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This page is for Archie Sonic Comic crossovers. A crossover happens when 2 different series share characters/plots/locations etc. Usually it happens when a company owns multiple properties, and sometimes when 2 different companies agree to cross their properties over. (DC vs Marvel, etc) Archie has crossed Sonic over & had breif incidences of other characters appearing in his book as well. (Ex. Spawn) You can find all sorts of crossover information here.
Free Comic Book Day Crossover Prelude The largest crossover event to happen for the Archie Sonic comic is one with Mega Man. Archie has the rights to both comics, so it makes sense for them to cross over as a big event. The crossover is pretty big, it covers issues of the main Sonic series, Sonic Universe & Megaman's book for several months. It is called "Worlds Collide"
At left, you can see the event item "Free Comic Book Day" mini issue type thing that had the "Worlds Collide" prelude story. All USA comic book stores should have had this issue for their free day. Since you HAD to get it on that day, it's likely to be uncommon, even though it is free.
Photo & owned by RaeLogan
Worlds Collide:
Plot: If you collect, it's clearly best to get the originals for this. You WILL need ALL books to get the whole plot together. You can't just skip MegaMan's book, for instance. They don't waste time recapping everything in every issue.
Special Stuff: YES. Like how some of the mini-series would feature gimmicks, this crossover does too. It includes special covers (Ex. gatefold) and things likely to not be reproduced when it's eventually sold as some kind of compilation.
Variant Covers: YES. For whatever reason, they decided to do a whole host of variant covers for people to try and collect. It was available as a very costly big package online for a while when the crossover was first out. At right, you can see the "Rivals Variant".
Worlds Collide Rivals Variant Cover
Sonic Sabrina Teenage Witch Crossover Book First off at left, you can see their Sabrina the Teenage Witch crossed over with Sonic for a single issue. The photo is there because for a while, Sabrina had a live-action TV show. The dialogue says "Impossible! Somebody can keep up with my Speed?" And "Wait till I get it out of first gear!" (meaning the broom, and attempting to make it look like a challenge for Sonic)

What exactly happened in the plot of the cross over?
(write in if you know or have this issue!)

Sabrina Witch Comic page
At right, you can see the expected kind of bad art that the book/s had at the time. What's happening here is that Sonic has turned evil & is chasing Sabrina around her empty house. She uses magic to try to stop him, it fails, so the cat (Salem the cat) dumps his kitty litter on the floor to make Sonic trip "lose his traction" and run into the wall. When she tries to go get a spell book, Sally opens her door & makes Sabrina crash.
Worlds Unite 2015 Sonic Megaman
Likely due to the success of "Worlds Collide" comic crossover of Archie's 2 video game property comics in 2014, here comes another issue set in 2015. It's Sonic & Megaman in "Worlds Unite". This is the first ad / teaser for it.
How many issues will it be of each book?
Will there be variant covers like the first time?
Information will be added as it appears online to this entry.