comic, Darkspine from Sonic Secret Rings, a Robo-Sonic from the wacky mini-game found in Sonic Colors, Uncle Chuck from SatAm Show, Super Shadow, and Sonik from Archie Comics (in a different zone/reality issue 103 specifically)
Clay Fan Wisps Here are several colored clay fan figures for Wisps, Crabmeat (complete with those little fireballs it could drop) Orbinaut, & the Voxai & Theebes aliens which were found in Sonic Chronicles on a different planet. Each one is about to scale with the JW 3.5 figure line. Made & Photographed by A Cat Voxai & Theebes Sonic Chronicals Fan
Clay Fan Badniks
Sonic Underground Manic Sonia Figures With how the Sonic Underground characters were designed, it's easy enough to customize Sonic figures into both Manik & Sonia, as seen here. Each one has added clay details for the bangs & clothing. Manik gets a jacket, & each figure is re-painted to the appropriate SU color. Since Sonic looked the same, he can appear just as he is. Customized & photo by Sircalistine
Chaotix Gijinka Team Cosplay Costumes This is a cosplay group dressed as the Chaotix team in speed formation from Sonic Heroes. The costumes here are Gijinka style, which means humans styled after the characters (rather than mascot suits, it uses the character to do a theme) Ninja like Espio in front, Charmy & Vector posed behind. Photo by MewMew Rocky. Sally 3.5 in Custom Figure
Here's a custom Princess Sally action figure with added accessories & different hands. (notice the hand size) You can see Nicole on her boot (Power Rangers: RPM figure's morpher) a gun (GI Joe Movie figure's). She was made with a Tails & an Amy figure, epoxy putty, spray paint, dremel and superglue. She can still be posed like a regular figure. Customized & photo by SonicRanger!!
Sonic music record clock This is sort of a fan item, and kind of not. It is an interesting use of an official item. This 'clock' is actually the official Sonic Record (a real record which contains music) that someone has decided to turn into a clock. By adding clock-works behind it, and putting the hands through the record hole in the center, it turns the vinyl into the clock face. Beside it, you can see the original record's cardboard sleeve. They've mounted the whole thing in a frame under glass. It is curious to do this with an official item, but if you don't have a turn-table, the record itself would never play. More like a fan modification? Modifier- unknown, photo discovered by JordanxSonic
Customized Soap Shoe Sonic Figure
Since Jazwares has not yet made a SA2Battle styled Sonic, here's a fan figure modification. With colored clay, Sonic's shoes have been made over into the famous Soap Shoes from the game. You can also see the blue bracelet power up item that you could collect that then appeared on Sonic throughout the game. Figure customized & photo by Berzerker
Classic Espio Fan Figure Here's a classic Espio fan figure. This uses Espio's look from Knuckles Chaotix (non-Ninja) and is made of colored clay. Notice the pixel background print out to create an appropriate game-like setting for the photos. Made & photo by MrSonictoys
Croc Charm Name Craft This personalized necklace counts as a 'fan item' rather than a fake, because it finds a new use for those Crocs shoe charms. In this case, the official charm becomes the top of the necklace piece, and name beads are added after. Discovered by BelovedDoll Stickfa figure Knuckles paint Metal Knuckles Fan Figure At left, you can see a Stickfas figure, painted with a Knuckles theme. These pose-able customize-able ready figures are meant to be made into whatever you want. Next is a Metal Knuckles fan figure, with paper mache. Both made & photo by KingBoo
Fan zone sign
Here is a fan-made zone end sign. This is the sign that twirls around when you pass it at the end of Sonic 1 regular zones. It is in-scale with the Jazwares 3.5 line figures. Made & photo by Piplupfan77 Gold Sonic Fan Repaint Here is Jazwares 3.5 Sonic with a fan-done gold paint job. Remember that Toy Island also created an official golden bendy Sonic by repainting their figure as well. The stand has been re-painted with red to highlight the gold. Customized & photo by Joshua Pena
Mephiles Dark Fan Repaint Figure This Mephiles the Dark is a fan repaint of a Jazwares 3.5 line Shadow. With new coloring for eyes, body & shoes the figure looks like the enemy from Sonic 2006. Customized & photo by Techno1252
This is a Nazo fan figure customization. Nazo was a phenomenon from Sonic X screen shot footage, which later gained a name. Here, you can see a Super Sonic figure gets nw paint & modified spikes. But, the box has been customized as well, for an added detail. Customized & photo by Dustin Lee Autry
Painted clay releif Sonic this is a clay relief. It's not fully 3D, instead, the details are pressed into the layer of clay, and then colored. (a bit like a fresco) the inset shows a close up of how the hands were formed. Made & photo by DarkSonicGold12
Shadow tribal symbol tattoo
Construction foam glitter characters What are these shiny wall decorations? They're construction foams. Each sturdy foam has been cut into the sihllouette of a different Sonic character. Then, they were covered in appropriately colored glitter. You can see they're of a decent size, as compared with the plush collection. Photo & made by Silvaze1997
The Shadow symbol is mysterious (only a Sonic fan would know it) stylish & cool looking in monotone. Thus, it makes a great tattoo! Tattoo art seen here on Shadouge
Fan repaint Super Shadow bendy
This figure is a fan repaint. It is Joyride's Shadow big bendy figure re-painted as Super Shadow. Since his spikes didn't change, the pallet-swap for the figure turns out accurate. Figure customized & photo by Shadouge.
Squares & substance Sonic
Sonic 1 icing scene on cupcake set Look at this fun Sonic 1 scene! It is actually constructed out of frosting on top of a set of cupcakes! When pushed together, the little cakes form the whole Green Hill Zone picture, complete with score, life-count, moto-bug, sheild monitor, rings & iconic palm tree. With such detail, this cupcake set was a real fan project! Photo & made by JennyA
This is a fan Sonic sculpture made out of a substance & items. It could be painted. Made & photo by: SonicDM
Shadow colors rollerblade customized Rollerblade style in-line skates...with a Shadow's shoe style re-paint! With the different parts of the shell/boot for these painted appropriate colors, they really do resemble Shadow's hover shoes. What makes it more appropriate, is that his gliding motion when moving is similar to someone skating. This is a very interesting fan-repaint. Customized & photo by Shadouge
Sonic face car repaint
Small fan car & sculpted Sonic Here are 2 fan cars with a Sonic theme. The first is put together from clay & items, with a sculpted Sonic for the driver. The second is a regular flat toy car/vehicle with a customized Sonic face paint. Made & photo by: SonicDM
Sonic themed Mii for Wii With some very interesting moves, you can create a Wii Mii that resembles Sonic. Since his face is rather abstract to begin with, it's quite a feat! (with the nose on the forehead) Mii customized & photo by MeowMan70
Fan Made Easter Eggs Here are some Sonic themed easter eggs. These have been decorated with felt & paint to look like Sonic & classic Eggman. After all, an egg is a great medium for Eggman items! He even fits in the fan-made egg-o-matic. This is a fun holiday project. Made & photo by: StasisDesigns