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Whether it's pop-up, seasonal, or permenent...if Sonic appears it's a Sonic Fan Place.
Being able to take a look at banners, promotional events, conventions and more that are Sonic focused without having to actually attend is what this page is all about. This includes Sonic related events too, like contests, releases, parties, anniversaries or anything else that was a temporary gathering to celebrate something Sonic.
Sonic Forces Release Contest Winners In Japan, Sonic Forces had some kind of game launch party or contest celebration with a Time Attack contest in Forces. Here, you can see the winners gathered for their photo shoot with their prizes. It looks like everybody got some kind of Sega related goodie-bag. What's likely to be the 'runners-up' got small Sonic plush dolls. Another got a larger version of the same plush (bottom right) but then look at the likely 1st place guy...he's got a statue dispaly figure type item! But...just what is it? Let's take a closer look.
Sonic Forces Special Trophy Figure Close-up Here is the best close-up that can be gathered from the photo. The first thing you can notice though, is the texture. It looks like it is flocked. While it's not the first flocked figure (Jazwares had an exclusive), this particular figure was never made in a flocked version. (It is the Joypolis 20th Anniversary one) Is it a 1-off? Was it made especially to be the prize here? If it's not fuzzy, what's making it look like that? Is it engraved or anything on the base to make it an exclusively Forces item? A one-of-a-kind Sonic item would be curious indeed. Do write in if you know about this figure. Photos discovered by:
Joypolis Giant Sitting Sonic Building Get a look at Joypolis' newest (and largest?) addition!
This HUGE sitting Sonic figure has been added to their roof top. He's got his feet hanging over the edge as he sits on top of the (wall?) one hand is 'holding on' while the other is waving to the fans below, welcoming them to Joypolis. This is a really cool giant figure that looks to be very on-model as well. Do you have another photo of it? It could be added to the entry. Hopefully this is a permenent addition! Photo discovered by Taaron
Joypolis 2018 Halloween Mascot & Decor
Joypolis in Tokyo is always a Sonic place...
But around a holiday it becomes more-so, with special decorations like these, and 'dressed up' mascot suit appearances. Here, the modern eyed but thick/short classic styled mascot suit is dressed as a witch or wizard. It has a pointy black hat & tied on red/black cape.
There's a photo background with sweets, cookies & icing theme, and a cardboard standee. The standee has this year's official art which is Sonic dressed as a vampire with vampire red/black cape, magic cane & his pumpkin candy-collecting bucket. They've added 'pumpkin hill type' stacked light up purple pumpkins to the edge.
This is a cute holiday decoration, and a good spot for photos with a mascot too. Photo discovered by Taaron