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Sonic Australia Electronics & Electronic Accessories
Australia produced plenty of electronics for Sonic & accessories that seem exclusive to the area.
This includes mainly modern things like special Wii accessories, portable system accessories, cases & more.
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DS Game Case Sonic Theme 6 Slots Where's best to keep your Sonic DS games? Why, in a Sonic themed case, of course! This all blue case fits the bill with the modern logo on the top & Sonic in a star on the lid. Inside, it has room for 6 game cartridges & a spare stylus for your DS. Other than the lid graphics, the case is a plain navy blue color.
Keeping things safe & organized on the go in Sonic style, this case may have been an Australia exclusive. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Limited Edition Sonic Classic Collection Tin Here's an ad for the Sonic Classic Collection on the Nintendo DS.
It's the collectors limited edition, & comes in a metal tin you see here. You also get inside the tin several colorful cards (5), the regular game in its plastic box & a classic running Sonic figure on a little blue base. Interestingly, the tin itself is quite modern-themed, with jumping twist Sonic in a gold ring & other CG gold rings flying out of the blue checkered background. It's a nice pre-order(?) bonus item, or just collectible version of the game that comes with enough cool stuff to incentivize.
DS Lite Play-in-Case Sonic blue This is a "Play-in" case for the DS Lite. You don't have to take the system all the way out to use it, so it's convenient. It has a CG graphic of Sonic on one side & the modern logo on the other. It looks like it's probably faux blue leather with white stitching & probably a snap closure. It looks similar to one sold at GAME stores, but that one had a rubber decor item on it. This was sold at Toys R Us stores in Australia. Photo by SonicTeam., info by TJTheGreat
Sonic Theme Wii Yoga Mat Wow, a Wii yoga mat!
The Wii Step Balance Board came with a game Wii Fit that has exercises you can do, as guided by the weight sensor in the wii board. Some of the yoga poses though, should be used on a yoga mat, because you have to lie down on the floor.
So, a Sonic mat is perfect for that! The blue & white stripe mat has the modern Sonic word pressed into its texture (bottom) But that mat's not all there was to the kit, it also has a neoprene (rubbery fabric) step cover with Sonic, Knuckles & Amy on it, with a blue background. Protect the board with one, and your back with the other. It was called the "Wii Fit Character Pack". This was at Target stores in Australia. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
IPad Case Protector Cover
This is an Ipad Case. It's literally called "Protector Cover". It is slate gray with a colorful outline drawing of the stock art jumping-twist Sonic. He's so large that he goes off the edges of the case. It's box is slightly metallic/foil cardboard with a modern Sonic face decorating the bottom. But this is $30 dollars! That's rather costly for just a cover. It does seem well made & the packaging is also quite nice. Photo & owned by TJ TheGreat
DS Lite Puzzle Squares Slider Case
This DS Lite Case is called the "Magic Puzzle Case", however, what it really is, is a 'sliding blocks puzzle'. There are 2 different 15-square puzzles built right into the exterior of this case. One with a CG Sonic portrait, the other with a CG Tails portrait. This type of puzzle has 1 blank square. You slide the pieces around, trying to arrange the image back to its original state, by only being able to move 1 block at a time. The case itself appears to be gray plastic.
This is the first of it's kind (a portable console case that is also a separate type of game) but it's also a little confusing, because if you have a DS available to play with, why would you want to choose to slide blocks instead? Maybe it's for when the battery runs down? Photo & owned by TJ TheGreat
Sonic Colours Wii Special Blue Controller Sonic Colors (Colours) didn't play all that well with a wiimote, so having this Sonic blue / themed wii controller would be a great idea. It has the Colours logo at the top & came in themed packaging, so it's nicely collectible too. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat