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Sonic Boom Action Figures
This page continues the Sonic Boom style action figures. This will inclued all the figure sizes & also any vehicles, playsets or any accessories the figures might come with. This page should be 2017 and later releases. This can have either factory or fan photos, plus mint on card photos.
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Tails Black Suit Motobug 2 Pack Boom What's this?
It's some kind of new un-announced Tails figure. He appears to be in a black & yellow suit of some kind...but look at the box: it doesn't have any special label or title to tell you what the figure is supposed to be. He comes with a Motobug that has the missile pack on its back that was seen in the show...but that's been released before.
What is the suit? Is it from an episode? Does it have a face mask over the figure's face? Does the box-back elaborate? This was seen at a Toys R Us that was closing in it may already be uncommon. If you know any details or can provide a better photo, do write in for credit. Photo by Taaron
Space Boom Hero Cards Figure 3 Pack More space?
They didn't heven hang around in space like a whole lot in the show? How many episodes were they in space and needing space suits? Why is the Boom line the 2nd to really try to force "Sonic is in outer space" for no real reason? (Toy Island Space Fighters & Also Metal Force even though Sonic X didn't really 'go there' either much)
The questions may be unanswered, but the toys are sure here for it. This is a Sonic Tails Knuckles figure 3 pack, and they'rea ll in the 'space' outfits. The Tails, of course, is a re-paint of the individual boxed suit one above. So that's TWO of him in space. (That means there's probably also an individual box
alternate color Space Sonic as well) The set comes with "Hero Cards" which it announces on the back alongside the clearly non-space art. It's an ok concept to be able to re-re-re-release the figures again, and cards are usually a nifty pack-in to display with the figures. But, where weas this sold? How much did it cost?
Space Knuckles With Crabmeat Figure Another single 'space figure'.
What's up with these space suit figures? The box-back doesn't elaborate & it doesn't have a special title. Like the Tails at the top of this page, the Knuckles here comes with a badnick figure, and it's Crabmeat. Ironically, this robot is actually pretty menacing looking with its highly skeletal face making it more fearsome to look at than it particularly acted in the show.
What's different about this one though? Notice that 'single Tails' up there had a different colored suit than the suit in the 3-pack...but this one has the exact same white/red suit.
Why? Why not make the Knuckles single pack also a variant suit color...if they *already* did it for the Tails? That way at least you'd have different figures and not "be buying the same thing over and over just to get the accessory" which everyone has known about and hated for years. It also seems uncoordinated to at least try to match the singles figures into a set.
The duplicate nature of the suit vs the 3pack, it not matching the Tails from the set, no explanation, no matching art (normal show Knuckles is on the back) and no reports of where this was sold make this figure pack a Tomy mystery.
Sonic Boom Season 1 Figure Set Pack Now here's something you CAN get in 2019. It's the Sonic Boom Season 1 Action Figure DVD set. The DVD is over 4 hours of content and contains all of Season 1's episodes. It also comes with a regular Sonic & Eggman figure inside the box.
While anyone who collected figures at all would already have these, it's a nice thing to add for new fans, or, just for displaying the show in a collection. It's better than some plastic DVD case by itself.
Naturally it's on Amazon Sonic Boom Figure DVD Pack starting in Fall 2019. It should be around $ until it sells out.
*These are the usual Tomy figures. It's suspected Tomy didn't sell as many of these as it wanted to, so packing them in with a DVD is an ok idea to shift the stock since the Boom games didn't do well and Boom didn't get renewed as a show so the whole style is probably going away, plus Tomy lost the license anyway.
Sonic Boom Season 1 Volume 2 W/Figures New in 2020, comes Sonic Boom Season 1 Volume 2 DVD and figures set.
Does this mean that the one above DOESNT contain all of Season 1's episodes as thought? It is common for companies to break a series up as much as possible to milk money selling DVDs over and over again. However, if that's the case here, they are still doing a bit better because this one also comes with action figures.
You get the Tomy Knuckles and their regular type Tails with this DVD set. It's a fine way to have the figures again/mib if the originals were opened, or just for display in a collection as the box has a nice window for them. This should also be on Amazon in winter 2020
Jetpack Heli RC Copter Boom Sonic Now here's something wierd.
This is "Sonic Jetpack Heli", and it's a flying action figure. Well, more like a static figure that flies itself around like one of those novelty tiny RC helicopters. It's a strange concept, but he probably did try out a jetpack at some point in the show's wacky run, and this thing is here to try to capitalize on it. The Sonic figure has a gray jetpack, the control joysticks molded into the hands & is just 'standing there' to provide a stable base. The jetpack has the double rotor plus stablizing topper thing
on the metal rod coming out of it. There's a barely-branded joystick type controller (only 2 sticks, no buttons) with tiny Boom logo at the top to try and control him. The figure isn't super...the head is very round with the spikes mashed down (For the sculpt) & the eyes are little dots so he looks suspicious or wierd. The ears are also made smaller. Here you can see what it looked like new in the package as well as loose.
As you can also likely wasn't very popular as it's clearancing out for a 2nd time according to the sticker. You can often find tons of 'non flying type' characters as these cheapo 'helicopters' that (reportedly) aren't very fun to play with nor control so it's a little odd to see Sonic being stooped down into one.
Sonic vs Eggman Action Figure Set MIB This is an MIB look at "Sonic vs Dr. Eggman" action figure set.
As you can see, it's more of Tomy's 'open style' packaging which is no good for collectors...or particularly anyone but theives. Figures can easily be damaged in shipping, or in the store. Theives can steal figures from the package and kids can break before they buy. It doesn't look good, it doesn't prevent damage & it doesn't keep dust off.
All packaging aside though, you get Sonic on some kind of yellow gliding thing with strapped on goggles. Eggman is in his Egg o Matic which seems to be shown firing the black 'missiles' or whatever those are/strapped to the box. Eggman is tied in pointing & standing. This is the original photo of the item, so you can't read the orange text in the dot.
The playset DID make it out, but it seems like no one much found it. (It was reviewed by a toy safety website so that's how you can know it did sell at least a little)
Ripcord Boom Eggman MIB You've seen all 3 of the "Ripcord Racers" earlier...
But here's what they look like mint on the card with Eggman. As you can see, they changed his ripcord from navy blue to black (So, other color changes may also have been made) The figure, ripcord & egg-o-matic (Which they call Eggmobile here from the show/Boom term) are all in the bubble card that hangs normally. This kind of packaging is good, as it protects all of the items, displays logo/show art & explains what the item does.
The dot says "Includes Removable Figure", and "Rip & Launch". The back probably shows you the other 2 figures you could get on the ripcord line. How much this cost and where it was is unknown, as this photo only appears in 2020 long after the line ended.