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This page is for all NON-Archie Sonic, NON IDW-Comic books.
Classic story books, coloring books, Sonic X written-books 'light novelizations' of the show, & anything that's not comic book related. If a book's price doesn't appear under its picture here, use the link to go to Amazon which should show price options on the page. (Why? Because some may only be available used) "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."

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History of Sonic:
Pix n' Love Editions Hardcover
This is a GREAT book! It's a must-have for any Sonic fan. It's hardcover, with tons of pages of information, art, prototype stuff, interviews & much more. It's a real quality collectors' item. If there's a book on this page to buy, this one is IT. Use the link & read more about it!
reserved for upcoming 2017 Sonic hardcover edition book
Older books!

Because books were never that expensive, and were produced in large quantities (and kept) it's still possible to turn up books from the 1990s at retail even now. Some cover images may be unstable but they all appear around Sonic Gear on USA Books & UK books incase these links break their cover-photos. If you don't want to wait on ebay to buy some of these, do keep in mind they're limited quantity.

These are from the 1990s, so it's nice to still be able to get them. The Adventure Gamebook is actually from the UK, so if you don't live there now's your big chance to get a copy.

The others are Teitlebaum books which were from the USA, but since they're so old, the images tend to break even if the book is still available.

Fortress of Fear, Robotnik's Revenge, & "Sonic & Knuckles" (last books' title is troublesome...naming it the same as the game makes it difficult to track down.
Sonic Shoes Blues and Sonic Secret Admirerer are both simply illustrated stories from the Archie universe. The activity book has simple mazes, word puzzles and color-able pictures. Its cover has been changed in 2005, but what's inside now?

The "Annual" is from the UK in 2014, & was never common in the USA.

The first one here is the "Where's Sonic Now 3" which while not as expensive as the first one, is still a bit pricey.
The Joke Book MAY be an all new one. There IS a classic one with terrible jokes but it is out of print.

The last two are UK exclusives and were a part of a series of books: 5=Theme Park Panic &
6=Stormin Sonic

Friend or Foe is another Teitlebaum one, seen on USA Books, and 4th Dimension is from the UK exclusive series, seen above.

The "How to Draw" Sonic & friends book IS in the Sonic Gear collection. It is only ok, it's not particularly instructional, & uses a poor stock Tails image.

Some of these may be missing the cover photo (Sonic X-Treme) so you can see them on Books USA page of regular SonicGear.

Book 2: Zone Rangers (far left)
Book 3: Sonic vs Zonic
Book 4: Zone Zapper
Book 1: Metal City Mayhem

1st book: Where's Sonic
There were several of these, its suspected this book is old, but has an updated cover.
2nd Adventure Gamebook 1994 (All Gamebooks are UK only releases)
3rd Adventure Gamebook 1995
4th Adventure Gamebook ?
Sonic X Books

These books are like 'novelizations' of certain Sonic X episodes or episode-clusters. They use screen shots from the show and stock art as illustrations. They all have fairly large print and only follow the series. They do have an order they go in (obviously, because the show did) and there should be about 4 or 5 books but the section here is incomplete.
The books here are NOT in the right order for the story (because the links change) Each books' description page will tell you which part of the series it covers. From left to right the books below should be:
Meteor Shower Messenger, Spaceship Blue Typhoon, Aqua Planet, Desperately Seeking Sonic, Battle at Ice Palance & Dr. Eggman Goes to War.

Game Guides & Old Game Guides

Game guides can be interesting sources of Sonic art and screen shots. The older guides, while out of print, are now becoming interesting collectibles. The Sonic 1 & 2 one is in the SonicGear personal collection. The main companies here will be Brady Games & Prima Guides- both were usually publishing at the same time.

The "Solid Gold Guides" book to Sonic 2, may not be from the USA.

Guides displayed here should include Sonic 2,
Sonic 3 Prima, Sonic Adventure 1 Prima, & Sonic Adventure DX Prima.

Above row from left to right are:
Sonic 360 Prima, Sonic Generations Brady, Sonic Unleashed Prima, Sonic Colors Brady, Sonic Heroes Prima, & Sonic Secret Rings Prima.
Short row to the left has Sonic Chronicles Dark Brotherhood, Sonic Adventure 2 Prima, Sonic Advance WITH Sonic Adventure 2 Perfect Guide Combo by Versus Books & Sonic Riders Brady.
From left to right:
Sonic Advance 2 by Prima
Sonic Adventure 1 Brady,
Sonic & Knuckles Brady &
Sonic 2: Authorized Guide by Compute Publications.
This is the "Totally Sonic Book". It's from spring 2014, and says it has "Stickers, Posters, Pictures & Facts" about Sonic inside. It should be around 6 dollars or so. It could be a good priced item, depending on what all is actually inside. Facts may be added by anyone who owns this over on the USA Books page where this item has its write up. A UK book, all by itself.
This is "Sonic in Dr. Robotnik's Laboratory"
Back to the old!
"Sonic Up Against the Wall" is an old Goldenbooks 90s paperback where Robotnik in the Archie comic universe builds a big wall to try to get rid of the Freedom Fighters. It doesn't work!
UK Sonic Yearbook:
There are only 2 of these remaining. The rightmost one is from 1995. There were others, but they seem to be out of print. The last is "Robotnik's Oil" & no one seems to know what that's about.
More older UK books here.
The left book "The Invisible Robotnick" was said to come with a poster. (Hopefully, not of the invisible Robotnik) Next is Sonic at Castle Robotnik by Virgin Books UK.
Penguin Publishing brings 2 new somewhat-illustrated Sonic story books to shelves. Each book has some illustrated pages, but is mostly text. There are 3 stories per book, so they're fairly short. Each book should be about 7 or so dollars here. These appeared in 2018.
If you want to know more about their content & see more images you can "Look Inside" over at amazon if you click one of these (Amazon has a gizmo on there that lets you 'turn the pages' to peek inside for yourself so you can decide) Also, the books are talked about here on Gear at Sonic Books. These are Sonic Tales of Terror & Sonic Tales of Deception.
Here is "Race Against Chaos" the Sonic sticker & activity book. It's another Penguin Publishing item, and is all modern themed. Be sure to actually go to Amazon because the Sneak Peek feature lets you open the book!
It should be about 7.99 which is an ok price because it's a book but also stickers too, that you can use for anything. You can read more about it at Sonic Books.