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Welcome to the Sonic Plush Dolls Store Page
Need Sonic Plushes?
You can get quite a few here. The selection isn't just USA only, either! You can sometimes find some of the Japanese plushes. Eventually this page hopes to have available all the characters to select from.
What you won't find? Mutant things! If something is terrible, mutant or overly expensive, it won't appear here because it's not fair to the fans to make up such bad or costly things. (If it's very good, but expensive, it'll still appear, though)

The plushes here are not in any certain order, it's just random how they appear. If something sells out, it's likely that it will dissappear. This is especially important to remember for the doll section, as sometimes the stores that this page pulls from have only a few of them in stock at a time.

Here's ToyNetwork's Eggman Plush.
This guy can be seen over on USA plushes 4. He's also not their usual awful quality! If you look at the (superior) fan photo there, you can get a better idea of him. The way they have him flopped onto something here is confusing. This is the 14 inch version, but you can see they've mis-described him as "Hedgehog" if you were to go looking for him. Why do retailers make it harder for people to buy things?
SonicGear is here to try and make it easier.
This smiling Sonic doll maker is unknown. It doesn't look like the usual ToyNetwork junks, and is clearly better modeled. However, there's no tag to indicate what did it. The head is a tad big, but the 'hand on hip' pose (if the plush actually will stay set like this) is interesting.
This Amy may not be very big, but it is good!
This is a 6 inch high Amy Rose doll from Sanei in Japan. They've done a nice job with her as well, she seems fuzzy, and proportionate. Her expression seems good as well, with the black eye rim kept where it should be, and it is not overly thick.
From the same set, here's 6 inch Sonic.
Like the Amy above, he seems fuzzy and happy. He's well detailed for his small size, and appears to have plastic eyes. There's really not a whole lot to be said about this plush that hasn't already been said about others all around the site. This one too is Sanei.
Sanei Knuckles
This one is less common than the Sonic & the Amy above. He's fuzzy, and likely about 8 or 9 inches since it seems they did scale the characters a little bit. All 3 of these Sanei guys are getting older in 2016, beware of sell-out.
GE Amy Rose Plush
Here's GE's modern Amy (they also have classic version) She's their standard size of about 13 inches or so. These aren't fuzzy plushes, but they do have GE's expected level of good proportions & details. She shouldn't be very expensive in this button.
GE Silver the Hedgehog plush
For whatever reason, this one is pretty common & inexpensive. He should be over 13 inches, but still priced quite reasonably. He's GE's usual nice quality on proportions & level of detail! There are many more GE plushes below.
7 inch "Mini" GE Sonic plush
Since GE tends to make good quality, big-size plushes, they call the 7 inch Sonic here a 'mini'. He's modern, and reportedly a little over 7 inches when in-hand.
These are the GE Entertainment Classic Sonic Line Plushes. You can read more about them at their permenent link above, as well as see more photos so you can really evaluate them. This is a good solid looking classic line, and it's good to see the USA finally getting some classicly styled plush. Due to their decent sculpting, and nice looks they may actually beat out the genuine classics. (Certainly, the Tails does!) These are a good way to get oldschool looking dolls for less. Don't bother with the high prices on ebay when you go streight to Amazon to get them.
Here are the Sonic & Knuckles plush gloves. Now you can have gloves that look just like theirs! These are reviewed further on USA Accessories 2 , where you can get a closer look and more photos. These are an interesting item to collect because it is something that's supposed to be FROM a Sonic game, not just something with Sonic stuck on there. These are rather large and do not come in sizes. They're mostly for decoration, but they are pretty fun.

*Knuckles gloves sell out often!

All of these plushes to the left are by Kelly Toy. They are usually for 'amusements' (as in like arcade prizes) but here you can just buy them directly. They all have "noodly legs" and are rather tall looking. (this is pretty much the fault of the pattern they used for...pretty much all their dolls)

Sonic is 9 inch
Silver is 25 inch
"Super Sonic" is 9 inch
It should be noted that the spikes are not 'up' as they should be for a true "Super Sonic" so this is basically a gold-tone plush with red eyes.

GE is back with more...quality!
Here is their Metal Sonic,
Super Sonic (he's great!)
Jumbo 20 inch modern Sonic &
RARE Espio the Chameleon
KellyToy Knuckles is about 12 inches

This Werehog plush is larger than Jazwares' attempt at him, and also seems to be better made, as well. His details are felt instead of fur, but the face appears to be better sculpted.

The Shadow (3rd item) is large, at 20 inches, that's why he's somewhat pricey. It's a nice rendition of him though, much more proportional than the odd KellyToy ones, he is by GE.

Where is Big? He is gone probably because no one likes him. You know ToyNetwork as the manufacturer of mutants...but their Big the Cat was never too awful. Was it because Big was never that 'Sonic styled'? At least this plush is tolerable enough to appear here if you needed to collect it.
At right is the large size of GE Animation Sonic plush. He's 20 inches high, and pretty well made. Proportions & expression seem good for him. Began sale in summer 2011
GE Animation made some neat little classic style Sonic plushes. With nice construction, good detail and inexpensive prices, these are fun to collect. Here you can see their selection of (left to right) Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Amy Rose.
Here's an all-right Cream the Rabbit plush. She's rather small, but her construction & detail seem pretty nice. Listing may or may not say how big this is. Is this a plush doll or a backpack? It's sort of both. This Sonic has a zipper in his back, so you can store small items in him. (item isnt spacious) The hands and feet of the doll are strapped together, so it looks like a piggyback ride when you wear this soft backpack. This is by GE Entertainment, and it is rather large.
This is Jazwares larger size (about 12 inch) 20th Anniversary modern Sonic plush. It's over priced though so go to Toys R Us and spend about 14.99 to get him instead. Construction/ face are fairly better than their small line dolls. Another plush doll backpack.
This time it's classic style Sonic by Accessory Innovations. He's similarly sized to the one above, with the straps for the hands & feet, but, just as similarly you can't store much in him.
GE Great Characters!
GE Entertainment really got into making quality dolls of every character! Here you can get (From left to right) Blaze the Cat, Super Shadow, Vector Crocodile, regular Sonic, Wave the Swallow, (row below) regular Shadow, Storm Albatross, Rouge the Bat, Jet Hawk,
More from Jazwares (Above)
Remember! This company had its Sonic license taken away to favor Sonic Boom/elminate modern Sonic merchandise for a while. These dolls will all be out of production so there are limited amounts left. Jazwares material quality will be good, but their design work leaves some to be desired. (That's why not all their plush appears here--if it's too terrible it doesn't get into the store.
Jazwares classic Metal Sonic (small /7inch), 9 inch Classic Tails, 7 inch mini Classic Sonic, big 20-inch Tails (has a hang tag above him), & Shadow--some of him can be deformed/poorly sewn however.
Jazwares big "Deluxe" classic Sonic plush. This was the Toys R Us exclusive one who came sitting in the cardboard box 'seat' & was relativly expensive.