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With the most exclusive stuff out of all of the rest of the countries of South America, Brazil gets its own page of Sonic items! There's likely more than what's pictured here, but for some reason, photos of the items are scarce on the internet. This page can have either classic or modern items.
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Tec Toy Brazillian 1994 Limited Pin This pin is from Brazil, and it is quite rare.
It was made in 1994 by TecToy, and was given out only to Sega's TecToy management as a promotion for Sonic games being released in Brazil. So basically like some of the jackets or patches, it's an 'employees only' item which means that not too many of them were made and they never retailed. The pin has classic finger waving Sonic stock, likely in an enamel coating on the metal pin with the TecToy logo in yellow/orange at the bottom. If you see this pin, hang on to it! Photo discovered by BlueBlur.
Brazil S & K Logo Shirt Wearing Doll Here's an interesting self-promoting plush from Brazil! It's a classic Sonic doll, but he's wearing a little Sonic & Knuckles logo tee! This looks like a felt-spikes version of a plush, with real sewn in shoe stripes instead of ribbon overlays. He has suction cups on his hands so you could stick him to windows or mirrors in the home or car. His eyes seem to be positioned looking up. This is an interesting promotional item for the game! Photo discovered by Berzerker
Brazil 3D Figural PVC Sonic Brazil Sonic PVC Point
Brazil made more than just a pin, they also created this PVC Sonic figure. He's quite all right looking for the time, with thought-out spikes and mostly proportional hands and shoes. This was made in 1994, but because its from Brazil, it's not very easy to get as items didn't seem to leave the country that often to be collected. Photographed & owned by: , Right photo by Berzerker
Brazil Robotnick PVC Figure Brazil Tails PVC Blue Cuff Figure In Brazil, they didn't stop at just Sonic with the PVCs. Here, they tried their hand at Robotnick (AoStH style) and Tails. You'll notice the mis-coloring on Tails right away, his glove cuffs were never supposed to be blue.
His brownish color was likely thought to be correct at the time, due to botched up stock art and Archie Comics as well as SatAm Sonic mis-coloring him this way for years in the USA. Robotnicks eyes also appear to have white in them, instead of red. The other noticible difference figre-wise on Tails is that he's shown with his tails arranged vertically, where other pvcs usually show them side by side. It is likely all 3 figures appeared in Brazil stores at the same time in the 1990s. The back of the Robotnick is stamped "TM & (C) SEGA 1994". But what company produced them there? Photos discovered by Berzerker, info detail by JenHedgehog.
Master System Compact 3 Master System Tec Toy Console Box
Here's the Sega Mastery System 3, distributed by Tec Toy in just Brazil. It has some unique Sonic details too, there he is right on the console shell.
This console comes with Sonic 1 built right into it, so if you start it up with no cartridge inserted you can play Sonic 1. There is actually a modern version still sold by Tec Toy in Brazil called the Master System Evolution. It has no cartridge slot, but it does have something like 130 games pre-progamed in, and it has a picture of Sonic on it just like this one, only it's now modern Sonic.
A little bit of history: Sonic 1, 2, and Sonic Chaos were the first 3 Sonic games released for the Game Gear in the US. Sonic 1 was also released for the Master System in the US, but it was one of the last titles ever released for the system here, so a US copy is very rare and expensive. Also, the US version was just the same as the PAL version, but on the back it had a different UPC sticker. This makes it ripe for bootlegging, as there are plenty of copies of the PAL version of Sonic 1 out there real cheap. The PAL territories also saw the release of Sonic 2 and Sonic Chaos for the Master System. Two other Sonic Game Gear games that saw PAL releases were Sonic Spinball and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, which are both rare. Lastly, Sonic Blast was released for the Master System only in Brazil. This is probably the rarest of the Master System Sonic games, seen once on Ebay and the seller wanted $250.00. And, if you want a bootleg warning, Sonic Triple Trouble was ported to the Master System in Brazil by some enterprising individuals, but it was never an official release and exists only as a bootleg out there, which some people try to sell for big money as something rare or "unreleased".

You can see they had plenty of Sonic detal on all sides of the box too. He's on the front, has a screenshot on the side & is on the back with Tails too. (As well as Tom & Jerry and Bart Simpson) All photos & info for system provided by & owned by MetaRidley001

Tec Toy Sonic Plush Sizes Tec Toy is the company that brought the Sega Genesis to Brazil & helped distribute it. You can see an effort of theirs above, but here are some dolls. They were in charge of some merchandising too! These classic plushes were released there in the 90s & had 4 sizes. The giant one, however, is much, much larger than the next size down one. It's clear they used the same pattern for each size...and it didn't really work out too well because the ears are so far to the sides of the head, the tops of the arms ended up flat (problem with large plush) & the bigger sizes also have 'big-body' where in the smalls it's not so evident. Because cloth & stuffing have weight, larger pieces must be put together differently to have the right look/shape.
It also appears none of them really grasped the idea of his pointy tipped shoes or that the buckle should be on the side. The text there doesn't say any sizes. It seems to be in Portuguese? (You can get 'famous character from video games' out of the top one but that's about it) Photo discovered by Pichu97/Charlie